Thursday, July 13, 2006

This could happen to you!!!

Amol sat stunned. He never expected it to respond that way!!
All the money he spend...All the research he had done...He never expected his best friend to be that cold"
And it couldn’t have come at worse time!!
The small room was sparsely furnished. The books that he bought, but never read had gathered dust at the corner...
The winter had reached its pinnacle. Even the occasional humming of his old khaitan fan had stopped of late...
He lifted the phone...The eerie silence was too much for him..
He could hear the beats!!..Though erratic it showed some sense of life..Maybe it will this time...
All vital statistics were healthy... sharp memory, quick thinking had never let him down
Amol wanted it desperately. The agony was too much for him to bear..One last try! Like all fallen warriors say!!
Carrying all his courage up his sleeve, he went in for the penultimate hope..
Refresh dint carry anything refreshing.....The green bar dragged gasping to finish its run...
It never showed up!!
With a stoic face..Like someone straight out from Dachau..Stared into the blinking screen..

The display said it all..


Rose said...


Well.. That sure was quite something out of nothing.. Gr8 job Mr.Mathew..



Keshi said...



Movie Mazaa said...

Xpected a 404 error! hehe.. this aint bad either.

Dew Drops said...

gr8 work man........ all ur "short stories" keep me hooked to ur blog. u rock, man..

and the pic in the "about me" - was it taken durin ur 5th std fancy dress competetion?

Anonymous said...

My dear Mathew
With words that were few
You gave a pretty good descriptive view
Next time hope there is something new.

starry said...

nice post Matthew.

Rose said...


He confessed that he is playing the lead role in the sequel "Mangal pandey returns"..



mathew said...

@ Rose

danks Queen Rose!!!!! :)


hey cheer up lady..i felt damn sad after reading "Desolate tomorrow"


Lol!!..sadly the day after I wrote this system started showing more errors!!!!!

mathew said...


Lol!!..thanx for putting up this sign board put in restaurants "PLEASE VISIT AGAIN" :)

actually I did the role of a monkey during that 5th standard skit..will put that later on..hehehe!!!


Thanx pal!!
Defintely will bring up something new next time..




Lol!!!Please dont ruin the pre release hype!!..Trailers will be aired in cannes!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

heee heee ... goody good !

am reading the icidents one by one now .. i missed out on a lot

Keshi said...

oh sorry! Im all sunny now :)


mathew said...


Welkom back!!!..Nice to see u in here!!


ha..high fives!! :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

am glad to be back too !

jac said...

That was really short
but cute too

Thanks for your come again.