Thursday, July 06, 2006

The beautiful game

Football is the beautiful game... World Cup is the cup of Joy... Samba is the official ballet...Words that echo in our ears every four years......Am mesmerized by the adulations that follow Beckham everywhere he goes(lucky guy he can stand for the prime ministership of Japan and still win)..My eyes pop out when Roberto Carlos takes free kicks...thighs that can put wild bison’s to shame... and who said Brazilians are malnourished...Paparazzi’s have found that Carlos is responsible for diminishing number of black bucks in Amazonian rainforest... (Guys please don’t check Wiki to check whether black bucks are found in South America)...

Ballack lacks footballer looks and would rather fit the role in a Hugh Grant movie dating Julia Roberts la Kal Ho Na ho style!!! Close in the heels comes Klose who can easily get into WWF if he can work on his theatrics, A player who uses his “head” (in the true physical sense) more often and come up with fabulous goals...

Ask me about coaches, none looked better than Ricardo Lavolpe the Mexican coach who could easily pass in for a king pin in Desperado!!!For all those England fans I have no respect for Sven Erickson who seems to be deep into research in molecular biology..Cmon dude its football and aint any sin to motivate your team!!!

Ronaldinho...I don’t know what happened to him. Seems liked someone asked him to smile for a photo op and somehow he forgot to close his mouth...And he still keeps smiling even after the indomitable Brazilians are packing bags home!!...What happens is that he gets fouled and smiles in front of the referee and get red-carded..And still keep smiling in front of his coach!!!!

Talking about fans, Brazilian fans are vocal, colorful and in woeful shortage of clothes...Search the google for the largest selling garment in brazil...Search over in .23 sec ..

Result: Kerchiefs!!! High utlility clothing!!

British fans are always in a state of trance considering the amount of whisky they gulp.
Someone said Thames has more whisky than water. So while they booze they usually miss out the match and while back to their senses they start vandalizing all over the place...And to finish it all they say. Hail the Queen...Amen!!!
Ask me I would love the company of Dutch fans...Maybe I will some day meet a beautiful Dutch lady and settle in a villa in Amsterdam...Oranges gives me the blues...

Have you wondered why Riquelme looks as if he was made the scapegoat in a big conspiracy ...He should have made that wondered looks when Pekerman called him back to bench in the quarterfinals..Pekerman "Messied" up big time.....

The story wont be complete without mentioning Ronaldo who is a key playmaker...In a post match interview he attributed his winking during the England match to presence of giant flies in the stadium which were causing nuisance...Neways the MANU fans are organizing a memorable welcome back home...It would be unfair if I don’t mention Rooney who deserves praise for keeping cool under trying conditions. Hospitals across the globe are vouching for his anger management classes which were found to be highly productive or er counter productive. By the way a break...

MTV Chito Chat

Rooney’s favourite cartoon show??



(Animated guy buzzing past the screen)

Started getting bored of the ads and I switched to NDTV and the headlines said...


Apparently BUSH is furious after the american soccer team lost to Ghana..
Later on I came to know that the GHANAN prez...Abu Aku Rakama has signed a soccer for food programme with UN...

Back to the old story...

We have lot of magazines coming up with handsome footballer list..Beckham..Cannavaro..Owen..Ballack...How come they missed out Oliver Kahn...Dint he look great in the German bench...!!!I hope Klinsman brings him for the 2010 cup as well. He is a footballer who looks great in the bench!!!!!

Iran football team has been issued a fatwa for wasting government money every four years. Public prosecutors have already started recovering the flight costs from the team...
I got this info from the net ..Rest of the story is shrouded in mystery.

And finally I catch up with a few desi headlines......

Indian sports minister announces ambitions plans to win the world cup by 3060 A.D...


LEFT parties seek reservations for the position of LEFT WINGERS...
FORWARD BLOC demands one of the FORWARD positions...
INDIAN FOOTBALL coach in SEX Scandal...Check for hidden camera shots..
PLANING COMISSION announces 43 years feasibility study


Ambitious plans dropped amidst widespread protest.

Hey all is not lost. It would sound bad If I dint bring some good news..

Indian Cricket team beat Bolivia by 3 runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And we have a nation going gaga over it!!!!!!!!!


Sreejith Panickar said...

none looked better than Ricardo Lavolpe the Mexican coach who could easily pass in for a king pin in Desperado!!!For all those England fans I have no respect for Sven Erickson who seems to be deep into research in molecular biology

Again two coaches at different extremes, Portugal's Scolari and Holland's Van Basten!

Anonymous said...

I think rather than talk about winning the world cup, qualifying for it in itself would be very ambitious isn't it. What date have you set for that?

mathew said...


Van Basten still looks fit enuf to play again..Scolari would have pulled a big surprise if Portugal had scrapped through.

thanx for dropping by!!!

Lol!!uh..I dint taken into consider the hindrances..hehehe!!

Dew Drops said...

of all that u have written ......

i wish Beckham wern't married. damn with victoria Beckham ;)

Raghav said...

may the best team win !

mathew said...

@dew drops
Lol!!!..uh..U missed a what!!!
Havent still got over since Demi Moore,Sonali the list is married!!! :(

But my best team is Argentina..!!! :(

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

sarikku thangeendallo !!!

3 cheers to Argentina

Keshi said...

ahhhhh Beckammmmmmmmm!! :)


starry said...

Just stopped to say hello. thanks for visiting mine and do come again. nice blog u have.

mathew said...

@yet another s/w junk

Hope they win next time with messi and tavez


Lol!!..victoria mite be lurkin in the corner!!

@Starry nights

Thanx for visiting mine as well..Spare time in office means am travelling through blogs all day!!

Keshi said...

I dun mind that lol!


Rose said...

Hey dude..

Wats with the new look with the big mush.. LOL.. Hahaha.. :D

Are u fishing out for some villainous roles in Mallu movies..



mathew said...


Very much obliged!!!


Lol!!..This a fake mush i got for 10 bucks !! playing in the sequel "Mangal pandey returns" ;)

leo girl said...

thanks for dropping by my page. Now if i make a movie i will be sued since all are true stories. All these guys will get me arrested for putting there goody little shoes image at stake.

Anonymous said...

i would rather see then play proper football even before they dream of qualifying..... the actual date they set is 2010... seriously.. 2010? do they have any idea of wat sort of futbol is to be played to make it to the world cup?? HELL NO!

cheers mate,

mathew said...

@Leo girl

Lol!!U can always say "the characters have no resemblance to anyone dead or alive"..hahahaha


true man..its all a dream...
thanx for dropping by the blog!!

Anonymous said...

i have to comment on your blog, a lot of blazen facts not at all correct!! of course u being in mysore u cannot make the difference, i happen to live here in europe and will correct some facts,

"British fans are always in a state of trance considering the amount of whisky they gulp." is beer that they drink by the pitcher!! not whisky!!

"Seems liked someone asked him to smile for a photo op and somehow he forgot to close his mouth...And he still keeps smiling " boy u should ask any dentist , and they will tell u that ronaldino has a dental problem, a class II occllusion with open bite, so there is no possiblity to keep the lips together...the result a smile....better than a glumy look.

cheers ....;)

mathew said...


Thanx for dropping by..
Yeah i know its laced with errors...I just wanted to put it satirically...Never thought about insulting any particular fan!!

P.S ..I love Ronaldinho..BUt he was a big bore this world cup!!