Tuesday, September 05, 2006

hamburg is great!!

Its ironic that i took a sarcastic take on s/w industry few weeks back..And now am in hamburg ,Germany for project work.This is my first onsite assignment and am pretty apprehensive of this new land..new people..new culture..And i finally told myself ..Am going places!!! :)

Will update more on German stories once I settle down..Sorry for the delay in updating the blog..

Happy onam for my mallu brethren!!


Neha said...

Me first!!!
Me happy!!

Onam wishes only for ur mallu bros...y not us?This is discrimination! I protest against it!


Awesome, you in Germany!

We want more posts abt it..we want more pics!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... that is nice! Happy Onam to you too Matt.........

Anonymous said...

You are among the few achayans who didn't have to die to go to heaven :)) Have fun in Beerland and Happy Onam !

Anonymous said...

Check it out http://thikkodi.wordpress.com/2006/09/05/onam-at-srarbucks/

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

Huh!! I thought U said somewhere in the post that u are off to Home for Onam. Athu vazhi Hamburginu Vitto ;)

Enjoy Places man. Enjoy Beer. Enjoy Heineiken. And Happy Onam.. First time away from hm ?

Pousumi said...

Happy Onam to you too.
And Wow you are in a beutiful place. Do move around and let us know how it is..
Okay, now does this mean that you missed Onam.thats sad,last i heard from you, you were so looking forwrd to it.
And finally Congrats, I just noticed that you have completed a whole year on the world wide web...

starry said...

Happy Onam to you. share some pics of Germany with us.hope you have a good time.

mathew said...


thanx a lot!!..happy onam buddy!!


ithu pole oru sadist!!!..enikkum oru chance kitettu.. :)


happy onam buddy!!!


sure!!!..have a great time as well!!


thanks for droppin by..hey cool name!! that matches for me as well!!

mathew said...


Yeah..infact had booked tickets to go home..But was told to fly in 2 days notice..was in for a pleasant shock!!


ofcoz buddy..am already awestruck!!


wow..even i dont track that!!thanx a lot for letting know..so am i no longer a rookie? :)

@starry night

happy onam..sure will upoad some snaps soon!!

think said...

Good for you to explore your place. Hope you have a wonderful time.

This a/c is dummy coz I cannot login with my beta blooger a/c

How do we know said...

And hows Germany treating u now?

Keshi said...

thats great Mat..have fun and keep us posted.


b v n said...

thats cool...btw...is it true that they have beer instead of water...they are trying to send me to tuscany in italy...if you confirm this i cud try for frankfurt yu know...cheers !!!

Mellowdrama said...

Have fun in Germany, if you are in Frankfurt, could help you out...relatives there:) Cheers, are you staying for the Oktober Fest..in which case Cheers Hic!!

mathew said...


thanx a lot buddy..same to you as well!!


yeah..doin self exploration of sorts..and enjoyin it as well!!

@how do we know

am stunned beyond to say..awwww!!


sure!!.am waiting for a breathing space now


wow..tuscany sounds great!!..Hamburg welcomes u with both hands!!..


thanx a lot for the offer..frankfurt is pretty far for me..otherwise i would have defintely jumped for it!!

Anonymous said...

Hamburg sounds like "hamburger" See you at Buger King :) I am hungry...

hope and love said...

wow..! have a great time..!!

As If said...

German stories sire.

Movie Mazaa said...

Pretty late here, but here I am!! :) Have great fun in Germany.

mathew said...


Lol!!Now am back to Kanjyum payar!!

@Hope and Love

Thanks a lot!!


Thanks mate!!

@as if

Sure..me planning to write a Mein kampf..


Thanks buddy..me sure enjoyin here..