Friday, July 31, 2009


Several years ago, jaunting to the beach was arguably the most awaited trip as a kid….For anyone who has lived in Trivandrum would have delightful memories of unwinding at the sandy shores of Shangumukhom on a cloudless evening watching the sun kiss the glorious Arabian sea…The Shangumukhom beach is like the home beach for Trivandrumites unlike Kovalam which had long been outsourced to flocking tourists in the city…Infact they are two distinct beach cultures …You wouldn’t find local residents frequenting Kovalam as much as this beach which is much closer to the city….and probably more beloved to the people as well..

Last December during my vacation home I had gone to the beach with my folks at home….Lazing near the beach , caressed by the salty breeze it was tempting to look back in time…..bringing back a flood of memories…. Of a kid who would be holding chappals in his hand even before the bus came to a halt at the beach stop… And race with his bro or cousins to the beach to be the first to dip his legs in lukewarm waves …Today I was sitting at the renovated promenade watching kids doing the same like we did some 15 years ago…Running with the same zeal and enthusiasm towards the wet sand…. pretending to cheat the wave by racing back to the shore in a gratifying game of taming the sea….I was looking at the whole scene…albeit as an observer….longing to generate within me the same unbridled emotions which pulled you towards the sea as a kid….but you are not a kid anymore…you just don’t ‘create’ those feelings, sensible people say….

And then I look behind in a physical sense…In the earliest memories I have of the beach there was no star fish restaurant….there was no sea mermaid sculptured by Kanhai Kunjiraman….There was no children’s park….The place was all about…the coffee house…the stone pavilion…and the sprawling beach….the sparse beach untouched by commercialization.


Sometime in early 90’s………

When cousins came down to town…everyone had just one question in their lips…

“When are we going to the beach??”

The kids would begin a often annual ritual of begging the elders at home to take us to the beach …Believe me the desperation we showed would have set new benchmarks in begging proficiency…It’s a wild gamble coz we considered our elders as anti-beach people…

I remember in particular a trip when my uncle, aunt and cousins came down to Tvm …After several hours of begging and pleading we were finally going to the beach…They had come in a four seater maruti omni….We were 4 adults and 4 kids…As you can expect the 4 kids were dumped to the boot of the van…rather we preferred it that way…Oh Boy!! We had hell of a time…doing all sorts of antics and showing faces at drivers of other vehicles tailing us…occasionally the youngest one among us was brave enough to indulge in some cabaret or a occasional topless moonwalk in the confined space…which ofcoz must have sufficiently embarrassed the adults sitting snug in the business class chamber upfront…

We enjoyed those beach trips all the more when the cousins came down...coz it was in some sense the chance to showcase ‘our’ beach to the people from a beach-less land…and ofcourse it was probably more exciting coz visiting a beach would be a once in a year affair for them…And it was always extra-special to visit the beach in a car since you could wear your beach wear which would mean the ‘branded’ apparels from Ramachandran textiles….And once the car comes to a halt there is an fervent urge to run towards the sea …almost suicidal…The parents would have to maintain a vigil coz the hyper excited kids behave like dogs out of a kennel … Well there is another sub story which probably only myself and bro would relate to…coz my parents were quite strict and we were not really much used to the free culture…it was more like us guys from Iran who were just set free into Las Vegas one fine day….So you know we would relish every bit of the beach glasnost…Maybe for a few hours forget completely that end of the day we would have to go back to the Republic of Iran in Muttada…!!

I have lost my spectacles...chappals…and countless other things to the waves of this wonderful beach….After a hour or two of getting drenched, splashing water at each other, anticipating the waves that looked so menacing at a distance and then mocking at it, throwing stuff to sea and hoping it would come back, doing racing bouts just for the heck of it, chasing crabs and searching for sea shells…the things you could do in a beach!!!
I cannot remember a single instance when we said…

‘Oh…we are tired...lets go home!!’

Infact I don’t know if kids ever get tired in a beach...its simply not possible!!….Then we get the call from Ayatollahs…I mean the parents…. to get back to the shore and dry up…But then …”oru 10 mins” …”oru 5 mins koodi”…..a ritual which would somehow manage to delay the return back to the shore almost felt like you were leaving a country when you had to relinquish the wet sands to the dry shore…then we would idly sit for sometime allowing ourselves to dry….the parents would toss to us salted peanuts or popcorn bought from the street vendors nearby… Then we all squat admiring at the brilliant sunset…The sunset at Shangumukhom is exceptionally beautiful….It is an absolute stunner of a sight to watch the sun going down with the silhouettes of catamarans coming back to the shore in the backdrop’s a sight which painters dream of…

After that we would get up to walk back home…the kids would then want to bid goodbye to the waves and in pretext of wetting their foot would spend a few minutes at the fringes of the foamy waves…Sometimes we go sit on the little hill from where you could see the flights landing and taking off from the Trivandrum airport…Watching the airplanes used to be a crazy passion those days…Its ironic that I now work in a place where they make those flying things and I am watching them daily….Our eyes would trail the flight path until it disappeared in the sky…the thunder of the engines each time a flight took off would reverberate in our hearts….The curiousness of how it might feel to be up in the air…and how the inside of an aircraft might look like…these thoughts would occupy our minds…

Then the entire family would walk to the coffee house…and have their classic masala dosa and coffee….The smell and feel of the breeze from the beach would act like as an appetizer as we gorge on the food…

By night we are at home…back to enclosed spaces… walls…back to tap water….as we clean ourselves up of the sand which has accumulated in our pockets….After a well taken bath we just sit back and relax….tired yet glad about a day well spend…a trip which would be talked about for several days or months to come when all of us get together….a trip which would be explained in detail to other cousins whose envy would give us delirious pleasure..

And this December after we spend a hour at the beach…I said….’Lets go home!!!’
Listening to mappilla song..have a nice weekend ..:-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not too taxing a tag...;-)

I was tagged by Bindu chechi who has been a wonderful encouragement for me in the blogworld….This tag is though different from the usual tags coz this is about unpleasant things….but at the same time it helps in identifying things which can irritate others…So the tag is about 10 things that tax me emotionally...The way I approach people and lives I try the best to avoid emotionally taxing situations…But still you come across some… Here it is..

1. People who exploit others knowing very well that the other person is of accommodating nature…They are people who very well know what they are doing is wrong but still do it with a attitude that says...”oh...i know he/she wouldn’t say anything!!” Well I have experience such with folks….They are quite the masters at pretending to be the innocent person if we question their actions….

2. People who don’t respect time….I hate it when people make you wait or if I am reason for making people wait…Being punctual is a obsession for me….I am not a person for who expects a “ 5 minutes” to last only 5 more minutes….Making people wait is a sign of disrespect to other person and I have huge respect for people who respect it….:)

3. People who talk loud and crib about everything…The kind of people whose attitude is ..”Life sucks!!”, “The system sucks!!”…..Perpetually unhappy people whose purpose in life is to find mistake in everything…Stay away from them...I prefer happy people around me…

4. Folks who complain about others and trying to find negatives about another individual when the person very well has the same kind of flaws. And even worse if the person is insisting in making the other person look in bad light…

5. Friends and family who ask questions I am not comfortable with…Questions which are personal and inquisitive in nature when I have no intention of talking about it….And the funny part is that they know it and still ask questions as if deriving some sadistic pleasure out of it…

6. People who ignore you inspite of the fact that you value and respect the person a lot…When the camaraderie that person shows in absolutely fake…. And there is always a philosophical statement to justify why they behave like that…The pain of realising the truth takes time to heal..

7. People who try to preach religion and give unsolicited advice about how I should lead my life….Like my tagger said… People who go overboard with showing off their piousness but are not so saintly inside…I am not a big fan of lip service as far as faith is concerned. And when people try to enforce me into it , it irritates me.

8. Stubborn un-accommodative people…Any relationship with.. friends…family…colleagues...need a level of adaptation and understanding to the other person’s needs…to lend a ear to the other’s thoughts….And when the other person is not ready to accept the different view or admit a mistake the relationship is as good as putting two Ambani’s in the same room.

9. Waiting for medical results...This ofcoz is a personal phobia…I have a fear of hospitals unless I am visiting the place as a ‘tourist’…but otherwise there is nothing more taxing than visiting a hospital to know the status of health of your relatives and friends...I have to admit it taxes me big time..

10. I am a person who generally suppresses my anger unless I really cant bear it anymore…Sometimes the effort needed to forgive a person and the desperate fight to beat anger at the same time can be emotionally taxing…its probably easier to vent out the anger but at the same time I become guilty about doing it pretty fast as well….Catch 22!!

Well…thinking of it…this tag was quite easy…..This tag is open to anyone…as I am not sure how many of you would like to take this up…..

Do check out the wonderful tribute to the chair here.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

mantrimahodayji kripya dhyan dheejeyee!!

So finally the new government is kicking some dust in the business of rajneeti…Things have come a long way from Roti, Kapada aur Makaan...Nowadays they say Facebook, Twitter aur Orkut….You must have heard that government has decided to implement a scheme where every Indian would have a facebook profile by 2020. Based on your likes and dislikes the government would be able to directly reach out to the ‘basic needs’ of the people…Recently in a trial run I was the lucky recipient of a Padma Bhushan after they misread my crush for Padma Lakshmi in facebook!!

Well…well...I am loving this new government!!…First of all, it was so charming of Mamata to present her railway budget in French…. (My bad French, this is how it sounded though: railway projoct komittee has porformed in interest auf poor shoshity…*interrupted by someone*). And the resident retard was looking very upset and vociferously criticized Mamata’s decision to allocate funds for improving facilities in Patna by ignoring Bihar!! There was even a huge hue and cry when she announced her decision to make Howrah a world class station coz according to the MP’s from Bengal, it was already a world class station modeled around Leningrad 1935….

However point to be noted, the Railway budget has always been like this. We have had instances when the railway minister would promise a Jan Shatabdi faster than an Airplane!! The Air India officials were apparently late in realizing about whom the minister was talking about.. But to give due credit to the airline they have an impeccable and friendly service modeled on which are the now famous Guantanamo bay receptionist trainee program...

Anyways the bottom-line is our govt rocks…We have a prime minister who can attend the G8 summit and invite the Italian prime minister to participate in Rakhi Sawant ka swaymvar considering his profound interest in such matters. Probably he stands a fair chance in the competition. Unless Sarkozy comes into the picture!! It was apparently in a similar event called Carla Bruni ka Swaymvar that the gentleman was drawn into and the inevitable happened…

And I think our choice of ministers is amazing…In a conflict situation, imagine enemy soldiers rounding up people in South Block and they would haul up a paavam looking A.K Antony and shout....

‘Tell us where is your defence minister!!’

He arguably is a defence minister who least resembles a defence minister…Infact he can never look like a menacing defence minister...Along with Chidambaram who with his flowing Tambaram dhoti look like brothers owning a chain of Saravana Bhavans!!

Though some of the ministries amuse me…Are we the only county which has got a ministry of steel …so that is like racism to Aluminum eh….and a Ministry of Natural Gas?!!…hic...well it helps to have a Murali ‘Deo’ to take care of it!! phew...

But unlike the gents the woman politicians are a league apart…The lady from TN, The firebrand leader from Bengal and the statue aunty from UP….We don’t really have a boring woman politician in our country unless we include Prathiba Patel….I mean definitely Mamataji is not the kind of aunty who would make rasgulla’s in the evening when you come back from school and neither can you imagine Jaya aunty making a nice idli-sambhar breakfast on Pongal day….I think the three together would make a nice movie like Charlie’s Angels…

And ofcoz in the parliament you could see the commies sitting like those college guys with 10 supplies and 3 suspensions…you know the rebels who are the verge of getting expelled from college and yet trying hard to look threatening…There is absolutely no prakash in Prakash Karat’s face these days…Probably some Lavlin bulbs at the party office might brighten him thinks..

Btw the Lok Sabha resident psychiatrist has mentioned that the civil supplies minister is in depression over the absence of any depression over Bay of Bengal…The poor monsoon has apparently come as a rude shock to the rodents in FCI godown which for long has never been consumed by humans.

Information and broadcasting minister has banned ‘Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince’ for insulting anemic people in the country. It was after J. K Rowling intervened and convinced the ministry about Indian culture the movie espouses was the movie cleared. Though the movie is expected to face stiff competition from another movie which again espouses Indian culture called Kambakkht Ishq!

Well keeping asides such little differences...It is truly heart warming to see the bonhomie among the ministers.. Little differences are resolved amicably...Even though Verappa loves moily food he would gladly forego it if Jaipal is not reddy for it. Thick friends they are!!

Oh…Just saw this message flashing in the news...

“I am feeling very bored ---Kasab”

Apparently Pranabda felt very sympathetic to the plight of the poor chap…He arranged for 24 hrs streaming of his eloquent presentation of the finance budget and a detailed analysis of the same in 1700 slide PowerPoint by Chidambaram…. Pakistan has unilaterally agreed to stop state sponsored terrorism after the authorities watched in horror what their citizens were being subjected to …

P.S. Listening to Vanessa Paradis

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rahmah and Hannah

Warning: Long post..spare sometime..;-)

When Rahmah was born she kept her eyes shut tight for a long long time…For it was unpleasant to trade the comfortable darkness of the womb, her residence of past nine months with the unwelcome and scorching Arabian sun. Having a good roof over the makeshift hospital was a luxury in Palestine those days…The walls inside the delivery ward had more bullet holes than plug points and the windows hardly any drapes to give Rahmah’s mother the luxury of dignity. Needless to say, nobody cared about dignity in a place where doctors are sometimes not sure whether the ticking sound comes from the medical equipment or a bomb planted nearby…Being alive was way over the price of dignity. And against all odds, Rahmah was born that summer.

In Palestine every new born is greeted by the organization as live ammunition…literally ‘LIVE’. An ammo which doesn’t come under the control of economic sanctions and other global niceties like arms embargo...For them every new born is a potential suicide bomber, a sacrificial lamb for the greater cause...And for every mother a coerced sacrifice which she never wished to see…

Brooklyn, 2003

Rahmah is 9 years old now and attending the Joan of Arc School. The teachers loved the cutest girl in class…energetic, charming and sporting a toothy grin hard to ignore... The day was special coz she was going to sing ‘Edelweiss’ for the annual school talent event.

‘You will just do great Rahmah….don’t worry!!’
Melanie quipped as she drove her to school.

Rahmah was never worried as she kept gazing outside the window enjoying the morning traffic…Rather she was more concerned about Melanie making it to office in time. In fifteen minutes the car drove into one of the finest schools in Brooklyn.

‘Do well… Rahmah….’

Rahmah hugged Melanie and plucked a kiss on her cheek…Melanie hugged her back and bid goodbye to Rahmah….While beating the New York traffic on her way there was a smile on Melanie’s face…

Finally she felt like a mother.

Brooklyn 1992

It is difficult for new immigrants to find a job in this country, especially if you are not precisely from a country and rather a settlement called the West Bank. When Fatimah arrived with her husband as refugees on the run they were madly in love and hanging on each other’s shoulders like teenage hippies on a long road trip... But you know fantasies don’t last long and they figured out in America where people don’t live on goodwill alone, Dollars maketh the man! So after a few months when Fatimah knocked the doors of a wealthy Brooklyn couple for a job they accepted her as a secretary at their home office...

West Bank 1994

Three years of negotiations and several summits later…

‘Arafat and Rabin win Nobel prize!’

The headlines flashed all over the place…People were euphoric in West Bank…It seemed, finally things were going to change…Abdul and Fatimah were among them , back in the land they were born… With renewed hope of a lasting peace, Abdul had no second thoughts about flying back home…Brooklyn did not have a soul he said when Fatimah protested….It is easy to fall for it when you passionately phrase your dreams to the other person …

“Fatimah…Don’t you wish to live near a house at the banks of Jordan, near your mother humming songs of Fairuz and watch our children play in the vineyards we would grow….Or do we live in this concrete country far away from our people…Don’t you have dreams? ”

Fatimah had dreams, but she never felt a foreigner in the country with someone like Melanie who was not just an employer, but a friend...Melanie found in her a companion who brought sanity to the fast lives they were living…They had become pillars of strength for each other.

“Fatimah…Do you really have to go”

“Yes Melanie…There are probably…hmm… some vineyards in Palestine”

Gaza strip 1995

When Rahmah was born Fatimah shrieked in pain…cried in agony for giving birth to a child whose father died only a day ago in an air strike. It was a desperate cry to save her child of the misery than the physical pain…. In Palestine it is rare to find a complete family…Often someone is missing for not so natural causes.

At the make shift hospital, the nurse wrapped the baby in white linen and kept her beside the mother…

‘Rahmaaah…….’ Fatimah whispered to her child…

Rahmah finally opened her eyes to the Arabian sun…

Cairo 1996

Melanie and Kauffman are very tense at the airport. Flying from Egypt to US is usually not a big deal but if you have unauthorized cargo tugging along with you and especially if it is an 8 month old baby, you ought to be tense…A few months ago when Fatimah wanted to ask Melanie to take her back in America, the rules of the world had unfortunately changed…she instead sent a letter.

The family from Brooklyn did not have a child…infact they couldn’t conceive a child….Fatimah wrote a letter to the family with an offer which they could not deny.

The border between Egypt and Gaza is usually like the cosmic black hole but when people desperately want to escape, they somehow find a way out….Rahmah was smuggled to Egypt in a daring escape…A prophet had once crossed the same path long ago for survival of a people from persecution…And today a little baby took the road west.

Melanie would have a lot of explaining to do…but American wealth would help sometimes…

Gaza strip 2004

There is no other place in the world which is called a strip….Probably it is named like that coz it is stripped of any human spirit….stripped of any desire to survive like the drying Jordan river.

The refugee camp was now administered by the Israeli army. Everything was…commodities…letters…These days you never know how they send those bombs… Sharon the tall guy from Tel Aviv was posted recently at the refugee camp. The army treated him well and he had finished the rigorous training with the green berets a year ago…With a wife and baby there was a lot in life he looked forward to.

That day Sharon was shocked when he found one of the letters for the refugees had the photo of his little baby, Hannah. ‘How could it be possible…?’ Lieutenant Sharon wondered holding the card!!

The letter came from Melanie his collegemate whose house he had visited a few months ago. He stayed at their place during a family vacation to the States...….He had met Rahmah whom he could recollect from the card, the beautiful American girl…daughter of Melanie Kauffman…

He volunteered to deliver the letter…curious to know the recipient …

Sitting near a parched well was this woman who looked like around fifty years old…He asked for her papers… she was only 33.…He showed the lady the photograph…

‘Do you know her?’

She looked at the photo of Rahmah holding Hannah the daughter of the Israeli soldier standing in front of her….

10 years of war…a lost husband…life of a refugee…devoid of any ambition…but she still did smile…

“Yes...she is my Rahmah”

The Israeli soldier walked back poignant after handing her the card…He was trained to be devoid of emotions…But…

Two daughters born probably just a few meters apart….unable to play together due to destiny of war…Two adults from across the fence who cannot hug each other…..But there was Rahmah holding his daughter Hannah thousand miles away as if it was the most precious thing she ever knew…

P.S. Orginal photo from flickr

P.P.S. The real name of the girl is Rahmah as well..

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The tag of Four!

It has been ages since I have done a tag….and this tag from Nona has come has a welcome change from the routine…thanks a lot Nona.. :D

Four places you have lived

  1. Trivandrum: This is the city where I lived as a kid…The place gives me mixed emotions…sometimes fiercely proud and sometimes disgruntled …Over the last 2 decades the city has changed a lot…and evolved from a quiet town to a growing city.

  2. Pune: This place gives fond memories coz this was the city where I started working…For a guy who was used to the laid back lifestyle of Trivandrum, this was truly a happening place… a place which I found more vibrant than Bangalore…I like Bangalore for entirely different reasons…

  3. Mysore: 2 years is what I spend in this town which I would argue as the place with the best weather in south India…I have a fondness for the town which predates to the time I watched the movie Nammakku Parkkan munthirithoppukkal (which was shot there)…I cant give justice to the place in a few lines...maybe a post later..

  4. Hamburg: a school boy or as a college kid if someone told would end up 3 years in Hamburg...i would have called him crazy….but then that’s how it works out in life…go places you never expected…meet people you never would have otherwise!! I am simply in love with this beautiful green city which was recently rated as the 14th best place to live in the world…muhuhuaah….

Four TV shows you love(d) to watch

  1. Frasier: Without a doubt Frasier would be my all time favourite show…inspite of watching the same seasons several times the plots never cease to amaze me…The humour in this show is what I would ideally call classic humour...I think occasionally I am influenced on a subconscious level to imitate the style of this show when I write certain posts …Believe me F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans, this is far better…!! :-D

  2. Seinfeld: I retain this from Nona’s tag coz this is a favourite show of mine too…I like Seinfeld’s stand up routines as well…

  3. Omanthinkkal pakshi: I love the serial for the sheer range of emotions it evokes…the storyline and the drama is something I never miss…even the Nirapara arri ads seems to blend with the plot….usually I try to catch up on the repeat telecast at 3 in the morning to further grasp the essence of the characters. I am the secretary of ‘Omanthinkkal fans association’ in Germany.

  4. M.A.S.H I discovered a online treasure of this classic around 2 years ago…and immediately got hooked to the show…not the kind of humour which would make sense in current times and infact this is more like a show with everything …drama, action and humour...I am a fan of Hawkeye, Radar and other amazing characters woven in this soap set in the backdrop of the Korean War.

Four places you have been on vacation

  1. Granada: This town was part of a 10 day vacation I took in 2007 December at Spain….hard to pick which place was the best but this place stood out for the magic of Alhambra.(guys…it’s a place!) Close to the African coast and extensive Arab influence makes it complete un-european…Must do tip: Sip Turkish tea at one of the cafĂ©’s overlook the Alhambra at twilight.

  2. Salzburg: Another beautiful and charming place which I visited after being captivated by scenes from the movie.. Sound of Music.. Unless you take the special tour for it the place is all Mozart!!

  3. Rome: Rome was not built in a day...You cant see it in a day either!!…I have spend 7 days in Rome in two trips and I think I have not seen even half of the historic places which makes it one of the most impressive cities in Europe… Must do tip: Throw a coin at Trevi and visit Rome again like I did!:-P

  4. Pyrenees: This was not really a vacation trip...I had been to Toulouse on work and over the weekend visited Lourdes which is at the foothills of the Pyrenees…But I got a chance to see why Pyrenees are one of the most beautiful hills in the world.. .it is no Swiss but the beauty is equally breath taking.

Four of your favourite food

  1. Chakkakuru maanga curry: I really found it excruciating to write this since I love this curry and miss it so much…the tangy taste of raw mango blend easily with Chakkakuru giving it a flavour unmatchable…I am sure in heaven they serve it daily!

  2. Konchu ulathiyathu: I like this dish the way Amma makes at home with lot of coconut bits, onions and kokum…The aroma from kitchen can magnetically attract me from anywhere in the vicinity…I guess this must be dish I have eaten the most by sneaking into the kitchen when no one was around…With Rice and Chakkakuru maanga curry it’s a combo to die for…

  3. Lasagne: usually its very difficult to convince me into loving western like all blue blooded malayalees I any day prefer naadan food…But there are certain dishes like Lasagne which has occupied a special place in my food crush list…

  4. Paalappam with beef stew: Do I need to explain why people in Kerala are happy inspite of communists! :-P

sad…that you can list only 4… :(

Four places you would rather be

  1. Norway: I have been procrastinating on a vacation to this beautiful country for a long time…I want to see the fjords some day.

  2. Agra: I have not seen the Taj….a place I want to see whenever I get back to India for good..

  3. Zihuatanejo: rings a bell somewhere ?..remember the last scene from Shawshank Redemption….That shot in the movie made me like the place and probably the movie has played a part in it too..

  4. Botswana/Kenya: Africa has charmed me ever since I saw the movie ‘Lost in Africa’ as a 8 year old kid…and later ‘Gods must be crazy’ and countless documentaries in Discovery channel.

Four things you hope to do before you die

  1. Get married and have a family: hehe…there is no surprise in there isn’t it...

  2. Build a home: I don’t know whether I can ever get time to do it…but there is something about building your own home that gives such a adrenalin rush…In these days of outsourcing no one does it really...but some how there is a charm in building one on your own…maybe yet to grow out of the fascination for building homes with the Lego bricks…It just got bigger!!

  3. Make a chapatti which is circular: day I will!! I swear!

  4. Visit four place listed above: I don’t know how realistic it is but it would have been great if I managed to visit the four places mentioned above.

Four novels you wish you were reading for the first time

  1. Diary of Anne Frank: I cannot think of another book in which I desperately wished for the person to be alive.

  2. Shantaram: I am not really much of a voracious reader…this book was big but was really exciting that it got be back into the habit of reading…

  3. To kill a mocking bird : This classic needs no description.

  4. The curious incident of a dog in the night time: The narration of the book is funny and sad at the same time…I wouldn’t mind reading it again.

Four movies you can see over and over

  1. Shawshank Redemption: Each line in the movie is worth quoting and along with flawless acting makes it a highly inspirational movie too…no wonder why it’s the highest rated movie of all time.

  2. Scent of a Woman: another movie with a soul and stupendous acting. Most people like Al Pacino for Godfather, I like him for this movie.

  3. Dasaratham: It was hard to pick a malayalam movie as there are so many of em…I would have struggled even if I was asked to choose one Padmarajan movie…Nevertheless this movie in which Mohanlal delivers a performance that could put to shame many top rated actors makes the cut…a class act.

  4. In harihar nagar: you know the kind of movie you would play when you are hanging out with your college buddies …laugh over the jokes heard 100 times over….People still like the movie coz it takes them to carefree days in college.

I think there is enough of information of little importance to anyone else…but it was nice to do this tag…:-)

Well I would like to break routine and pass it to ………


devil incarnate