Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Eden Gardens....

Some snaps speak louder than words……..

A trip to the botanical gardens in Hamburg left me in doubt that "nature" is god’s own creation..There wasn’t symmetry or a pattern to speak of..The kaleidoscope of colors and shapes were random.Still it lent an air of perfection..In the maze of bits and bytes we see everyday ,we miss out on many things..I realized that when I got a glimpse of the artist in God!!

I have never been interested in flowers till now..I always associated them with girly- womanish “If I dare say so..”ideas and interests..But sometimes you have to set aside stereotypes and start admiring things..I bet these snaps nowhere comes close to seeing it in its own pristine environs ..

I don’t know the names of these flowers..Infact I am disgusted at those people who gave names like “Cycas revoluta” or “Welwitschia mirabilis” for flowers..They sound drab and not synchronous with beauty they radiate..

I guess better stop my crap and let you flow to the final snap..


Anonymous said...

I have never been interested in flowers till now..


Beautiful German flowers... Der Fuhrer couldn't have been cruel..... :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...I go crazy when I see flowers and click like mad and my wallpaper on the PC are all pictures of flowers I have taken. I am adding these to my collection :P
I can see Daisies and a dahlia (red).

Movie Mazaa said...

Speechless, Matt!!

Neer said...

nature humbles all of us!! :)

Keshi said...

so no wi Know wut u meant by that comment in my blog :) WOW!


starry said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics.have a good weekend.

Scoot said...

wow!mind blowing beauty
lovely to see that it's being shared :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

the first pic - the white flowers .... they are called crysanthimams ( wrong spelling .. i bet ! )

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

read the 3 prev posts .... hope u had a good onam

am unable to blog hop / update as often as before

Neer said...

i guess, Matt... hope is what makes us believe in God!!

Anonymous said...

Post more pics when you get time Matt....

Anonymous said...

:)... u make me wanna come to hamburg too.... :)

mathew said...


I just coulndt help admiring the beauty..but we have our own chembarithi pookkal..hehehe..


I have a aunty whose name is Daisy..Guess I ll send em to




yeah..exactly..that makes admire about the small and big things in life..


I know the person who was in the middle of the road...Its...Its... :p

@Alexis.. enjoying every minute of it..Work is fine..though germans are thorough professionals unlike most of us!!

Anonymous said...

@starry nights

They were too good not to be shared!! have a great time!!


Now i should be taking snaps more often..But then its winter soon..Hope they last till then..


its not crysanthimams ..its krisaanandam!! eh..:)
For me Onam was a Mc donald Big mac..Had just been to Hamburg then..Things settling down now!!


Sure..I would defintely get some more soon..


Hey its cold here..wanna get frozen!!neways thanx for droppin by..

Anonymous said...

I love the last blue flowers and its amazing...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics.. those flowers are indeed gorgeous..
Thanks for sharing..!
With Best Regards,

Neha said...

My God...i too never really admired flowers...i mean they R all nice to look at and all..but I will never make an effort to plant some flowers in ma garden..or put flowery wallpapers(right now its a half naked Christian Bale!)..or wear flowery dresses...but these pics are so nice...are these just pics that r so lovely or were they lovely in reality???

Priyankari said...

I simply lllooovvveee flowers. and these pics are absolutely stunning. they really don't need words to describe them!

mathew said...


mm..they look quite different from the one above..they were rich in color..


yeah..i should be goin to the same place sometime again!!


I would say these pics nowhere come to the real thing..It was worth appreciating this beautiful garden..

@priyankari wonder people say a picture speaks louder than words!!

Anonymous said...

you have arrested beauty in the most raw form. cheers to it. once in a while do give some grace to the womanly sentiments and choices, after all beauty lies eye deep.

Anonymous said...

They are all pretty flowers. Infact what makes them prettier is that they are where they ought to be, in nature. What disgusts me more is not their big long names is rather the florists who picks them up, sprays all kind of chemicals and sells them and the people who buy them tooo.

mathew said...


i was really awestruck..never knew ..infact never cared to observe nature till now!!


but people still make it a point to decorate everythin with cut flowers..

Rai said...
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Rai said...

Lovely flowers :-)And it's interesting to see a person actually coming out of the conventions and admiring these

Cuckoo said...

My first time here... nice blog.

Read quite a few posts but thought of commenting on this since (yes, you guessed it right) I love flowers & colours very much.

Ha ha.. After going to Hamburg you realized many things. ;) Yeah, any foreign country is very different from India.

Loved your posts on Hamburg also.