Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I aint a communist..but just admire this guy..............

T shirt painting done when I was absolutely jobless in mysore..Posted coz i felt sad seeing my blog idle and am absolute running out of ideas ..Going Italy for Christmas..So if anyone needs the Pope's blessing I ll sure say a hello for you!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Forgive me....

Idling on the couch and watching “Combat Hospital” in CNN, am in a hyper philosophical mood…times when I have occasional jaunts of introspection. I believe folks should try out to sit alone, have a coffee in the balcony when the wind is blowing on your face and think Hope readers will find my blah blah bearable...

Forgiveness...let me share with you a great quote..

Always forgive your enemies--nothing annoys them so much Oscar Wilde

I was just thinking how much we forgive others. Is the human psyche engineered to foster grudge and anger? Does all that famous “Human brain cells” stop making sense and reason those times… The program I was watching showed docs treating injured people in make shift hospitals. The groans of the injured were not like the one we have heard in movies...They were real pain...Death was real…Reality was painful...the culmination of our own greed hatred and anger…
Coming to the point I intend to talk might be in someway related to the “reality”...

Somehow isn’t forgiving a really difficult thing to do?. Am not talking about forgiving Saddam Hussein or a Pol Pot…but about forgiving the guy who just took your coffee mug and kept it back without washing it. Are we able to really forgive the person for something as silly as that? Dont we after sometime look at him as the person who never bothered to wash my cup. Unfortunately many a time “YES”...Although we have a habit of proudly declaring that we don’t carry any rancor for such insignificant matters.This kind of pseudo-forgiveness is nothing but denial, repression or suppression of feelings.

Let me say, it is so easy to retort when someone makes fun of you. But have you tried to look like an idiot when someone is making a mockery of you….not to respond when someone is giving a shower of obscenities at the holy thou face of yours??

It’s against nature…against all that we have been psyched for..

We don’t become un-macho (for us guys) when you do that. It calls for more guts to fight your natural instincts. And it works!! It is isn’t possible to do that every time, but it gives a lot more sense of satisfaction and a lighter head...coz the protagonist will definitely expect you to get angry every time he irritates or screws you. But then when he gets the unexpected result ...the ball is in his court...

I know people advocate “speaking your mind” in any such conflict situation. It is the other way of solving the problem..the easy way out. And you have a fake sense of satisfaction after speaking your mind. But I somehow feel if we are able to forgive someone..."really forgive someone"...the satisfaction is ethereal……

Don’t we have those some days when we are happy for no reason…those days when nothing spectacular happiness but still you are on a high…I believe we can have those days every day if we can really forgive all those little things that irritates us. Somehow we have a stereotyped reasoning that ‘doing no harm’ is as good as ‘doing good’. But isn’t ‘doing no harm’ is same as ‘doing no good’.

So lemme tell dudes and dudette’s ,do little good things. And forgiving someone is a little good thing……Wont the world be a better place to live then......

Should practice more of it than I preach!!! :-)

It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an ever stronger person to forgive.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oliver twisted!!

Another special tag that evokes fond memories..Silverine has tagged me on memoirs , when we were kids about the age of Bobanum Mollyum(mallu child heroes)..Days when we never knew what globalisation was..what professionalism was..what inflation was…ah..those days when you just had to bother if there was a power cut when Giant robot was being played

..The Wonder Years Tag
1. Write 8-10 things about childhood ( 1-12 years) that you miss.
2. Write 8-10 things that you disliked about childhood.
3. Tag a few people.

What I miss about childhood

1. The first thing that comes to my mind are those yearly summer vacations when I went to kottayam and spend weeks at my grandparents place...My cousins used to come over and we had our own hardy boys tales. Hitching to the nearby cemetery and finding out the oldest man sleeping there..It was our own way of learning maths the fun way!! :)

2. The simple basic ice cream my grandma used to make. That taste still wafts in the air as I write. Whoever said Baskin Robbins is the best...I remember my grandma saying years later that I never used to drink anything cold. The feeding bottle had to be wrapped around a towel and I still cant believe I did that!!

3. The jigsaw puzzles which I did many times over again and again..The novelty and enthusiasm never was lost even in the nth time..I stll have a 1000 piece puzzle which was a precious treasure for me…er..is still a precious..

4. I miss going to the beach with parents..When my parents seemed to be more wary of us going careless deep into the waters..Those silly attempts to touch the wave at its edge..and watching your name disappear in the next wave..cross checking if the sun sets in the east or the west..The trip wouldn’t be complete without a masala dosa from the nearby coffee house..

5. I miss Christmas times..That seemed to be the only time when I was master superior at home..I was very conscious that I run the crib making process..That feeling of being the architect when your parents just watched how far we did go..I barely survived a full mass during christmas and most often had to be carried back home on shoulders..

6. Watching new year programmes in doordarshan..Might be the only other day when I must have been awake till midnight..Prannoy Roy if I remember right used to host “the world this week”..I used to watch with dad even though I barely new anything happening outside trivandrum ..

7. I miss the camel color painting competition..Those rare days in school when I felt like "Elvis Presley." When I eagerly waited for teachers to appreciate my “Picasso” paintings..

8. I miss making the paper boats or four squares..or paper planes..I vaguely remember getting caught by my class teacher in 111 C , I guess for tearing half the pages in my notebook to make paper planes..

9. I miss the train journeys to bangalore…That was the northern most part of the country for me those days..I used to stretch my neck outside the coachwindows lest I don’t miss anything ..the sounds..the sights..the smell..

10. I miss the sheer joy when Amma or Appa comes back home after they had gone somewhere..nowadays we are so limited by the so called beingness of “maturity”!!

What I disliked about childhood

1. Drinking milk. I disliked being forced to drink milk and almost every time I vomited it out but my mom wouldn’t relent…Ditto..dint have to edit Silver’s post

2. Long prayer sessions at native place...I always wondered what so much to pray for..For me it were just 3 things which I repeated daily..

a) Give me some brains to study
b) Keep Dad and Mom happy
c) Keep all of us healthy

I couldn’t think of anything further then...

3. I disliked showing my report cards to Dad..That was real nasty..I never did score those huge marks in upper primary...

4. Being forced to eat vegetables..I never liked avial or infact most of the vegetables except bitter gourd..Things I ll kill for now..

5. Hated when guest came in at home and I had to stop the television for their sake, when any of my favourite programmes were running.

6. Visiting the eye doc..I used to break my glasses very often and I was made to read the chart as many times..Towards the end it was like..”I can read the V T and U very well..F T E and Q quite easy..but am finding tough with the Y L Z and S”..The doc used to go crazy.

7. The school drill..and somehow it always happened when it was the sunniest..I thought it was torture of magnanimous proportions.

8. Combing my hair. I still remember the fuss folks made if they couldn’t see the proper parting line ..Any deviation was dealt as if the Pakistanis just tried to change the line of control!!

9. Helping father in household chores..I tried all sorts of ingenious ways to wriggle out, though with a failure rate of 99.998%.

10. Getting up in the morning for school ..I think this comes by default for all!!

I would like to thank Silverine for creating this suppa tag that takes you down the memory lane..And I invite Velu,Rama,Sreejith,Maya,Anand,Rashmi,Dhanush,Shakhi,Neers,Amu,priya and Jac to take up the journey of those wonder years.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

neo-realistic cooking!!

Long long ago there is used to be good food...good wine...and the familiar burp that signaled the finale of a sumptuous meal...now it sounds like one of those fairy tales...my experiments with truth is taking its toll…

Due to certain unforeseen circumstances I have begun to cook...am not talking about a silly tea or lowly omelets…am talking about real full fledged meals...in all grandeur and decoration. I proudly declare that I have become a Melam certified culinary professional (MCCP)... Mind it the Microsoft certificates are not in vogue these days!!

Now something for guys who ever thought cooking was difficult. It aint anymore. Introducing to you the new cook from Bavaria…”Korah”… Bringing exotic dishes from germanipuram and hamburgpur….You can tune in for the live video telecast in CNN ..@ Korah King live…or in ABC @ Desperate cooks!!

After cut throat research and analysis using the latest software’s, I found out what really irks us is that the cooking guide book says...put salt to taste... For god sake why don’t they write like this...

1) Take a beaker and empty the salt packet in it.
2) Measure 15 mg of salt using a electronic weighing machine
3) Transfer it to the vessel in which we are cooking.

That makes life a lot easier for us...So next time I write a cook book you can expect a better deal. And the dish for the day is finkenwerder pork dipped in Maui Mango BBQ Sauce …and a full course meal that goes with it...

The following is version 1.1 of the gastronomic delight...Its exotic coz it tastes a lot different from conventional dishes and has the extraordinary ability to test the limit of your organs...neways just like in old chemistry record book, here it goes..

Materials required. Pork..1+ 1 kilo... (The extra kilo is to compensate due to high probability that the dish might get over burned)
Onion (as much as u can get)
Meat masala (buy only melam..please..am its brand ambassador.. :-))
Oil..(cooking oil..not kerosene if any americans read my blog)

Guess this will do..In case we need anything more I ll say in later stages.

Make cubes of 1.5 cm * 1.5 cm by cutting the meat and keep it aside..Raw meat can be really yucky..u can wear gloves if u are allergic..
Start cutting onions..Place the knife at an angle of 45 degree on the outer contour of the onion and start iterative to and fro motions along with a simultaneous lateral movement at a speed of 1 mm every 2.5 seconds... Stop when it really starts irritating the eyes and you cant bear any further the emotional outpour that is overwhelming now.

Get some ginger garlic and green chilly...Slice it if u are really interested...Now mix the masala with the meat ...
Measure 200 ml of oil in a beaker and heat it in some vessel that is near where you are standing..
Put the onions..garlic and stuff and move out of the kitchen for a while..Unless you want to cough for a long long time...Its safer to keep the windows open unless you want to get killed by aroma poisoning.

Come back after catching up with the latest Gwen Stefani song in MTV.

Don’t be surprised if u don’t find anything in the vessel. The mix might have just got burnt and vanished in thin air...in such a scenario , you have no choice but to do the same process again …Now put the meat and some water in the mix..Add salt if you want...Neways it aint going to make a big difference...

Its time to relax after the exhaustive procedure. Come back to the kitchen whenever u feel like..And the delicious finkenwerder pork is ready!!..You can pat yourself on the back and appreciate the aroma of the exotic dish you have just made..So after that put some rice in the pressure cooker..and heat it up with water ..Stop it when u hear some whistle or something(it sounds like when a eve teaser has to whistle at a score at the same time)..And finally make some pappads to complete the grand meal..The pappad may look brown and burnt..but they are really tasty and nutritious..

Finally the part that’s really important..Decorate the dish…put some unused tomato or green chillies around the plates..grab any leaf that’s popping near your window at home..dip it in water to make it look clean and the keep it in the plate along with the tomatoes..Keep as many forks and knives you have at home around the plate to make it look chic...

If the dish you have made looks something like below then you have cleared the beginner level of my certification programme.

Ladies and gentlemen .the dish is ready and it makes a awesome meal for guest coming at your place. Guaranteed that they never be back home again. :-)

Statutory warning
Its always safer to try the dish on someone else in first attempt. Don’t panic if the consumer shows any distorts in the face or convulsions. Its part of the package..That gives the person a wholesome experience of culinary delight!

P.S I couldn’t help writing this after I made a meal and it was duly relished by a Brazilian who dropped at home at the right (this usage is debatable) time!!

mm..Not seen him in office off late!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

blog analysis..A P tharakkan report!!

I was tagged by Her Holiness Sri Sri or Sreemathi Silverine. I will be granted moksha when His Holiness Sri Sri bloggerdotcom publishes it without any hindrance…

1. Are you happy/satisfied with your blog, with its content and look? Does your family know about your blog?

I am quite happy with my blog. Analysis of my own blog was never part of my agenda. Infact I feel quite awkward weighing the pros and cons of my blog. For me the blog is just my thought process in alphabets…my family knows that I do blog. But then they don’t read it. I show Mom some of my articles but then am in a comfort zone when I see that they are not particular about reading all my crap!!

2. Do you feel embarrassed to let your friends know about your blog or you just consider it as a private thing?

A few of my friends know that I blog. But then most of my friends don’t bother a big deal about blogs. I don’t feel embarrassed to let my friends know, though I don’t want my friends to weigh me based on what I write in the blog. I would like to keep it as an outlet of my own free will. Cancerians play it safe…u know!!

3. Did blogs cause positive changes in your thoughts?

Yes. It definitely has given moments of laughter…introspection...Empathy...Sadness...Infact it can generate a whole gamut of emotions. Some blogs have really inspired me. Some others have given that fleeting moments of anger…Some still leave me happy and contended that world is after all a good place to live!! Just like some celebs are “media shy” I have always been “other-sex shy”…This place is a good place for folks of my ilk!! :)

4. Do you only open the blogs of those who comment on your blog or you love to go and discover more by yourself?

I am comparatively new to blog world. I used to blog hop when I started out. Of late I have restricted myself to a set of blogs which I frequent. Comments are definitely a boost. But then I read blogs for my own leisure.

5.What does visitors counter mean to you? Do you care about putting it in your blog?

I put the counter sometime back. But then I don’t frequent that site anymore…It has more to do with a feeling that It doesn’t matter neways!!! The initial curiousity about the search links folks use or my visitor stats have died down…

6. Did you try to imagine your fellow bloggers and give them real pictures?

Yeah I create a mental picture of the person. That is something that happens while reading the person’s blog. But then that changes for the same person when they write on different themes. I have visualised the same person as a nun as well as a hot shot rockstar..eh.Just kiddin..

7. Admit. Do you think there is a real benefit for blogging?

Yes, We have frank conversations. All those blocking points like sex...looks...caste...creed...whatever… is absent here. I think that’s the best part of blogging.
8. Do you think that bloggers society is isolated from real world or interacts with events?
It is isolated from the unreal world of show biz and fake camaraderie…fake etiquettes. If the real world is Page 3.Then blogger is Page 1!But then blogger is most of the time a small place in our day-to-day life.

9. Does criticism annoy you or do you feel it’s a normal thing?

I get annoyed in the beginning if it is unwarranted...The toughest part is to know the intent of the criticism…I don’t show the person that I get annoyed. And then I just think about it. Most of the time I try to find rational…

I haven’t received any cutthroat criticism in my blogs. Anyone dare do it…It is a veiled threat...hehehe…

10. Do you fear some political blogs and avoid them?

I often do read political blogs. Though social issue blogs interest me more. Political blogs sometimes get into unruly war of words that leaves a bad taste. I don’t frequent propaganda blogs…

11. Did you get shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?

Yeah.Those .5-volt shocks send shivers down my spine. Am not aware of bloggers getting arrested. On a serious note I ll say anyone one using blogs to harm anyone should be duly punished.

12. Did you think about what will happen to your blog after you die?

It will be institutionalised in the bloggers hall of fame and commemoratory parties will be held once a year to mark its death!!!..

13. What do you like to hear? What’s the song you might like to put a link to in your blog?

I have varied interests in music and I hear any language as long as it sounds good. Neways the song for the day is...this beatles song..hey jude..

Hey, Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it bette
rRemember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

Hey, Jude, don't be afraid
You were made to go out and get her
The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better.

And any time you feel the pain, hey, Jude, refrain
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders
Well don't you know that its a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder

Hey, Jude! Don't let her down
You have found her, now go and get her
Remember, to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better.

So let it out and let it in, hey, Jude, begin
You're waiting for someone to perform with
And don't you know that it's just you, hey, Jude,
You'll do, the movement you need is on your shoulder

Hey, Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

I would love to pass this one to my friends…Angeline Jolie..Vidya Balan..Meg Ryan…yeah my celeb friends do blog. But then I visualised people like I said before!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Eden Gardens....

Some snaps speak louder than words……..

A trip to the botanical gardens in Hamburg left me in doubt that "nature" is god’s own creation..There wasn’t symmetry or a pattern to speak of..The kaleidoscope of colors and shapes were random.Still it lent an air of perfection..In the maze of bits and bytes we see everyday ,we miss out on many things..I realized that when I got a glimpse of the artist in God!!

I have never been interested in flowers till now..I always associated them with girly- womanish “If I dare say so..”ideas and interests..But sometimes you have to set aside stereotypes and start admiring things..I bet these snaps nowhere comes close to seeing it in its own pristine environs ..

I don’t know the names of these flowers..Infact I am disgusted at those people who gave names like “Cycas revoluta” or “Welwitschia mirabilis” for flowers..They sound drab and not synchronous with beauty they radiate..

I guess better stop my crap and let you flow to the final snap..

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

hamburg diaries...

It has been pretty long since I updated my blog... Everything happening to me is new and am exploring this part of the world with child like curiosity.

Okay let me confess you that am flattered by the place..things move here fast.The cars..the trains..even the mails..

My first international flight from Mumbai to Paris was in itself a experience exemplified. The French airhostess left me in no doubt why they are a admired lot.With great difficulty I began to eat continental food with dangling forks and knives with as much élan as possible..U guessed it right ..I failed miserably in that.I slept hardly for a few hours through the nine hour flight as those adrenalin rushes kept me awake most of the time.It was fun operating all those electronic gizmos in the aircraft.A novice like me had to do some peeping act to see how they operate em..After catching a few naps I woke up in the wee hours of the morning..Boy ..it was a spectacular sight watching sunrise in some Scandinavian country from top of the world..The flight from Paris to Hamburg wasn’t nothing much to talk about.

Then finally the next day afternoon I set foot on hamburg..SO just like Neil Armstrong said a few years back..A small step for me but I giant leap for my lofty dreams!!

Out of the airport I waved for a TAAASKII!!!An absolute shocker it was when a E class Merc landed in front of me.And then my gyan revealed that germans are too rich to use any less a car for taxi.After getting all comfy in my hotel room I began exploring the place.Within 24 hours I learnt a lot of things…

1) Germans drink more beer than water. Scientists reveal of high concentration of beer in the Rhine.
2) 99% of Germans smoke..The government has replaced buses and trains with hydrogen powered engines to reduce pollutions..But smokers more than make up for their efforts.
3) You are expected to blurt “thank you” for every silly help you get. I have said more pleasantries in 1 week than what I have said in a year.
4) Everything runs on time here.Dont expect your bus to come 10 seconds late.Transport is run so godamn perfectly here.
5) Germans wear anything to office..Poor us have to look professional!!
6) For every Man there is a prostitute..Here its legal!!For god sake this place is either way ahead of civilization or ages behind.
7) I saw beggars in Hamburg..Our India is not bad..
8) Was absolutely shocked when I found people don’t us orkut.com,espnstar.com,yahoo.com or any popular site during working hours..They really work when they are at work!!
9) This place is the second biggest port in Europe and second largest city in Germany.Everything looks like old fashioned buildings from outside ,but all of em are state of the art inside..Did a ferry cruise of the city on day 2 itself.
10) And finally hamburg has nothing to do with hamburger..
I have moved over to a house from the hotel..I found a cool Indian roommate as well!!
Its pretty cold out here and it should snowing sometime in october..Thats the part am looking forward too..

Till then ..

Ein schoenen Tag noch!!! :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

hamburg is great!!

Its ironic that i took a sarcastic take on s/w industry few weeks back..And now am in hamburg ,Germany for project work.This is my first onsite assignment and am pretty apprehensive of this new land..new people..new culture..And i finally told myself ..Am going places!!! :)

Will update more on German stories once I settle down..Sorry for the delay in updating the blog..

Happy onam for my mallu brethren!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

million dollar tag!!

I got tagged by my pal Velu and am pretty sure he guessed right that am jobless these days. This tag was quite fun unlike the sadist foodie tag!!(Growling at one of my favourite bloggers silverine ;))…Am finding lot of fun surfing the blog world these days as it’s my only solace in office these days...Two of my roommates are leaving soon to their own destinies. One of em is going onsite and the other leaving job for higher studies…Am bit apprehensive of life ahead. It feels bad that all the fun is over and time to move on. Wish em good luck!!

I am thinking about: my trip home next week. It has been 3 months since last one and this time am getting 5 days off! Although I love to pretend that am not homesick, sometimes it gets into your head!!

I said: You got to get angry at your boss someday...Stop pretending!!

I want to: visit Leh and have a hot tea in the snow!!

I wish: Vidya Balan just drops by my place...sing that song from parineeta for me...get married...And have 2 kids...Hehehe...I am not overtly ambitious!! ;)

I wonder: god must be really intelligent..He just created man and woman. A third entity would have been confusing!!

I regret: I have psychologically manipulated myself not to regret on anything!

I hear: Blowing in the wind-Joan Baez. I start my day listening to it!!

I am: a box of chocolates!! Though few em are unappetizing!!

I dance: an exotic variety of Spanish tango with sensuous gyrations. It resembles vaguely with another art form called “dappankuthu” (Rajanikanth isthyle)

I sing: kidding eh?? It works as repellants at times!!

I cry: frankly really long time...But I feel like crying when I listen the song “Lukha Chuppi” from RDB...

I am not: the CIA mole who many think I am!!

I make with my hands: liquid bombs ;)...I don’t have a better answer

I write: anything that comes my mind..I dont have a hidden agenda or something!! ;)

I confuse: those multiple choice questions…Sometimes given a choice can be bad.

I need: 8 hours of sleep ever day...no one dare mess with that..

And my favorite, random quotes are:

We can do no great things; only small things with great love.
--Mother Teresa

I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want an adorable pancreas?

"If fate does not make you laugh then you just don't get the joke"
-- Shantaram

The nice thing about meditation is that it makes doing nothing quite respectable."
-- Paul Dean

I pass this one to anyone who hasn’t taken up the tag yet!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

All those goofy corporate Jargon……

“Folks...We are ramping up the team and will be developing competencies catering to our clients…Guys...Lets gear ourselves for the work coming our way...Remember customer is the king!!”

Sounds familiar eh??? Yeah all Boss’s sound the same...the same iterative boring and suffocating lingo!! Two years in IT, I have learnt an entirely new language...The language of the glitzy chic rarified saaftware engineer! My “ayyos” (no exact translation but vaguely resembles “sigh”) and “ente ammachi” (“oh...My grandma” said like “blistering barnacles”) got replaced by “oops” and “ouch”!!

“Eh...rocking dude!!.Me gonna chill in pub this weekend!!”

I would have barely understood that 3 years back...Neways lemme (“oops” another of my new words...Oh still again) not digress from what I intent to write…Just curious to mention few jargon I have come across in recent years...


“The quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually”…yeah that’s what the dictionary says…No big deal man. It’s just that you should be competent to bluff on anything that comes your way say molecular biology or rocket science...You should have learned by now not to say “nay” to any job that comes your way…that’s competency... you just need to be have the bones to lie!!

Employee number

Oh...So you thought you were some big shot guy whose name would figure in the Forbes one day...Kidding eh??
Unless you are a Bill Gates or a Dell, you would in all probability be addressed all your life by that sweet romantic personal “employee number”. Poor you...Even crooks/thieves/robbers have stylish names. Visit any prison you will find a “Kaliya the one-eyed” or Al Capone or a “jack the ripper” but not a convict number 456!!

Client Visit

Okay. This is something really serious...this aint any laughing matter...You put your best dress that day...Shave your stubble that might have become unfashionable by then and try to look genius (even if you are otherwise)..All those Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp wallpapers become Windows XP or “Stonehenge”...You find people actually come to office at eight in the morning. You never knew that...Isn’t??...Lol!!...The client is given a rotten root of some old dying tree. Sure it’s given a nice varnish coating and a title...”Soul of Arising India”… Happy and satisfied he flies back home….Next year he comes again and checks out how big the little plant he had planted last time has grown!!


This is what it’s all about... That yonder dream of every code monkey...Its tough man. It needs all those good rapport with the boss...Talent to pretend to be busy…huge luck...And a little hard work!!! And you come back offshore and tell those mighty heavenly tales of nice times in Switzerland…Basically a place to dance to the tunes of your client and get that extra dough…And your Mom can finally say..”Oh...My son is in UK... He is a big shot out there”

DJ Night

DJ Pappu going to enthrall crowds!!!..Woosh comes the mail with those colorful backgrounds…Another Pappu/Tikku/mikku/Sick you!! All jobless guys/gals come and shake your legs and pretend to have a gala time... Weary people drink the potions called coke or Pepsi and come to office next day rejuvenated!!!junta sometime gets a date in hospital due to convolution of limbs that in turn was caused by excessive gyrations of party geeks!!


Sort of paradise for people who love to be busy without work... A time to increase top scores in your mobile. Start new hobbies like Solitaire and Pinball…Have coffee meetings more often and know colleagues “better”…Maybe write a book “100 ways to kill time”…Okay for girls , appreciating the embroidery of the latest Salwar-kameez in town.. This time is supposedly a time to reflect back on the past and anticipate the future. Though I usually fall asleep while reflecting back…!!


Okay... to those who have read till here I ll just finish of the list by mentioning the Morpheus in your official life. The list otherwise gets bigger and bigger…Believe me your boss is true always…All those silly jokes he cracks are actually hilarious...Don’t stop laughing until you are short of breath... Never ever feel free to question your boss... That’s the cardinal sin of all times...Okay and finally when your boss tells you to work on weekends you actually should beam a face as if u just got an ice-cream!!!

So folks...Today’s knowledge sharing session is over. ..Next team building sessions are to be configured as per requirements. Meet you all at the conference room next week to decide on the future course of action…Eh….am sounding like one of em!!!! :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hoi polloi

Hatred of unholy fervor
Anger of fire and vigor
Tears of agony and sore
World couldn’t ask for more.

Vanity of dreams bygone
Unfulfilled desires galore
Gloom of melancholic yore
World couldn’t ask for more.

Pangs of hunger and torture
Insipid days of plunder
And those calls for war
World couldn’t ask for more

Hope and distant Shangri La
Holy Elixir so yonder
Freedom and peace that endure
World dreams for more
............for more....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

abstract thoughts of a wobbly mind

Quote for the day..........
Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy

Yesterday evening I was watching this programme in NGC titled “Filthy Rich” and it left me with a temporary feeling of mediocrity. All those million dollar Yacht’s they own...All those Swarovski’s they wear. All those Armani’s. All those fine Swiss watches... It came as a rude shock to this “Idli-Vada, Bajaj chetak, buy one get one free” small town guy like me. My mundane vijaynagar was no match for the ravishing French Riviera (where my protagonist stays)!!I feel awfully short of dough in comparison with these well heeled obscenely rich high society folks!!! Yeah some time it strikes you that you are just one of em...the ordinary folks!!

Hey but u all filthy rich kids out there…

Should say you are missing out on a lot other things… …

You were born with the proverbial silver spoon and never got to see other real world...
You never had the pleasure of buying a cycle first. And then a bike...And then a small car. You never had a chance to dream big!!!! You never might have had Cold buttermilk after a sweaty bus ride! You ll never brave a queue for that ticket in a movie house and give a hurrah after managing one. Please don’t misunderstand this as any sort of self conviction or “running away from the truth” like many would like to put it as…

I ll probably remember my first plane ride because it might be my last as well. I ll be a mouth wide opened guy when I see a 100 storied skyscraper because I have never seen any with more than 20 before...I ll probably name my kids Appu or Anju rather than Phinnaeus or Apple (what weird names these Hollywood stars give)…I ll probably take a vacation in Ooty or Coorg rather than Malibu or the Venice…I ll definitely get worried about the two rupees hike in petroleum prices and shortage of onions in the market…I never knew there were so many kinds of coffee until I ventured of my lil home where I had only the plain humble “kaapi”…My friends say “Capachillo” never come close to our “kattan” (Black coffee we have back home)..I can’t but nod in agreement...

Weird games are the vogue these days… There are events in Uncle Sam country where people compete to eat the highest number of hot dogs...And its aired primetime…Inflated people rummaging in a basket full of hot dogs and gobbling em obscenely like mad dogs. And the junta out there was applauding the guy who just gobbled 54 hotdogs…Sad when I just couldn’t help thinking about the less privileged poverty struck people in Africa and Asia….Wish people were more considerate and sensible while showing such yucky programmes...

Its not that I have anything against the Rich. After all we all aspire to be that quintessential rich kid of the block. The trouble lies when wealth is flaunted nonchalantly without any consideration for fellow beings...When monstrous amount of money is spent on ridiculous things!! Am talking about those rich Arab lords who can put the devil himself to shame...Hey you rich folks listening!!

Am not advocating frugality...it’s just that why cant folks be considerate at times. Warren Buffet did a really admirable job when he put his money in charity. ..Wasn’t that a great thing he did? It takes a brave man to part with his dough. Wish if all those listed in the Forbes did the same, the world would have been a better place to live…Yeah it wont happen though...still….

Meanwhile I wrote this because am absolutely peeved by people who show off!!

P.S On a lighter note if anyone got trouble spending money you know whom to ask for!! ;)

Monday, July 31, 2006


This is a tag am going to love and hate as well…Love it because am a foodaholic and hate it because am writing this far away from home…far away from my beloved appam mutton curry……far away from the mouth watering dishes that I sinfully ate without any disdain…Any damage to the keyboard while am drooling over the dishes should be duly reimbursed by Silverine who had tagged me!!

My Mom being a working woman hardly gets time to cook the delicious delicacies that is seducing me through most other blogs...But she used to make my favorites whenever she got the time to do like all loving moms do!!!She rarely watches cookery shows and relies more on advice from my grandma or my aunt who is apparently a cuisine queen…I would infact dedicate this blog to all adorable people who have made food with love for me all these years!! Thank you Amma, Appa (really my dad cooks), Mummy (I call my grandma “mummy” and that is a different story), Daisy aunty, Amini aunty (I have many other aunties but would rather mention them for the feasts they made for me), Chechi (from chechi’s mess where I take food these days)…hundreds of cooks in various hotels who put the right amount of salt, chilly and pepper to give the aroma that made me visit em again and again!!

I wouldn’t vouch my Mom makes the best chicken curry.. But she definitely makes it the way I want...Chilly happy I want everything spicy and no one knows that better than my mom!! Neways I ll start mentioning those dishes rather than test your patience... (On a lighter note I feel like am writing a love letter)

Appam and Mutton stew

Appam soft enough that it can be used to make those soft spongy American dolls. and mutton stew with right amount of spices (imported from Kottayam (from our own parambu))...Its a gastronomic delight of heavenly propositions..
I always peek into the kitchen to get the appam when it is piping hot and when it is the softest...Infact it can be eaten without any curry..So I usually have it both ways. Soft piping hot..and then laced with coconut milk rich mutton stew…And then a burp that rings that I can’t take more…whoaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

P.S for the uniformed Appam is a pancake made of rice and coconut milk.

Semia Payasam

This pudding is a big favourite of mine. Absolutely love the aroma of it...And the best part is that, she cooks it at least once every month…There was always lot of jostling happening at the kitchen to get those precious milk maid drops. I love the smell of cashew fried in ghee and this often resulted in shortage of desired quantities of it for the Payasam... ;)

Fish Curry

The kottayam style fish curry with a decent helping of karyveyppu Ella (aroma leaves)..pulli(tamarind)…and grounded chilly…This fish curry tastes best with kappa(tapioca)..My dad makes a trip to palayam market to get the best fish in town and mom embarks on getting the spices ready… Am the official taster for fish curries at home...This blog might give an indication that I spending excessive time in the kitchen. .This is because we dint have any servants at home that time and myself with bro and dad spend a good deal in kitchen exploits...


This 4 o clock kadi is something that my mom absolutely enjoys making..
This is a snack made of grams, jaggery and grated coconut. And tastes best when its semi warm..Sometimes make me wonder how amma manages to make all these sweets when she being diabetic hardly gets a chance to relish any of em...

Jackfruit and Tapioca
I couldn’t help lifting this dish from silverine’s blog..Bcoz it happens to be
my top favourite as well. My taste buds are just showing utter despair imagining those delicious dishes..

vazhakka appam
A dish that is synonymous with malayalees..This is a dish I miss a lot..Most of the time there is a severe shortage of vazhakka appams at home..This phenomena can be attributed to the paranormal consumption that happens whenever amma makes em..Banana dipped in Maida with the aroma of fried coconut oil is a gourmet delight!!!

Mango pickle/lime pickle
This is a grandma specialty..My mom always say “Mummy” makes the best pickle in the world and she would have definitely raked a moolah if she had marketed her “achaar” properly!!..Mummy still makes those tingling lemon pickles even though she is way past her prime..

This soft rice cakes traditionally called idiappam or noolappam are of two kind..One without coconut icing like the one shown above and those with grated coconut toppings…The first kind is usually accompanied by some curry to add spice to the dish..But I love the second variety which is white and pure with pleasant steam rising through the wafers in between. This customized variety with lotta coconut and sugar can be infact classified as a sweet..

Fish Molly
It might be repetitious to include another fish preparation ,but I would be doing gross injustice if I missed out this one..This typical central travancore dish is cooked in coconut milk and can practically go with nything..rice..roti..bread..chappatti..u name it!!!

This tag wasn’t an easy job when you are far away from home and you have to recollect all those mind blowing dishes that folks back home are savoring. A third degree torture of sorts for my palatable senses…

I wish to pass on this torture to all my fellow bloggers who can go through the sufferings that I have battled.

Advice: Please write this blog when you are really sick to avoid any grudge or a feeling of discontentment!!

1) A superb foodie blog with amazing pictures..Thanx indiandoc for allowing me to use photos from her blog.


2) Countless forwards with those tempting snaps

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Picture tubes,breaking news and midnight hot!!

“Satyam Siva Sundaram”...the classic doordarshan motto to the “We are the first to bring out the news” era CNN-IBN ...”The Heart of action AXN ” for the braver souls to “unplugged” MTV....we have seen it all!!!!

I have vague memories of television when broadcasting was still in its diapers and we were fed a staple diet of pre historic aerobics and yoga classes to news readers old enough to be kept mummified!! Those were times when I used to switch on television to watch the odd PSLV blasting off at some odd 3 in the morning or vintage Prannoy Roy’s “world this week”...otherwise it would be my favourite “giant robot” or holiday time “chutti chutti”.....DD sets were badly behind times and it became conspicuous once the private channels began airing flashy-glitzy stuff. But all was not bad...Sunit Tandon can walk into any present newsroom and read news in élan...DD has even got a good looking website with lots of color unlike the drab shades of grey that’s synonymous with them!!

And then during in 90’s the government said...

“Let there be channels and there came channels... a dozen of em”

And for the first time I began watching Star movies and “Small Wonder”. And a new found teenage curiosity resulted in fascination for the MTV’s and channel V’s...Should confess that I was awestruck by the micro clad anchors and hip-yep-rap style which was a culture shock for a small town guy like me. Cyrus Broacha looked like the coconut climber near my home...both wore shorts...and both had/were big “knives”.........So I finally began watching "NGC" and "Discovery" to improve “gyan”...But soon I felt woefully awful in the company of microbes...animals and extra sensory robots! To stand in good stead among friends I began watching new channels. But unfortunately our news readers sometimes suffer from severe back problem and a conspicuous stoop is visible while they read news in the “swivel-me-anytime” chairs. Poor guys they seem to read the news from placards kept a bit too far away...Years of watching news channels has taught me never to marry a journalist...You never know if they carry a hidden camera...Its eerie feeling that you are being watched!!

At some point in life I got curious about devotional channels...GOD was enlightening...Samskar was lightening...Trance...nirvana...bliss, words synonymous with spiritual high. But it was just some high decibel speeches and angrezi preachers! Recently my friend found out a new crop of channels...Sur sangeet being one of them. They play outdated music all the day and out of the blue they switch gears...”Over to Nagaland...”Over to Maharashtra”...”Over to Arunachal Pradesh” These are the “Over to specialized online lottery channels”...Sometime I wonder who ever watches these channels!!

If you love having a good laugh on a somber day check out “Oonkal SUN TVyil inthavaaram dub seytha puthan padangal”....... Kuntam kulukki annan kaathal panninaan (Shakespear in love)...Any dubbed English movie can be a laugh riot...Believe me I was laughing when I saw the dubbed climax of the “Titanic”. They can get ridiculously funny!!!!Old time favourite have become least sought these days. Wrestling (WWF) was craze years back and find it hard to watch it even for a few minutes nowadays. Some progs still gets me gaga. Tom n Jerry and Mr. beans any day!!

Have you noticed VJ/DJ’s brand themselves in “dial-up” shows? They wear shirts pinned up with rose flowers and then swivel back and forth about an invisible pole...Wow. They look cool!!!We have some channels selling state of the art “tummy reduction techniques” that can make you look “somalic”in 5 days and sofa-cum-bed-cum-carpet-cum-pool “ten in one” gadgets costing 20k which they courteously offer us for 3k..Very generous people isn’t!!.. Please call 1-600-5423-5555-2233 for free home delivery*...
*packaging charges 16k extra!!!

With 100’s of channels churning out every year, its is not far when we will be needing 5-6 TV sets to satisfy all couch potatoes...It has been a love hate relation with the idiot box....There are programmes that are lovely and inspiring...There are crap shows that can make you tear your hair out...there is enough gibberish and senseless talk shows. But this is a mad mad world and we have enough idiots, bigots, intellectuals, anarchists ... (the list goes on) who can hog the limelight!! And the world is not enough for em..!!!!!!!!!
And this programme is sponsored by............

Thursday, July 13, 2006

This could happen to you!!!

Amol sat stunned. He never expected it to respond that way!!
All the money he spend...All the research he had done...He never expected his best friend to be that cold"
And it couldn’t have come at worse time!!
The small room was sparsely furnished. The books that he bought, but never read had gathered dust at the corner...
The winter had reached its pinnacle. Even the occasional humming of his old khaitan fan had stopped of late...
He lifted the phone...The eerie silence was too much for him..
He could hear the beats!!..Though erratic it showed some sense of life..Maybe it will this time...
All vital statistics were healthy... sharp memory, quick thinking had never let him down
Amol wanted it desperately. The agony was too much for him to bear..One last try! Like all fallen warriors say!!
Carrying all his courage up his sleeve, he went in for the penultimate hope..
Refresh dint carry anything refreshing.....The green bar dragged gasping to finish its run...
It never showed up!!
With a stoic face..Like someone straight out from Dachau..Stared into the blinking screen..

The display said it all..

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The beautiful game

Football is the beautiful game... World Cup is the cup of Joy... Samba is the official ballet...Words that echo in our ears every four years......Am mesmerized by the adulations that follow Beckham everywhere he goes(lucky guy he can stand for the prime ministership of Japan and still win)..My eyes pop out when Roberto Carlos takes free kicks...thighs that can put wild bison’s to shame... and who said Brazilians are malnourished...Paparazzi’s have found that Carlos is responsible for diminishing number of black bucks in Amazonian rainforest... (Guys please don’t check Wiki to check whether black bucks are found in South America)...

Ballack lacks footballer looks and would rather fit the role in a Hugh Grant movie dating Julia Roberts la Kal Ho Na ho style!!! Close in the heels comes Klose who can easily get into WWF if he can work on his theatrics, A player who uses his “head” (in the true physical sense) more often and come up with fabulous goals...

Ask me about coaches, none looked better than Ricardo Lavolpe the Mexican coach who could easily pass in for a king pin in Desperado!!!For all those England fans I have no respect for Sven Erickson who seems to be deep into research in molecular biology..Cmon dude its football and aint any sin to motivate your team!!!

Ronaldinho...I don’t know what happened to him. Seems liked someone asked him to smile for a photo op and somehow he forgot to close his mouth...And he still keeps smiling even after the indomitable Brazilians are packing bags home!!...What happens is that he gets fouled and smiles in front of the referee and get red-carded..And still keep smiling in front of his coach!!!!

Talking about fans, Brazilian fans are vocal, colorful and in woeful shortage of clothes...Search the google for the largest selling garment in brazil...Search over in .23 sec ..

Result: Kerchiefs!!! High utlility clothing!!

British fans are always in a state of trance considering the amount of whisky they gulp.
Someone said Thames has more whisky than water. So while they booze they usually miss out the match and while back to their senses they start vandalizing all over the place...And to finish it all they say. Hail the Queen...Amen!!!
Ask me I would love the company of Dutch fans...Maybe I will some day meet a beautiful Dutch lady and settle in a villa in Amsterdam...Oranges gives me the blues...

Have you wondered why Riquelme looks as if he was made the scapegoat in a big conspiracy ...He should have made that wondered looks when Pekerman called him back to bench in the quarterfinals..Pekerman "Messied" up big time.....

The story wont be complete without mentioning Ronaldo who is a key cardmaker...er playmaker...In a post match interview he attributed his winking during the England match to presence of giant flies in the stadium which were causing nuisance...Neways the MANU fans are organizing a memorable welcome back home...It would be unfair if I don’t mention Rooney who deserves praise for keeping cool under trying conditions. Hospitals across the globe are vouching for his anger management classes which were found to be highly productive or er counter productive. By the way a break...

MTV Chito Chat

Rooney’s favourite cartoon show??



(Animated guy buzzing past the screen)

Started getting bored of the ads and I switched to NDTV and the headlines said...


Apparently BUSH is furious after the american soccer team lost to Ghana..
Later on I came to know that the GHANAN prez...Abu Aku Rakama has signed a soccer for food programme with UN...

Back to the old story...

We have lot of magazines coming up with handsome footballer list..Beckham..Cannavaro..Owen..Ballack...How come they missed out Oliver Kahn...Dint he look great in the German bench...!!!I hope Klinsman brings him for the 2010 cup as well. He is a footballer who looks great in the bench!!!!!

Iran football team has been issued a fatwa for wasting government money every four years. Public prosecutors have already started recovering the flight costs from the team...
I got this info from the net ..Rest of the story is shrouded in mystery.

And finally I catch up with a few desi headlines......

Indian sports minister announces ambitions plans to win the world cup by 3060 A.D...


LEFT parties seek reservations for the position of LEFT WINGERS...
FORWARD BLOC demands one of the FORWARD positions...
INDIAN FOOTBALL coach in SEX Scandal...Check chamtakar.com for hidden camera shots..
PLANING COMISSION announces 43 years feasibility study


Ambitious plans dropped amidst widespread protest.

Hey all is not lost. It would sound bad If I dint bring some good news..

Indian Cricket team beat Bolivia by 3 runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And we have a nation going gaga over it!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

bloopers unlimited

I can taak inglis, I can vaak inglis...becaas inglis ij a bhery phunny language! ...
This famous dialogue reminds me of the funny incidents where deficiency or lack of prowess in the local language has given me enough reasons to laugh.........

Incident 1

There was this friend of mine Sonny (name not changed to maintain authenticity) who thinks that he is a master of languages...We being a gang of malayalee’s had this supreme air of over confidence and misgauged how well Sonny was good at linguistics...
It happened during a trip to blore while we were fresh blokes in college...We were seated in a restaurant and Sonny being the self proclaimed boss of the gang volunteered to get the food ordered...With panache he called up one of the waiter’s standing near by. Sensing an opportunity to impress his mates he blurted out something in Hindi...The waiter was left dumbstruck and a few turned shoulders in the hotel...

Minutes later we came to know what he actually said and the entire group of us had a bloody hell of a laugh..

“Khaaney keliya kaun kaun hein”...

Little did he know that it wasn’t....

“Which are the dishes you are serving?”

Apparently he did a word to word translation of the same question in Malayalam to Hindi which resulted in this blunder........

Incident 2

It happened at a hair saloon in Pune...This friend of mine was having a haircut and the feeling of being away from hadn’t quite set in yet for him...Few minutes into the haircut he asked the Barber.. “Cheep ondo??”... (Have u got a comb??).
This incident reaffirmed that he is not in Kerala anymore when the barber replied..

“kaafi cheap hein naa...bhaisaheb...Isse aur cheap kahan milega!!!”

We just couldn’t help laughing at the bewildered face of this friend!!!

Incident 3

I came to know about this from a blog friend of mine. This guy on a trip to Delhi, went shopping at Paalika Bazaar - asked the price of some stuff and the shopkeeper replied - "Pachhees Rupaye” ... Trying to impress his parents with his Hindi n Bargaining skills.. To the pleasant surprise of the shopkeeper this friend retorts back "Bahut Zyaada .. Chalees Rupaye"!!! His confusion between 25 and its double still continues!! :)

Incident 4

This is a funny a sign board which I saw while traveling from Mysore to Wayanad...The inter state buses usually stop at this non descript tea shop for a quick refreshment...
But the best part of the shop is not the food they serve...but the plank of plywood placed outside the cafe...Painted on it boldly... “URIN PROHIBITED”!!!Hey cmon...How can that be.................?

Am still wondering how they got the spelling right for “prohibited”.........

Little mistakes. Little blunders...but a sea change in ideas...........

Moral of the story: Always be carefree with words!!!!!!!!..oops...careful!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Picturesque tag!!!!!

Getting tagged gives this eerie feeling of being watched and the good part is that its so funny yet so plain revealing ….And the online world gives the pleasure of being true to yourself without any inhibitions!!!! Thanx silverine for tagging me up!!

1. Most desired celebrity

Konkona Sen

Comment: I fell in admiration for this woman after Mr. and Mrs. Iyer!!! There is a rumour running that men like the company of woman with brains but when it comes to marriage they look for just dumb beauties!!!!!! ..Pretty debatable….But how can someone beat this lady of beauty and brains. She is a cocktail to hard to resist!!!

2. Want to do this some day

Safari in a land rover: Infact lot of places to choose from…So I would put it around the world National Geographic ishtyle!!

Comment: Lofty wish…But then dreams don’t have limits!!!!!!
P.S...I don’t want a bunch load of people in this kind of trip...

2. Want to visit this place

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) near Fairbanks, Alaska, Fairbanks.

Alaskan Freeze: Very fascinating place…Best place next to moon maybe….Exquisite natures work’s at display! And the best part is hardly few humans out there! Hehehe!!

Comment: I don’t know if it’s possible to visit this place this lifetime...Research says hardly any software firm have base in the ice shelf’s of Alaska. .So practically I can’t go onsite to Alaska!!!!

4. Random Favorite

Princess Diana

Comment: We are always fed with a daily dose of Superheroes…Spiritual Gurus. Political big shots…Sporting Geniuses…and the list goes on…But Diana is some one who stands out from the rolling listing of celebrities. Even today her charisma gives me a sense of awe unparalled…….Why wonder when she is the most photographed face on earth!!!

5. I was tagged by Silverine

Comment: Post the picture of the place where you were tagged, and if you picked up the tag yourself then the picture of the place you picked it from.

I tag Rose , DewDrops ,Anand to carry forward this tag.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bed time story

The dark hallways and eerie silence lend an air of gloom for he was already in darkness...darkness of mind... and spirits...... He held the .38 caliber pistol close to his chest as if it was the dearest thing on earth and waited for someone impatiently. The irony of a killer is that he needn’t be a really brave man to bump off somebody and he wasn’t any bold either...Despite the humid air and blistering summer he was cold like a dead fish trying hard to stop shivering and in agony bit his own lips while clenching his teeth........But that wouldn’t stop him from doing what he thinks is his “karma”..

Ruskin crossed the street across St Paul’s and was on his way to take his daily shot of tequila ...His wry smile gave away nothing of his true self and with greedy vigor he walked briskly toward the bar. But out of nowhere an enormous shove pushed him towards the wall and he was face to face with man he feared the most. They say a man at trigger call will beg for his life and won’t mind stooping any low for it...But Ruskin knew he was done for and reconciled to his fate for he knew there were no excuses this time...

Thankfully the Israeli made pistol had a silencer and without making much ado that tiny piece of metal settled in where it was destined for.... in the soft cushions of Ruskin’s brain.....

Kafka was just like the Idiot in Dostoevsky’s famous novel...A man of contentment and humility and someone who would be the last person to kill anyone...Kafka lived in the non descript fishing town called Modena and made a decent living, killing fishes that flourished in the green seas...And he enjoyed life in his own special little way making enough dough to feed his old mother and svelte sister.. Those were days when life was all about catching as many fish as possible and selling them in the local market. The smell of salty air and the sea breeze were his comfort zones. And he was never intrigued by the smugglers that flocked the town or the big “SHELL” tanker ships that went by their idyllic town towards the Suez. The Kafka family’s world began and ended with the harbour in Modena...

His fishing consort and alter ego Ruskin with whom he ventured the green seas of the Mediterranean was not exactly everyone’s blue eyed boy...But Kafka had taken a liking for him as Ruskin knew how to bargain for better prices in the local market and was someone tailor made for the hard rigour of fishing in the deep seas...Ruskin’s brawls were infamous and that made him unpopular at Kafka’s place. Still they couldn’t live without each other. Kafka’s enterprise complemented Ruskin’s business acumen...So they lived pretty ordinary life sharing many a joke over a beer...Kafka was a man gratified...Little did he know his friend always dreamed big...

Ruskin’s acquaintances in smuggling business convinced Ruskin to jump over from his boring fisherman life to a more exciting world of drug peddling and counterfeits...Kafka couldn’t stop his friend from moving out and they gradually began seeing less of each other. But his friend was growing bigger by the minute ...Few weeks later Ruskin drove a gleaming fiat in the street and folks were amused at the quick turn of fortunes...He began talking big and instead of sardines he was more familiar with the Versace and Bugatti’s...Kafka’s mother began admiring Ruskin’s new found wealth and had no qualms sending her daughter for those rides in the fiat...

During those turbulent years people in his tiny town were getting richer while Kafka remained dormant as ever making just enough to feed the three of em...People found less time to enquire by and there were hardly few “Bongiorno”(hello for Italians) from friends......He was a failure in their eyes.......But he hardly ever felt so!!!

Then one summer Ruskin invited Kafka’s sister for a ride in his new boat...And they set sail without Kafka knowing it...They never returned home that day...Heartbroken, Kafka waited for that phone call telling that they had eloped...That Tuesday the local boys crowded the beach to see something that was half rotten and lacerated by shark bites...And the world came crashing down for Kafka at the tragedy that had beholden him. His sister’s funeral was held the same day at the nearby church...The newspaper said that the police found only one body and the other might have been lost to beasts in the sea...

Little did Ruskin new that Kafka had know him very well and the vagaries of life had taught Kafka how wicked the world can be...After selling his old rickety boat his manages enough dough for the weapon. With vengeance he set forth in pursuit.....Naples was a safe haven for Ruskin but little did he know he was followed for the past few days...

The dark hallways and eerie silence lend an air of gloom for he was already in darkness...darkness of mind... and spirits..........................................................................................................................................................

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Go Argentina go!!!!!!!!!!!!....La Selección

uh...i know it dint work out well....but couldnt help posting as i really put a hell lot effort drawin my football idol!!!!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

How chekku got tagged..

I was inspired by Alex to take up this tag. Moreover tags are good when writer’s block keeps hallucinating you. Here are some unknown (?) facts about myself.

My Accent: Unfortunately a tinge of malayalee accent. But i can vouch Lolakutty is worse than me...She is zimbly pathetic!!!

Booze: I am a ceremonial drinker these days..When my ex-military uncle offers me that rare 1/7th of a "small" during christmas...And my Dad looks at me as if am gonna get drunk after that...
Curiosity and all air about masochism associated with drinking died after college days during when i faced many a "royal challenges" and "Teachers" advice.

Chore I Hate: Picking up clothes after they have been put for drying. Washing plates after dinner...

Dog or Cat: Dog. But I don’t like Pomeranians.

Essential Electronics: PC as my job demands so, Music System.."naturally inbuilt music player" is a nuisance for friends and attracts obscenities of severest proposition.

P.SAm less electronically inclined.

Perfume: don’t use. Waiting for Pears to bring out something that smells like their soap.

Gold or silver: neither .Infact not interested in body adornment. But sporting a gold ring my dad gifted.

Home: Kottayam... Trivandrum ...Mysore

Insomnia: Never...Infact just the opposite. I fall asleep easily.

Job Title: Design Engineer

Living Arrangements: I live with my friends. Staying close to office. Do you believe its just 10 min for me to reach office? Mysore rocks!!

Most Admirable Traits: Am a peacemaker by instinct and very often try to defuse volatile situations by injecting humour.

Disclaimer: It has failed as many times as well.

Number of Sexual Partners: None .Fantasize a huge list though!!

Number of times in hospital: Many times. Though usually to take friends who have had accidents.

Phobias: Arachnophobia. Necrophobia...

Quote: ‘If fate doesn’t make you laugh, you just don’t get the joke.’

Religion: Catholic

Siblings: A bro younger to me.

Time I Wake Up: 7.15 am on weekday...10.30-11.30 am on weekends. That depends on when my roomies wake up. Friends nag me saying that am living only half my life as I spend the rest sleeping.

Unusual Talent or Skill: I can sleep while riding piggy back on a bike.

Vegetables I Love: Cauliflower...bitter gourd...hell lot of naadan vegetables... I just don’t happen to recollect the names.

Worst Habit: I buy things if I have fallen in love with it and won’t delay it under most circumstances. Terribly bad money manager.

X-Rays: Those root canal days! Sigh!!

Yummy Food I Make: None now. But fours year of living alone made me a decent cook. Chicken curry (ready made powder with my own special additives),tea, coffee, omelette with lotta coconut.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

People tagged to do it: Anyone who would like to tell a bit about themselves.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Since we are planning to make it big in the United Nations and show the world that we have a say in world matter’s, we are searching for qualified people who can withstand the strain of the job. For the not well informed it involves flying to exotic countries...grinning in photo ops with world leaders and blabbering speeches on world peace and bending your back to lay a few foundation stones. The candidate should always exhibit an air of optimism even if a few lakhs are killed in some battle of Pedurasia!!!! Candidate is expected to turn a blind eye towards the actions of a few countries that might accidentally bomb some rogue/thief/dacoit country.

My own nominations for UN secretary General...

Crackie Savent

A woman of actions and gyrations!! She has been very generous in donating her entire wardrobe bearing a few essentials to various social organizations taking into consideration the scarcity of clothing’s in the third world. Artists have come out in her support for her endeavor in promoting belly dancing. She has risen battling all odds...fighting...dodging...scratching asses and exhibiting complicated yogic postures which are part of her regular educational videos...Braving social stigmas after she was brutally smooched in a party, her conscience struck her one fine morning and now is apparently the poster girl for woman progression...

Raul Ahagen

Having being part of power corridors back home he shouldn’t find himself a stranger in the UN .He has promised to look into illegal trade of some illegal “something” happening at some desolate region near Cambodia popularly called Golden Triangle. Flying skills can be used in UN reconnaissance operations as they are facing shortage of skilled Pilots...Indian politicians’ promote him as a role model especially for youngsters...But experts speculate his health as he known to faint without any reason.

Yerjun sin ghe

Very few people are as good as he with numbers...especially his “Law of reservation percentages” is widely considered as a mathematically wizardry...Since the UN is all about management, his skills as a minister (which is highly appreciated inside medical students circle) will be critical. Rumors say he will be supplying nuclear fissile material to North Korea and Calvin Klein clothing’s to drought prone Mozambique as they are entitled to as per his perfected “Kota theory”. This Media darling will be sponsored by ODBC, OFADPREC and ORTPC.

Any terrorist currently operating in Kashmir

It’s often mistaken that we resort to violence to achieve our objectives. The bombs that go off daily are actually some sophisticated fireworks which just blows off due to the heat of the moment!! UN needs skilled soldiers and I can supply any number of any kind, of any age, of any sex.Although the UN will have to shell out more for the “kamikaze’ variety. I frequently visit Delhi to negotiate peace but I return via Bombay to plant a few fireworks incase folks out there miss diwali!! ! My extensive network and ISI trademarks should definitely make me the best guy for the job!!!

filosofical blabber

Had gone home after a long time...Infact the anticipation of going home is better than actually making the trip.....Its just like a kid will be all hullabaloo for a chocolate but the excitement dies once it’s in grabs... The 900 km stretch from Mysore till Trivandrum is nowhere like traveling through the Alps....But it doesn’t make the journey any boring either. Moreover when you are traveling alone you happen to take notice of little trivial things happening around you...Those peanut selling kids or buses of various hues and linguistic patterns that scatter for space in an outdated bus stand.....

With Atif Ali’s...Woh Lamhe to ease spirits and a copy of the Outlook I made myself comfortable in the bus...And then began scanning through the pages, but never found anything interesting in the magazine as all it discussed was how Rahul and some big town kids snorted coke...Putting away the magazine I snuggled in my seat with an aimless mind and fifteen hours of curtailed eternity... The soothing music and light breeze was sensuous and I was in a euphoric frame of mind for no reason...

Strange that I shift into introspective gear everytime am alone. But hardly have I got any other time to do a self appraisal of my thought process...What the future beholds for me..?? Questions that have no answer yet something that people cant help thinking about.
Maybe we fantasise our future in our dreams. But dreaming the future is a sea change from actually pondering what you gonna do in future. Especially since, while dreaming we inadvertently filter out any bad prospect that hinders us and paint a rosy picture for ourselves. Simply it’s an entirely different ball game when we actually analyse our destiny in real term prospects. Its unpredictability lends an air of mysticism. My brain cells go wayward unsure... uncertain... uncontrolled...

But isn’t that life is all about... just like Russian roulette... you never now the odds!!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

tagger's day out!!!

I took up this tag without invitation as I am absolutely bored to death idling in office and couldn’t get any decent ideas to write about...

4 jobs I’ve had:

1. Beauty appreciator (I admire beautiful women. if that counts as a job)
2. Cook (while doing my engg)
3. Photo editor (I love meddling with em)
4. Design Engineer (though in reality am doing crap work)

4 films I could watch again and again:

1. Forrest Gump
2. Fight Club
3. Shawshank Redemption
4. In Harihar Nagar

4 places I’ve lived in:

1. Port Blair (I don’t remember any thing about it though...Toddler days)
2. Kottayam (My native where I spend my pre school days)
3. Trivandrum (all of 16 years)
4. Mysore (Working me in a retiree’s paradise)

4 TV series I like to watch:
Not a regular watcher though I would watch below progs whenever possible..

1. Seinfeld (People frown if F.R.I.E.N.D.S is not in your list..Uh...Who Cares?)
2. Malayalam comedy shows (the old ones)
3. Devil’s Advocate
4. Wings

4 places that I’ve been on vacation to:

I ve never liked a planned vacation. Actually my vacations were usually spent at my native place...Have toured all usual spots..Ooty...Kodai..Goa..Munnar..Nice but not spectacularly memorable... But love trips that are planned instinctively. Just love long bike sojourns to nearby exotic hills in Mysore!!

4 websites I visit everyday:

1. Wikipedia
2. My friends’ blogs
3. Orkut
4. News sites

4+4+4 books I’d love to read again and again:

I rarely read books more than once. But if cornered with no other choice I wouldn’t mind reading these again.

1. Catcher in the Rye
2. Shantaram
3. Memoirs of a Geisha
4. Manorama year book (This was a passion for me since very long. sounds crazy but I was interested in acquiring gyan on a Republik of Eritrea)

4 favorite dishes:
I found it hardest to write this (drooling profusely). Away from home its ages since I have seen any of em...

1. Kappa meen curry (central travancore style)
2. Onam Sadhya
3. Kerala Parotta with beef fry
4. Appam mutton stew

4 places where I’d like to be right now:

1. Rio Di Janeiro
2. Berlin
3. New Zealand
4. Las Vegas

4 people I’m gonna tag:

Anybody who is interested can take the tag…

Monday, June 12, 2006

Incorporated etiquettes

Monday to Friday in a 3x3 box of flickering computers, unclean coffee mugs, ergonomic chairs, cheerless faces and buzzing mobiles, life couldn’t be more exciting than this. Know am unpleasantly sarcastic when I say that and am challenged with the other side of the story.... Big fat pay packages...challenging work...most sought after bride/groom elite upper crust...Know it’s too much to ask for best of both the worlds. . :(

But I just don’t get to know why people sport rigid “Schwarzenegger” faces every day in office as if a smile mite cause a coronary thrombosis or why my boss informs my bad appraisal ratings with an evil handshake (camera zooms to past to evoke similarity....Jesus being betrayed by Judas)...or why we have people hugging each other just to know what’s the brand of shirt the other is wearing... Maybe I am at the wrong place or maybe there is a big conspiracy theory working against me...

Amusing that etiquettes are the buzzword of a people so used to... eating chaat barehanded, flaunting fake Gucci watches to impress beautiful damsels in town and mouthing out expletives deliriously at somebody’s beck and call .......Sometimes you can see fascinating changes in the way a person behaves once he enters the work place. Purist might call it professional behaviour in its classiest act. But how can that account for the demeanor he shows while talking to the house keeping guy who apparently is another co worker of his, his permanent fake grin when the boss talks to him which caused his facial muscles to stretch and bloat like a big mouthed cardinal fish...!!!

Office space behavioral syndromes spill outside the office as well... Project parties are technically a time to ease your nerves and improve relationships with co workers on a personal level...Lovely time to pour obscenities on a mate and you can escape the brunt by claming that you were on booze that day!! And sometime all hell breaks loose and boss might come to know the true “affections and adoration” that a subordinate “high on booze” might have for him...

Many a time, I receive mails informing me of unpleasant additional work easily concluded by carrying a “Thanks in advance” tag. ..But what’s the point in thanking before I even think about acknowledging that mail...And am comfortably made to finish the job without asking whether I am ready to do it!!!..It can’t get any further frustrating!!
I occasionally receive bulk mails from some “so and so” leaving the company due to some “so and so” reason...But he “definitely” had a great “pleasure” working with me all these years and is grateful for my consistent support...God knows what sort of pleasure he had!!!!And there are freaks who keep congratulating someone for doing something in some non descript field but they have a panache for spamming others mailbox as well. Hard to understand why they use a “Reply to all” to congratulate a single guy!!

Junta craves for attention....Junta loves to flaunt his superior egos’...Junta loves to be the talking point...Junta loves gossiping....Junta loves to be filthy rich!!!Junta is made of freaks! The world inside office is full of freaks!!! And maybe I am a freak myself!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

am on a high today

In the wee hours of a wintry Sunday morning I woke up to the rattling windows of my insipid little home and I put my glasses to clear the haze that blurred my dreary eyes ...The misty dew was already in the air and nature was making exotic mosaics of its own on the tinsel glass panes...The dew drops then fell washing down what was so beautiful just a few minutes back...like nature was never satisfied with its own creation....And then I started walking out in spite of the cold which was accented by the chilly idyllic zephyr ..

The moon was not perfectly round nor a flawless crescent but still glorious in the bland mackerel sky. Few steps out am breathing refreshing air which was flavored with a tinge of aroma from nearby jasmine flowers......With trivial thoughts and lousy dreams I wander in oblivion with myself to accompany...

Am getting a high on nature....

Friday, June 02, 2006

Of uncles, aunties, cousins and my dear Grandma

In twenty four years of my existence I must apologize that they are the people whom I have least interacted with.Infact in the jigsaw of close relations, I had my friends...my parents... But relatives never found a place in the puzzle...
I might be among the rare category of people who hardly interact with cousins except for ceremonial reasons. Maybe it’s just that circumstances dint help or maybe I was just happy to share my space with friends whom I count closer than my cousins. Being children of govt servants myself and bro stayed away from native place. So it was only during the yearly summer vacations I got to meet my kinships. The worst part was I hardly meet them for a few days in a year and am supposed to behave like emotionally bonded souls.

I had a tilt towards folks from mom’s side which still continues as I had cousins of similar age. So we had our usual fun and frolic those days but since grown older it shifted to more of exchanging pleasantries and niceties. And my uncles were always playing cards or politikgossiping and enjoyed their nice little time with a bottle of military whisky. Generally their enquires where clichéd and usually pertaining to where I stood in my class. After all they knew that was a nice question to end any conversation before it even started... The part I enjoyed a lot was the delicious “naadan” food that was served everytime we went there...Infact my aunts had “professional” satisfaction when we showered praise on the dishes that they came up with... They were a uncomplaining lot and more pre occupied with the next meal for the day...

Someone whom I enjoyed meeting everytime was my grandma....She watches “weepy-creepy” Malayalam serials which I absolutely detest...has a passion for sermons of the priest in my nearby church which I find absolutely boring...has a keen interest in explaining how a nice pickle combination is made which I just love lick smacking down with out any profound interest in the actual manufacturing process ...So our passions don’t exactly match for a conversation. .

But there are things she talks which are absolutely interesting like what my mom was like when she was a kid...or what my grown up “soda glass uncles” were like fifty years back, when they were proficient tree climbers rather than bank managers and lecturers which they are now... or something about my late grandpa’s heroics in card games...
Man... These are stories more interesting than any Dan brown novel or a B grade flick...

I enjoy times with grandma reasons of which are inexplicable...Maybe it was the two years when she took care of me when I was a toddler or maybe it’s due to Hindi movie inspired “blood-relation-bond syndrome”.

Times have changed...and unlike years back when I used to visit grandma rarely during those yearly trips, I get to meet her often since she is just a four hour drive from me in Bangalore...Although not in the best of health now I just cant stop admiring her drive and sprightliness...She makes a point to get my favourite dishes whenever I visit her...She still amuses her great grandchildren with lullabies...And last time when I met her I was surprised when she enquired about a recent one day match. But then my aunt said that she watches more cricket than most of us...My grandma is ready to climb all the stairs up with her arthritis inflicted legs to watch any match as passionately as any freak would do. She watches pogo channel along with her grandchildren and laughs her heart out with the same kid like vigor. I absolutely admire her in these days of “diet control”, “stress busting drugs” and “multitasking lifestyle”...She absolutely lived her life....And I happen to love the old way...

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We didnt start the fire..Indian Version

The song is an edited indian version of "We did'nt start the fire -Billy Joel"..I have tried to incorporate most of the events but guess I have missed many as well.The events are not in exact chronoligical order as well. Uh..neway could learn a lot a history researching on it..

’49 Dadasaheb ambedkar,Kashmir ceasfire, red china, Cold war
Commonwealth, Godse, Gavaskar born today

’50 Naushad melodies, Sardar Patel no more, communist back home
North korea, south korea, Mother Teresa

’51 Do biga zamin, h-bomb, Five year plans, Asian games
Lala Amarnath, the star and I and the catcher in the rye

’52 Pandit Nehru, elections, england’s got a new queen
India wins a test match, Queen Elizabeth, Green Revolution

We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
No we didn’t light it
But we tried to fight it

’53 congress party, Stalin, nasser and Truman
Raj Kapoor, Tenzing Norgay, communist bloc
Ambedkar, Lal Amarnath, Vyjayantimala, denim
Indian airlines, Vande Mataram

’55-56 einstein, Ravi Shankar, pyar hua ikarar hua
Warsaw pact, Sathyajith Ray, Sputnik in space
Devdas, Bandung conference, Shree 420, krushchev
Elvis Presley, Balbir Singh, trouble in the suez


’57 -58Aparajito, pasternak, IIT’s, Naipaul
Sputnik, Hirakud dam, Mother India
Krishna Menon, Ayub Khan, Baba Amte
Dilip Kumar, homicide, children of thalidomide

’59-60 Vietnam war,Fidel Castro, doordarshan born today
pluffed sleeve blouses, castro, HIV strikes
Milkha Singh, Dalai Lama, kennedy
Air India flies USA, Malgudi days, Mughal E Azam


’61-64’ Khushwant singh, annadurai, nationalization
Rafi, berlin, goa annexed
Aradhana, China War
MGR, Sarabhai, White revolution happens big way
Nehruji pass away, what else do I have to say


NAM, Tashkent pact , Asha-Lata ,Bangladesh liberated
INC splits away, angry man comes to screen, Kishore hums away
ISRO makes us proud ,Mera naam Joker,Osho ,Smiling Buddha
Emergency, Mandal rocks,Janata party is the say

asiad ,Bhopal gas blows up,Hum Log,PT Usha in the race
Khalistan , rakesh sharma goes to space ,Bluestar,Indira gandhi blown away
terror on the airline, Rushdie gets Fatwa,
Rajiv gandhi, LTTE in srilanka,VP Singh days

Gulf war ,Insurgency peaks ,Masjid, world Cup, Harshad Mehta
KBC, Bombay Blast ,Bofors, sachin is superstar
Infosys,Kargil ,aids, Tsumani strikes
Clemenceau at Alang, Pakistan under martial rule
Rock and roller Reliance wars, I can’t take it anymore


We didn’t start the fire
But when we are gone
Will it still burn on, and on, and on, and on...

Friday, May 26, 2006


confessions of a school kid

My own little pleasures in school....Those are times when innovations happen..........

1) In school we had this amazing craze for cards especially with those WWF stars ruling our idol list and football cards (Bubble Gum Company’s raked a mollah those days) that became rage during the world cup. They were my material possessions those days..In fact study books were poor second cousins in my room and I had this bad habit of excessive adoration for the cards. The game had to be played in the sly in some obscure corner in school.Infact teachers perceived those who played cards as kids with not-so-good academic track records .But those flipping card games with passionate calls for the height of “giant gonsalves” or the goals scored by “Klinsmann” gave thrilling moments those days.......

2) “FLAME” ...It was a game that was quite a rage when I reached seventh standard...Infact it can be called a teenager’s “Horoscope matching technique”. For the not informed FLAME translates to “Friend Love Affair Marriage Enemy”. Infact with a unique permutation of the names of the suitor and the princess charming a bunch of freaks decide whether they are destined to fall in the lucky letters in FLAME...Absurd it may be , But that was a game the entire class watched in earnest.Rumours fly like helter skelter the next day..Suitor in question will be looked at “Uh-U-ARE-AFTER-THAT-GIRL” kinda look...Damn funny neways....

3) A lot of games can be categorized under a single segment which included legendary “Book Cricket”..”Dot box” and “cross and zeroes”...These games are universal and should be categorized under “legendary folk games during school days”...eh...Since these games could be played using a scrap of paper and pencil it was easy for students to pass of as attending to the jargon coming from the teacher’s mouth.........

4) Then there were my own ways which involved making weirdo designs on “Nataraj pencil with those red/black stripes”...Making sculptures on chalks...Creating a paper cricket ball with as many rubber bands as possible...paper boats and rockets...using school desks for my own personal sculpture fantasies using compasses and dividers which are supposed to be put to better use...the list is endless...........

Uh..Tempting to go back to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!