Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bed time story

The dark hallways and eerie silence lend an air of gloom for he was already in darkness...darkness of mind... and spirits...... He held the .38 caliber pistol close to his chest as if it was the dearest thing on earth and waited for someone impatiently. The irony of a killer is that he needn’t be a really brave man to bump off somebody and he wasn’t any bold either...Despite the humid air and blistering summer he was cold like a dead fish trying hard to stop shivering and in agony bit his own lips while clenching his teeth........But that wouldn’t stop him from doing what he thinks is his “karma”..

Ruskin crossed the street across St Paul’s and was on his way to take his daily shot of tequila ...His wry smile gave away nothing of his true self and with greedy vigor he walked briskly toward the bar. But out of nowhere an enormous shove pushed him towards the wall and he was face to face with man he feared the most. They say a man at trigger call will beg for his life and won’t mind stooping any low for it...But Ruskin knew he was done for and reconciled to his fate for he knew there were no excuses this time...

Thankfully the Israeli made pistol had a silencer and without making much ado that tiny piece of metal settled in where it was destined for.... in the soft cushions of Ruskin’s brain.....

Kafka was just like the Idiot in Dostoevsky’s famous novel...A man of contentment and humility and someone who would be the last person to kill anyone...Kafka lived in the non descript fishing town called Modena and made a decent living, killing fishes that flourished in the green seas...And he enjoyed life in his own special little way making enough dough to feed his old mother and svelte sister.. Those were days when life was all about catching as many fish as possible and selling them in the local market. The smell of salty air and the sea breeze were his comfort zones. And he was never intrigued by the smugglers that flocked the town or the big “SHELL” tanker ships that went by their idyllic town towards the Suez. The Kafka family’s world began and ended with the harbour in Modena...

His fishing consort and alter ego Ruskin with whom he ventured the green seas of the Mediterranean was not exactly everyone’s blue eyed boy...But Kafka had taken a liking for him as Ruskin knew how to bargain for better prices in the local market and was someone tailor made for the hard rigour of fishing in the deep seas...Ruskin’s brawls were infamous and that made him unpopular at Kafka’s place. Still they couldn’t live without each other. Kafka’s enterprise complemented Ruskin’s business acumen...So they lived pretty ordinary life sharing many a joke over a beer...Kafka was a man gratified...Little did he know his friend always dreamed big...

Ruskin’s acquaintances in smuggling business convinced Ruskin to jump over from his boring fisherman life to a more exciting world of drug peddling and counterfeits...Kafka couldn’t stop his friend from moving out and they gradually began seeing less of each other. But his friend was growing bigger by the minute ...Few weeks later Ruskin drove a gleaming fiat in the street and folks were amused at the quick turn of fortunes...He began talking big and instead of sardines he was more familiar with the Versace and Bugatti’s...Kafka’s mother began admiring Ruskin’s new found wealth and had no qualms sending her daughter for those rides in the fiat...

During those turbulent years people in his tiny town were getting richer while Kafka remained dormant as ever making just enough to feed the three of em...People found less time to enquire by and there were hardly few “Bongiorno”(hello for Italians) from friends......He was a failure in their eyes.......But he hardly ever felt so!!!

Then one summer Ruskin invited Kafka’s sister for a ride in his new boat...And they set sail without Kafka knowing it...They never returned home that day...Heartbroken, Kafka waited for that phone call telling that they had eloped...That Tuesday the local boys crowded the beach to see something that was half rotten and lacerated by shark bites...And the world came crashing down for Kafka at the tragedy that had beholden him. His sister’s funeral was held the same day at the nearby church...The newspaper said that the police found only one body and the other might have been lost to beasts in the sea...

Little did Ruskin new that Kafka had know him very well and the vagaries of life had taught Kafka how wicked the world can be...After selling his old rickety boat his manages enough dough for the weapon. With vengeance he set forth in pursuit.....Naples was a safe haven for Ruskin but little did he know he was followed for the past few days...

The dark hallways and eerie silence lend an air of gloom for he was already in darkness...darkness of mind... and spirits..........................................................................................................................................................

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Go Argentina go!!!!!!!!!!!!....La Selección

uh...i know it dint work out well....but couldnt help posting as i really put a hell lot effort drawin my football idol!!!!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

How chekku got tagged..

I was inspired by Alex to take up this tag. Moreover tags are good when writer’s block keeps hallucinating you. Here are some unknown (?) facts about myself.

My Accent: Unfortunately a tinge of malayalee accent. But i can vouch Lolakutty is worse than me...She is zimbly pathetic!!!

Booze: I am a ceremonial drinker these days..When my ex-military uncle offers me that rare 1/7th of a "small" during christmas...And my Dad looks at me as if am gonna get drunk after that...
Curiosity and all air about masochism associated with drinking died after college days during when i faced many a "royal challenges" and "Teachers" advice.

Chore I Hate: Picking up clothes after they have been put for drying. Washing plates after dinner...

Dog or Cat: Dog. But I don’t like Pomeranians.

Essential Electronics: PC as my job demands so, Music System.."naturally inbuilt music player" is a nuisance for friends and attracts obscenities of severest proposition.

P.SAm less electronically inclined.

Perfume: don’t use. Waiting for Pears to bring out something that smells like their soap.

Gold or silver: neither .Infact not interested in body adornment. But sporting a gold ring my dad gifted.

Home: Kottayam... Trivandrum ...Mysore

Insomnia: Never...Infact just the opposite. I fall asleep easily.

Job Title: Design Engineer

Living Arrangements: I live with my friends. Staying close to office. Do you believe its just 10 min for me to reach office? Mysore rocks!!

Most Admirable Traits: Am a peacemaker by instinct and very often try to defuse volatile situations by injecting humour.

Disclaimer: It has failed as many times as well.

Number of Sexual Partners: None .Fantasize a huge list though!!

Number of times in hospital: Many times. Though usually to take friends who have had accidents.

Phobias: Arachnophobia. Necrophobia...

Quote: ‘If fate doesn’t make you laugh, you just don’t get the joke.’

Religion: Catholic

Siblings: A bro younger to me.

Time I Wake Up: 7.15 am on weekday...10.30-11.30 am on weekends. That depends on when my roomies wake up. Friends nag me saying that am living only half my life as I spend the rest sleeping.

Unusual Talent or Skill: I can sleep while riding piggy back on a bike.

Vegetables I Love: Cauliflower...bitter gourd...hell lot of naadan vegetables... I just don’t happen to recollect the names.

Worst Habit: I buy things if I have fallen in love with it and won’t delay it under most circumstances. Terribly bad money manager.

X-Rays: Those root canal days! Sigh!!

Yummy Food I Make: None now. But fours year of living alone made me a decent cook. Chicken curry (ready made powder with my own special additives),tea, coffee, omelette with lotta coconut.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

People tagged to do it: Anyone who would like to tell a bit about themselves.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Since we are planning to make it big in the United Nations and show the world that we have a say in world matter’s, we are searching for qualified people who can withstand the strain of the job. For the not well informed it involves flying to exotic countries...grinning in photo ops with world leaders and blabbering speeches on world peace and bending your back to lay a few foundation stones. The candidate should always exhibit an air of optimism even if a few lakhs are killed in some battle of Pedurasia!!!! Candidate is expected to turn a blind eye towards the actions of a few countries that might accidentally bomb some rogue/thief/dacoit country.

My own nominations for UN secretary General...

Crackie Savent

A woman of actions and gyrations!! She has been very generous in donating her entire wardrobe bearing a few essentials to various social organizations taking into consideration the scarcity of clothing’s in the third world. Artists have come out in her support for her endeavor in promoting belly dancing. She has risen battling all odds...fighting...dodging...scratching asses and exhibiting complicated yogic postures which are part of her regular educational videos...Braving social stigmas after she was brutally smooched in a party, her conscience struck her one fine morning and now is apparently the poster girl for woman progression...

Raul Ahagen

Having being part of power corridors back home he shouldn’t find himself a stranger in the UN .He has promised to look into illegal trade of some illegal “something” happening at some desolate region near Cambodia popularly called Golden Triangle. Flying skills can be used in UN reconnaissance operations as they are facing shortage of skilled Pilots...Indian politicians’ promote him as a role model especially for youngsters...But experts speculate his health as he known to faint without any reason.

Yerjun sin ghe

Very few people are as good as he with numbers...especially his “Law of reservation percentages” is widely considered as a mathematically wizardry...Since the UN is all about management, his skills as a minister (which is highly appreciated inside medical students circle) will be critical. Rumors say he will be supplying nuclear fissile material to North Korea and Calvin Klein clothing’s to drought prone Mozambique as they are entitled to as per his perfected “Kota theory”. This Media darling will be sponsored by ODBC, OFADPREC and ORTPC.

Any terrorist currently operating in Kashmir

It’s often mistaken that we resort to violence to achieve our objectives. The bombs that go off daily are actually some sophisticated fireworks which just blows off due to the heat of the moment!! UN needs skilled soldiers and I can supply any number of any kind, of any age, of any sex.Although the UN will have to shell out more for the “kamikaze’ variety. I frequently visit Delhi to negotiate peace but I return via Bombay to plant a few fireworks incase folks out there miss diwali!! ! My extensive network and ISI trademarks should definitely make me the best guy for the job!!!

filosofical blabber

Had gone home after a long time...Infact the anticipation of going home is better than actually making the trip.....Its just like a kid will be all hullabaloo for a chocolate but the excitement dies once it’s in grabs... The 900 km stretch from Mysore till Trivandrum is nowhere like traveling through the Alps....But it doesn’t make the journey any boring either. Moreover when you are traveling alone you happen to take notice of little trivial things happening around you...Those peanut selling kids or buses of various hues and linguistic patterns that scatter for space in an outdated bus stand.....

With Atif Ali’s...Woh Lamhe to ease spirits and a copy of the Outlook I made myself comfortable in the bus...And then began scanning through the pages, but never found anything interesting in the magazine as all it discussed was how Rahul and some big town kids snorted coke...Putting away the magazine I snuggled in my seat with an aimless mind and fifteen hours of curtailed eternity... The soothing music and light breeze was sensuous and I was in a euphoric frame of mind for no reason...

Strange that I shift into introspective gear everytime am alone. But hardly have I got any other time to do a self appraisal of my thought process...What the future beholds for me..?? Questions that have no answer yet something that people cant help thinking about.
Maybe we fantasise our future in our dreams. But dreaming the future is a sea change from actually pondering what you gonna do in future. Especially since, while dreaming we inadvertently filter out any bad prospect that hinders us and paint a rosy picture for ourselves. Simply it’s an entirely different ball game when we actually analyse our destiny in real term prospects. Its unpredictability lends an air of mysticism. My brain cells go wayward unsure... uncertain... uncontrolled...

But isn’t that life is all about... just like Russian roulette... you never now the odds!!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

tagger's day out!!!

I took up this tag without invitation as I am absolutely bored to death idling in office and couldn’t get any decent ideas to write about...

4 jobs I’ve had:

1. Beauty appreciator (I admire beautiful women. if that counts as a job)
2. Cook (while doing my engg)
3. Photo editor (I love meddling with em)
4. Design Engineer (though in reality am doing crap work)

4 films I could watch again and again:

1. Forrest Gump
2. Fight Club
3. Shawshank Redemption
4. In Harihar Nagar

4 places I’ve lived in:

1. Port Blair (I don’t remember any thing about it though...Toddler days)
2. Kottayam (My native where I spend my pre school days)
3. Trivandrum (all of 16 years)
4. Mysore (Working me in a retiree’s paradise)

4 TV series I like to watch:
Not a regular watcher though I would watch below progs whenever possible..

1. Seinfeld (People frown if F.R.I.E.N.D.S is not in your list..Uh...Who Cares?)
2. Malayalam comedy shows (the old ones)
3. Devil’s Advocate
4. Wings

4 places that I’ve been on vacation to:

I ve never liked a planned vacation. Actually my vacations were usually spent at my native place...Have toured all usual spots..Ooty...Kodai..Goa..Munnar..Nice but not spectacularly memorable... But love trips that are planned instinctively. Just love long bike sojourns to nearby exotic hills in Mysore!!

4 websites I visit everyday:

1. Wikipedia
2. My friends’ blogs
3. Orkut
4. News sites

4+4+4 books I’d love to read again and again:

I rarely read books more than once. But if cornered with no other choice I wouldn’t mind reading these again.

1. Catcher in the Rye
2. Shantaram
3. Memoirs of a Geisha
4. Manorama year book (This was a passion for me since very long. sounds crazy but I was interested in acquiring gyan on a Republik of Eritrea)

4 favorite dishes:
I found it hardest to write this (drooling profusely). Away from home its ages since I have seen any of em...

1. Kappa meen curry (central travancore style)
2. Onam Sadhya
3. Kerala Parotta with beef fry
4. Appam mutton stew

4 places where I’d like to be right now:

1. Rio Di Janeiro
2. Berlin
3. New Zealand
4. Las Vegas

4 people I’m gonna tag:

Anybody who is interested can take the tag…

Monday, June 12, 2006

Incorporated etiquettes

Monday to Friday in a 3x3 box of flickering computers, unclean coffee mugs, ergonomic chairs, cheerless faces and buzzing mobiles, life couldn’t be more exciting than this. Know am unpleasantly sarcastic when I say that and am challenged with the other side of the story.... Big fat pay packages...challenging work...most sought after bride/groom elite upper crust...Know it’s too much to ask for best of both the worlds. . :(

But I just don’t get to know why people sport rigid “Schwarzenegger” faces every day in office as if a smile mite cause a coronary thrombosis or why my boss informs my bad appraisal ratings with an evil handshake (camera zooms to past to evoke similarity....Jesus being betrayed by Judas)...or why we have people hugging each other just to know what’s the brand of shirt the other is wearing... Maybe I am at the wrong place or maybe there is a big conspiracy theory working against me...

Amusing that etiquettes are the buzzword of a people so used to... eating chaat barehanded, flaunting fake Gucci watches to impress beautiful damsels in town and mouthing out expletives deliriously at somebody’s beck and call .......Sometimes you can see fascinating changes in the way a person behaves once he enters the work place. Purist might call it professional behaviour in its classiest act. But how can that account for the demeanor he shows while talking to the house keeping guy who apparently is another co worker of his, his permanent fake grin when the boss talks to him which caused his facial muscles to stretch and bloat like a big mouthed cardinal fish...!!!

Office space behavioral syndromes spill outside the office as well... Project parties are technically a time to ease your nerves and improve relationships with co workers on a personal level...Lovely time to pour obscenities on a mate and you can escape the brunt by claming that you were on booze that day!! And sometime all hell breaks loose and boss might come to know the true “affections and adoration” that a subordinate “high on booze” might have for him...

Many a time, I receive mails informing me of unpleasant additional work easily concluded by carrying a “Thanks in advance” tag. ..But what’s the point in thanking before I even think about acknowledging that mail...And am comfortably made to finish the job without asking whether I am ready to do it!!!..It can’t get any further frustrating!!
I occasionally receive bulk mails from some “so and so” leaving the company due to some “so and so” reason...But he “definitely” had a great “pleasure” working with me all these years and is grateful for my consistent support...God knows what sort of pleasure he had!!!!And there are freaks who keep congratulating someone for doing something in some non descript field but they have a panache for spamming others mailbox as well. Hard to understand why they use a “Reply to all” to congratulate a single guy!!

Junta craves for attention....Junta loves to flaunt his superior egos’...Junta loves to be the talking point...Junta loves gossiping....Junta loves to be filthy rich!!!Junta is made of freaks! The world inside office is full of freaks!!! And maybe I am a freak myself!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

am on a high today

In the wee hours of a wintry Sunday morning I woke up to the rattling windows of my insipid little home and I put my glasses to clear the haze that blurred my dreary eyes ...The misty dew was already in the air and nature was making exotic mosaics of its own on the tinsel glass panes...The dew drops then fell washing down what was so beautiful just a few minutes nature was never satisfied with its own creation....And then I started walking out in spite of the cold which was accented by the chilly idyllic zephyr ..

The moon was not perfectly round nor a flawless crescent but still glorious in the bland mackerel sky. Few steps out am breathing refreshing air which was flavored with a tinge of aroma from nearby jasmine flowers......With trivial thoughts and lousy dreams I wander in oblivion with myself to accompany...

Am getting a high on nature....

Friday, June 02, 2006

Of uncles, aunties, cousins and my dear Grandma

In twenty four years of my existence I must apologize that they are the people whom I have least interacted with.Infact in the jigsaw of close relations, I had my parents... But relatives never found a place in the puzzle...
I might be among the rare category of people who hardly interact with cousins except for ceremonial reasons. Maybe it’s just that circumstances dint help or maybe I was just happy to share my space with friends whom I count closer than my cousins. Being children of govt servants myself and bro stayed away from native place. So it was only during the yearly summer vacations I got to meet my kinships. The worst part was I hardly meet them for a few days in a year and am supposed to behave like emotionally bonded souls.

I had a tilt towards folks from mom’s side which still continues as I had cousins of similar age. So we had our usual fun and frolic those days but since grown older it shifted to more of exchanging pleasantries and niceties. And my uncles were always playing cards or politikgossiping and enjoyed their nice little time with a bottle of military whisky. Generally their enquires where clichéd and usually pertaining to where I stood in my class. After all they knew that was a nice question to end any conversation before it even started... The part I enjoyed a lot was the delicious “naadan” food that was served everytime we went there...Infact my aunts had “professional” satisfaction when we showered praise on the dishes that they came up with... They were a uncomplaining lot and more pre occupied with the next meal for the day...

Someone whom I enjoyed meeting everytime was my grandma....She watches “weepy-creepy” Malayalam serials which I absolutely detest...has a passion for sermons of the priest in my nearby church which I find absolutely boring...has a keen interest in explaining how a nice pickle combination is made which I just love lick smacking down with out any profound interest in the actual manufacturing process ...So our passions don’t exactly match for a conversation. .

But there are things she talks which are absolutely interesting like what my mom was like when she was a kid...or what my grown up “soda glass uncles” were like fifty years back, when they were proficient tree climbers rather than bank managers and lecturers which they are now... or something about my late grandpa’s heroics in card games...
Man... These are stories more interesting than any Dan brown novel or a B grade flick...

I enjoy times with grandma reasons of which are inexplicable...Maybe it was the two years when she took care of me when I was a toddler or maybe it’s due to Hindi movie inspired “blood-relation-bond syndrome”.

Times have changed...and unlike years back when I used to visit grandma rarely during those yearly trips, I get to meet her often since she is just a four hour drive from me in Bangalore...Although not in the best of health now I just cant stop admiring her drive and sprightliness...She makes a point to get my favourite dishes whenever I visit her...She still amuses her great grandchildren with lullabies...And last time when I met her I was surprised when she enquired about a recent one day match. But then my aunt said that she watches more cricket than most of us...My grandma is ready to climb all the stairs up with her arthritis inflicted legs to watch any match as passionately as any freak would do. She watches pogo channel along with her grandchildren and laughs her heart out with the same kid like vigor. I absolutely admire her in these days of “diet control”, “stress busting drugs” and “multitasking lifestyle”...She absolutely lived her life....And I happen to love the old way...