Wednesday, September 13, 2006

hamburg diaries...

It has been pretty long since I updated my blog... Everything happening to me is new and am exploring this part of the world with child like curiosity.

Okay let me confess you that am flattered by the place..things move here fast.The cars..the trains..even the mails..

My first international flight from Mumbai to Paris was in itself a experience exemplified. The French airhostess left me in no doubt why they are a admired lot.With great difficulty I began to eat continental food with dangling forks and knives with as much √©lan as possible..U guessed it right ..I failed miserably in that.I slept hardly for a few hours through the nine hour flight as those adrenalin rushes kept me awake most of the time.It was fun operating all those electronic gizmos in the aircraft.A novice like me had to do some peeping act to see how they operate em..After catching a few naps I woke up in the wee hours of the morning..Boy was a spectacular sight watching sunrise in some Scandinavian country from top of the world..The flight from Paris to Hamburg wasn’t nothing much to talk about.

Then finally the next day afternoon I set foot on hamburg..SO just like Neil Armstrong said a few years back..A small step for me but I giant leap for my lofty dreams!!

Out of the airport I waved for a TAAASKII!!!An absolute shocker it was when a E class Merc landed in front of me.And then my gyan revealed that germans are too rich to use any less a car for taxi.After getting all comfy in my hotel room I began exploring the place.Within 24 hours I learnt a lot of things…

1) Germans drink more beer than water. Scientists reveal of high concentration of beer in the Rhine.
2) 99% of Germans smoke..The government has replaced buses and trains with hydrogen powered engines to reduce pollutions..But smokers more than make up for their efforts.
3) You are expected to blurt “thank you” for every silly help you get. I have said more pleasantries in 1 week than what I have said in a year.
4) Everything runs on time here.Dont expect your bus to come 10 seconds late.Transport is run so godamn perfectly here.
5) Germans wear anything to office..Poor us have to look professional!!
6) For every Man there is a prostitute..Here its legal!!For god sake this place is either way ahead of civilization or ages behind.
7) I saw beggars in Hamburg..Our India is not bad..
8) Was absolutely shocked when I found people don’t us,, or any popular site during working hours..They really work when they are at work!!
9) This place is the second biggest port in Europe and second largest city in Germany.Everything looks like old fashioned buildings from outside ,but all of em are state of the art inside..Did a ferry cruise of the city on day 2 itself.
10) And finally hamburg has nothing to do with hamburger..
I have moved over to a house from the hotel..I found a cool Indian roommate as well!!
Its pretty cold out here and it should snowing sometime in october..Thats the part am looking forward too..

Till then ..

Ein schoenen Tag noch!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Waaah! Luck you! Thanks a million for this sweet and thrilling post of yours! I liked the 10 points mentioned in the end so so so so so much! Smoking and drinking, prostitutes, beggars all new info for me.... But this case of legal prostitutes is in practice in Thailand also.... Definitely ages behind in all these.

Neha said...

Me yet to travel overseas...dunno whether my company will be obliging me ever by sending me onsite, so am planning to marry a rich dude and go travelling!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are learning fast, have fun while you can :)

Anonymous said...


Looks like you are learning something new huh!!! Good for u.

When ppl' travel abroad they always have the culture shock and food too. You shud get adjusted on where u r. If we look for idli and dosa, it wont be ther. Its better the enjoy the foos when u r in a new country right.

1. It is always good to say "thank you" and its good way of giving respect to others when they help you. We never do that in India coz we do not care.

2.If you miss the bus on time you are gone. They won't stop in between other than the stops where it says. In India you cna just run and get in. Nope, the doors here close coz they r auto.

3.Place profesisonally call themselves homeless than by beggars. Well these ppl' get money from government as they are unemployed.

4. Using the net during office hours can be little different coz you are watched and they might handover the pinkslip oneday.

Enjoy your stay and its fun. You must be be expeting winter ther already.

How do we know said...

cool!! Enjoy! In every which way!! :-)

starry said...

looks like you are settling in well.have a good weekend. Fall is around the corner and I am sure it will be beautiful.

Amrita said...

dropped in to your blog for the first time, and cared to read. You have an inane sense of humour in writing. You can artlessly spice up your writing. The bottom line is it was a Good reading.

Movie Mazaa said...

***And finally hamburg has nothing to do with hamburger..***


Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

Guten Tag Mat! :)


Anonymous said...

You are tagged, check out think pad..if you can blog from there that is :)

hope and love said...

hmmm.. you r lucky to have an experience like this..

mathew said...


My apologies for delay in replying the comments..Engaged with all ramblings of settling down in a new place..


Exactly..But i bet the europeans are always for a bigger cultural shock when they come to India..
For many folks out here..India is just Bombay and Delhi..


Yeah..Now its sorta settling down!!


Hehehe..May lady luck smile on you!!


yeah..Now more or less blended to the environs..Though some things still baffle me here..:)

mathew said...


thanx for the long comments..
am more or less in tune with the place now..


the place is more interesting!!

@hope and love

sure..I consider myself blessed!!

@how do we know

thanx for dropping by!!am enjoying each moment.

mathew said...

@starry nights

yeah..seems like this year it aint that cold..


thanx for dropping by..Nice to hear that I have a sense of humour!!


old pal..I badly need net at home to go full steam!!




I ll..I surely take it!!hehehe.

Priyankari said...

u have a subtle sense of humour man! and a nice style of presenting it too. that's wat ur posts speak of. it's fun to read ur posts:)

Anonymous said...

Rather late here but,
10) And finally hamburg has nothing to do with hamburger..
Hamburg has pretty much everything to do with Hamburger.

mathew said...

@anonymous sounds conflicting.
check out the cusine section in.

it says the other way around!!