Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hoi polloi

Hatred of unholy fervor
Anger of fire and vigor
Tears of agony and sore
World couldn’t ask for more.

Vanity of dreams bygone
Unfulfilled desires galore
Gloom of melancholic yore
World couldn’t ask for more.

Pangs of hunger and torture
Insipid days of plunder
And those calls for war
World couldn’t ask for more

Hope and distant Shangri La
Holy Elixir so yonder
Freedom and peace that endure
World dreams for more
............for more....


silverine said...

Beautiful!! You are a sensitive soul :)

p.s as per your suggestion I have taken a dig at the air hostess academy people :P

starry said...

Beautiful, emotional poem.

Keshi said...

so powerful...yet the painful truth.


jac said...

golden dreams hidden
wishful thoughts driven
bliss with what ever given
millions wait that heaven

Very well done, mathew !
We seems from same school.

mathew said...


Read that one..think that was icing on the cake..Poha Ali khan..was ROTFL after reading that..

@starry nights



have a nice itching to run out of office.. ;)


That was perfect...
High fives dude!!! :)

starry said...

Matthew..yes cancerians rule.Have a good weekend.

Strictly for my friends said...

Just awesome! You should publish!

So dark and gloomy and the ending with hopoe! Beautiful!

Dew Drops said...

poem again???!!!! god, y did u make me so dumb that i can't even fake a "wah ustad wah" on a poem. greek, latin and poems ;(((((((

indianadoc said...

Hmmm...Mathew...We couldnt ask for more...

mathew said...


Thanx for droppin by dude!!
nice to see a new bloke in blog.. ;)

@starry nights

ejactly!! ;)

@strictly for my friends

thanks a lot for the beautiful words..i wish the last stanza ever became true..

mathew said...


Lol!!..ur new profile pic looks octopish!! ;)is it ur own creation??


:) yeah true..


Thanx for dropping by!!Truth is always hurting!!

Keshi said...

I hope u ran out of office and now ur bakk? lol awww!


monu said...


Beautiful image toooooo

Rose said...

The world dreams and luk at what it has got..



mathew said...


thanx a lot..thats the sad irony of life!!


oh yeah..back to old sorry grind!!;)


i get lot of superb photo forwards..thanx for dropping by!!


Dreams rarely work out..;(

Movie Mazaa said...

Nice, Matt! I loved the play of words, and the way they sound - together bringing about a passionate feel that at once conveys hope and pathos!

U mind if I take this one up as an exploration in alliteration for my next batch of students?

mathew said...


Thanx for the inspiring comments..

I never mind !! ;)

But guess this one is not a proper alliteration!!! isnt?

Sreejith Panickar said...

So many times I have wondered where do all these images come from! It is a marvellous image....

By the way, the same is applicable for your poem also. :-) Resplendent.... Good mix of words...

Raghav said...

Pangs of hunger and torture
Insipid days of plunder
And those calls for war
World couldn’t ask for more

my favt lines.. well done.

Amrita said...

A sparkle! so you can also light fire in the hearts apart from making it laugh. You really sauted desperation and gloominess and exhortation with the ray of anticipation. What better way to end than this?