Monday, July 03, 2006

Picturesque tag!!!!!

Getting tagged gives this eerie feeling of being watched and the good part is that its so funny yet so plain revealing ….And the online world gives the pleasure of being true to yourself without any inhibitions!!!! Thanx silverine for tagging me up!!

1. Most desired celebrity

Konkona Sen

Comment: I fell in admiration for this woman after Mr. and Mrs. Iyer!!! There is a rumour running that men like the company of woman with brains but when it comes to marriage they look for just dumb beauties!!!!!! ..Pretty debatable….But how can someone beat this lady of beauty and brains. She is a cocktail to hard to resist!!!

2. Want to do this some day

Safari in a land rover: Infact lot of places to choose from…So I would put it around the world National Geographic ishtyle!!

Comment: Lofty wish…But then dreams don’t have limits!!!!!!
P.S...I don’t want a bunch load of people in this kind of trip...

2. Want to visit this place

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) near Fairbanks, Alaska, Fairbanks.

Alaskan Freeze: Very fascinating place…Best place next to moon maybe….Exquisite natures work’s at display! And the best part is hardly few humans out there! Hehehe!!

Comment: I don’t know if it’s possible to visit this place this lifetime...Research says hardly any software firm have base in the ice shelf’s of Alaska. .So practically I can’t go onsite to Alaska!!!!

4. Random Favorite

Princess Diana

Comment: We are always fed with a daily dose of Superheroes…Spiritual Gurus. Political big shots…Sporting Geniuses…and the list goes on…But Diana is some one who stands out from the rolling listing of celebrities. Even today her charisma gives me a sense of awe unparalled…….Why wonder when she is the most photographed face on earth!!!

5. I was tagged by Silverine

Comment: Post the picture of the place where you were tagged, and if you picked up the tag yourself then the picture of the place you picked it from.

I tag Rose , DewDrops ,Anand to carry forward this tag.


silverine said...

Thanks for taking up the tag :)

I loved Konkona in Mr. and Mrs. Iyer. In fact it is one movie I would not mind watching again.

Landrover safari sounds thrilling. And the picture of the Northern Lights looks awesome, something I would like to see too. I notice a desire to be alone here :) But then when taking in natural beauty you do need silence or silent companions.

And echo your thoughts on Diana. In fact I feel an enormous amount of sympathy towards her and Charles, two pawns in the royal game.

This tag is so interesting because of the lovely pictures :)

Movie Mazaa said...

here is sharing a fascination for Konkana. if u liked her in Mr & Mrs. Iyer, u wud probably adore her performance in 15, Park Avenue, though the film in itself, is a bit of a drag.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

okie !

all aurora borealis pics are awesome generally

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

put up some more of ur pics , will u ?

mathew said...


yeah..should catch up with that movie sometime..thanx for teh info..


oh yeah..too far and outrageous place to be..


I have seen page 3..infact it is a really bold movie...thanx for stopping by!!!

monu said...


is that a real rainbow .... :O
cool one..

Alaskan Freeze.. i have seen a program on natioanl geographic channel about this artistic display in sky :)... .imagine sitting in calm and quiet place, watching it..too much romantic :D

shruti said...

hmmm...I must say I find it admirable that u like Konkona Sen ,, an intelligent man's woman ..she completely takes my breathe away ,,and I have seen few men look beyond a hot body ,,or admire her .atleast the ones I came across I was very surprised to see her pic and felt very refreshing too ,,,

mathew said...


Oh yeah..thats a real one..
Alaska should be one helluva good awestruck by the pics..


Thanx for visiting!!..Looking forward to see her in "Omkara" too!!