Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not too taxing a tag...;-)

I was tagged by Bindu chechi who has been a wonderful encouragement for me in the blogworld….This tag is though different from the usual tags coz this is about unpleasant things….but at the same time it helps in identifying things which can irritate others…So the tag is about 10 things that tax me emotionally...The way I approach people and lives I try the best to avoid emotionally taxing situations…But still you come across some… Here it is..

1. People who exploit others knowing very well that the other person is of accommodating nature…They are people who very well know what they are doing is wrong but still do it with a attitude that says...”oh...i know he/she wouldn’t say anything!!” Well I have experience such with folks….They are quite the masters at pretending to be the innocent person if we question their actions….

2. People who don’t respect time….I hate it when people make you wait or if I am reason for making people wait…Being punctual is a obsession for me….I am not a person for who expects a “ 5 minutes” to last only 5 more minutes….Making people wait is a sign of disrespect to other person and I have huge respect for people who respect it….:)

3. People who talk loud and crib about everything…The kind of people whose attitude is ..”Life sucks!!”, “The system sucks!!”…..Perpetually unhappy people whose purpose in life is to find mistake in everything…Stay away from them...I prefer happy people around me…

4. Folks who complain about others and trying to find negatives about another individual when the person very well has the same kind of flaws. And even worse if the person is insisting in making the other person look in bad light…

5. Friends and family who ask questions I am not comfortable with…Questions which are personal and inquisitive in nature when I have no intention of talking about it….And the funny part is that they know it and still ask questions as if deriving some sadistic pleasure out of it…

6. People who ignore you inspite of the fact that you value and respect the person a lot…When the camaraderie that person shows in absolutely fake…. And there is always a philosophical statement to justify why they behave like that…The pain of realising the truth takes time to heal..

7. People who try to preach religion and give unsolicited advice about how I should lead my life….Like my tagger said… People who go overboard with showing off their piousness but are not so saintly inside…I am not a big fan of lip service as far as faith is concerned. And when people try to enforce me into it , it irritates me.

8. Stubborn un-accommodative people…Any relationship with.. friends…family…colleagues...need a level of adaptation and understanding to the other person’s needs…to lend a ear to the other’s thoughts….And when the other person is not ready to accept the different view or admit a mistake the relationship is as good as putting two Ambani’s in the same room.

9. Waiting for medical results...This ofcoz is a personal phobia…I have a fear of hospitals unless I am visiting the place as a ‘tourist’…but otherwise there is nothing more taxing than visiting a hospital to know the status of health of your relatives and friends...I have to admit it taxes me big time..

10. I am a person who generally suppresses my anger unless I really cant bear it anymore…Sometimes the effort needed to forgive a person and the desperate fight to beat anger at the same time can be emotionally taxing…its probably easier to vent out the anger but at the same time I become guilty about doing it pretty fast as well….Catch 22!!

Well…thinking of it…this tag was quite easy…..This tag is open to anyone…as I am not sure how many of you would like to take this up…..

Do check out the wonderful tribute to the chair here.


scorpiogenius said...

More revelations!! more revelations!! Lets all get to see the softer, unknown and some darker sides of the exurberant Sparkie! eh?

Well, I'm not surprised that you dont like hospitals, who does? Think about ourselves eternally pressed doen to toil in these environments. After reading your tag Im not sure if I like the workplace myself!!


Prasoon said...

I'll skip the rest and speak of time. I'm unable to handle the ones who make me wait for long. Probably it has come from Japan. We had a rule there -
1. never reach the client meeting 5 minutes before time - because if you did, they'd come to conclusion that you don't have enough work.
2. never be late. if you are, 5 minutes to maximum and if it will stretch beyond 5 minutes, inform, apologize and RE-SCHEDULE, not re-adjust and sit through. Why? Well, self explanatory.

They valued time and since then, so do I. Being before time just to get someone happy is a good thing but I make sure that I don't annoy someone because of the delay.

Ashwathy said...

hmm... interesting. i agree with u whole-heartedly on most of them!

Deepti said...

Agree with you about the punctuality and the fake people points 200% .. actually on most of them :D
I am always left waiting for people ..

How do we know said...

ha ha ha.. this kind of "How well do u know Mathew" tags, me likes.. ofcourse, me likes most of the stuff that u writes.. :-)

mathew said...

"softer, unknown and some darker sides"
ente eeshoyee!!!;-P

hehe..exactly the opposite here in Germany...Being late for a meeting is frowned upon more than say if you come naked to office!!:-D

I know these are pet peeves for everyone..;-P

hehe..thankfully i have learned to be punctual ever since i have been working here..:-)

@How do we know
hehe..thanks a lot..:-)

Mishmash ! said...

mm... Me too have trouble in handling ppl in the no: 5....I used to get irritated when they ask very personal questions but over the years I' be been practicing to give a very stupid look n smile ....:)bcos sometimes u just don't have an answer....

And hospitals n needles tamed now:))

silverine said...

"I am not a big fan of lip service as far as faith is concerned" Quotable quote!

I hate the %$#@ Faith Pimps too!

"the relationship is as good as putting two Ambani’s in the same room." LOL!! That was a classic! :p

Good one! I was like nodding on all counts.

mathew said...

hehe..yeah..luckily i face it only during my trips home...and over the phone its easier to fend of such questions...

I would definitely agree on that matter!:-)

bon weekend..

Usha said...

talk about that catch 22 case! same pinch!

wanderlust said...

Thanks Mathew.
I always look forward to your posts, especially the hilarious ones - they have done away with my blues on many a Monday morning. Keep writing!