Friday, August 25, 2006

million dollar tag!!

I got tagged by my pal Velu and am pretty sure he guessed right that am jobless these days. This tag was quite fun unlike the sadist foodie tag!!(Growling at one of my favourite bloggers silverine ;))…Am finding lot of fun surfing the blog world these days as it’s my only solace in office these days...Two of my roommates are leaving soon to their own destinies. One of em is going onsite and the other leaving job for higher studies…Am bit apprehensive of life ahead. It feels bad that all the fun is over and time to move on. Wish em good luck!!

I am thinking about: my trip home next week. It has been 3 months since last one and this time am getting 5 days off! Although I love to pretend that am not homesick, sometimes it gets into your head!!

I said: You got to get angry at your boss someday...Stop pretending!!

I want to: visit Leh and have a hot tea in the snow!!

I wish: Vidya Balan just drops by my place...sing that song from parineeta for me...get married...And have 2 kids...Hehehe...I am not overtly ambitious!! ;)

I wonder: god must be really intelligent..He just created man and woman. A third entity would have been confusing!!

I regret: I have psychologically manipulated myself not to regret on anything!

I hear: Blowing in the wind-Joan Baez. I start my day listening to it!!

I am: a box of chocolates!! Though few em are unappetizing!!

I dance: an exotic variety of Spanish tango with sensuous gyrations. It resembles vaguely with another art form called “dappankuthu” (Rajanikanth isthyle)

I sing: kidding eh?? It works as repellants at times!!

I cry: frankly really long time...But I feel like crying when I listen the song “Lukha Chuppi” from RDB...

I am not: the CIA mole who many think I am!!

I make with my hands: liquid bombs ;)...I don’t have a better answer

I write: anything that comes my mind..I dont have a hidden agenda or something!! ;)

I confuse: those multiple choice questions…Sometimes given a choice can be bad.

I need: 8 hours of sleep ever one dare mess with that..

And my favorite, random quotes are:

We can do no great things; only small things with great love.
--Mother Teresa

I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want an adorable pancreas?

"If fate does not make you laugh then you just don't get the joke"
-- Shantaram

The nice thing about meditation is that it makes doing nothing quite respectable."
-- Paul Dean

I pass this one to anyone who hasn’t taken up the tag yet!!


Sreejith Panickar said...

The wish was interesting!!!! Singing as repellent mean was equally good! Funny post, Matt.....

jac said...

Yuk !
You mean to say that you compare the famous 'lambada' with Rajani's dance ??

I need some

Neer said...

not a CIA mole?? My Lord, thats a Lie!!! He IS the one!

a CIA mole tryin hard to pass off as a Ph.D student... (thesis material, eh??)

you make liquid bombs?? can i commission you for one?? :)

starry said...

cool tag and a nice write up. I like blowin in the wind also.Have a nice vacation.

silverine said...

I make with my hands...castles in the air ;)

My foodie tag was a lesser pain compared to yours !!! You got your revenge...your was the most painful tag I have ever read, no way am I going back to see it again unless I want another hunger attack :(

Vidya Balan is a good choice, she is really pretty and can sum up more sensousness in a smile than an entire jhatka number of Bips, Shilpa et all put together. Loved that quote from Shantharam. So true!!!
Now we know the secret behind the moustache, it covers the CIA mole doesn't it? Tell the truth!!!!
Loved reading your tag :)

mathew said...


;)..yeah sadly it will remain a wish!!


hehehe..they are killer repellants!! ;)

cheers buddy!


shhh!!!now u dont know to keep secrets!!
I have all the secret files about pay up. ;)


@Starry nights

thanks a lot..have a great time too!!


Now dont spill the beans!! My mask has a mission..

plz let know if its possible to get a castle made for me.. ;)

Shantaram was a awesome big fan of it!!

neways have a nice time..cya

Neer said...

Thanks Matt! umm... will let you go for time... scare you again!

How do we know said...

Has no one taken the tag.. or is it on their respective blogs to see?

Any case.. loved your answers to the tag.. and if you really mean to go to Leh, check out Wriju's blog.. www.marmaladeskies.blogspot.. he went there recently and has posted SOME travelogue!!

b v n said...

LOL...this tag cant be completed any funnier than this :) said you were
down n sad ...dreaded this might be was you got IT...acc. to shantaram :)

Priya said...

/I write: anything that comes my mind..I dont have a hidden agenda or something!! ;)

It is more or less like me.

/We can do no great things; only small things with great love.
--Mother Teresa
My favorite of your quote.

Good one.

Alex said...

I wonder: god must be really intelligent..He just created man and woman. A third entity would have been confusing!!

How right you are. With just 2, its already confusing! :)

mathew said...


cowering with fear!! ;)

@how do we know

i checked out the blog..nice one..Leh is a serious interest but its more or less impossible for me as of now!!..thanks a lot!!


u got the point!! ;)
never thought anyone noticed it!!
Guess u should take up this tag!!


that quote is simple yet conveys a lot!!thanks for dropping by!!


;) just cant imagine!! thinking weird these days!!

Keshi said...

U can do the tango? WOW!


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

i like the Anony's quote the best of all

so, biking trips gone from now on .. huh ?

indianadoc said...

Oui Ma!!Liquid Bomber?!!Shd definitely be more lethal!!Man is already confused between Eve and God,what more do u need for the torture?!!Mathayicha,adichupolikkuvaanallo!!

Movie Mazaa said...


LOL. I loved the one about ur Boss. Gawd! It wud be greatttttttttt fun the day he comes across this blog!:))))

Errr.. Marry Vidya Balan?? ;o I have booked tickets for Lage Raho Munnabhai. Wanna come along? :))) Yes. Shes good. Real good! :)

And the 'I wonder' tag. Man!! Thats a clever one! ) LOL!!

Surely wud love to see the Spanish Tnago some day. Does sound interesting!! :o ;)

And ofcourse the Shantaran quote. That pretty much sums it up all! :) Great tag, buddy!! :)

Movie Mazaa said...

PS: Just pretend all those awful typos in the comment posted above just arent there!


Suji said...

You are a box of choclates! Wow! But are you the sweet variety or the bitter ones? Btw that Anon quote is by Jean Kerr.
I ve not retired yet, but have been thinking abt it.

Anonymous said...

Singing ........ can't agree more

Dew Drops said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Singing ........ can't agree more


Anand K said...

Word of advice when you take that trip to Leh.... a pal of mine (and a cpl of his pals) went on a trip into the interior Deosai Plains on yaks.... without a guide apparently! Got lost soon and they had to kill the yaks and eat them till help arrived. :o So take a lot a lot of provisions... just in case. ;)

Vidya Balan eh? Tch tch tch... I dream of Angelina Jolie herself! As the wogs say, "Swapnathil enthina paathi raajyam, muzhuvanum ingu porettu!"

Joan Baez version of Blowin' in the Wind is cool... I got a whole collection of her's from Jacob (ECE 2002, CET. Know him?). Sorta hooked on her immediately.

PS: The Shantaram quote is k00l! I haven't read it yet... plan to do it soon. Anywayz, my fave quote and mantra of life is "Security through Obscurity"! NJAHAHAHAAH

mathew said...


sure..the desi version!! ;)

@deepa more of is sad man!!


adichu polli alla..katta pogaa aanu!! ;)


a big danks for the nice comments..
me awaiting for munnabhai lage raho as well!!

mathew said...

@ Suji

thanks for the info..Btw its not time yet for u to retire..!! ;)


Egg jactly!!!


am afraid..are u someone who knows me!! :0


Christ!!..thats somethin to be wary of!!

I think we both think along the same lines..hehehe!!

I dont know Jacob of that batch..
Guess will get more songs from the net!!

Neer said...

hmm... who is she?? i'll let you take your best guesses... :)

thanks Matt!

suraj said...

nice quotes..its stuck me up there

Unknown said...

I confuse: those multiple choice questions…Sometimes given a choice can be bad.

Loved this & your random quotes!


Keshi said...

lol wuts the desi version like?


Pousumi said...

nice tag man...and witty too..

I was wondering why no new i remember ,you are enojoying your chutti.

Have fun...

jac said...

mathew, this is my bye.

SeePearrl said...

"I regret: I have psychologically manipulated myself not to regret on anything!"

lolz..gud one!

Neer said...

where have you been?

Priyankari said...

nice one:) so everybody has got addicted to being tagged, huh?

Amrita said...

Kudos again for you can really write hilariously. All your comments on the things you do and don't were a game. well quite impressive