Friday, June 08, 2007

Ammachiyude oru kochu thamasha!!

Sometimes the best humour comes from the most unlikely person..

During my recent trip back home, I had visited my great grandmother's place ...98 years old and still as sprightly as ever...We were visiting her along with my mom and grandma..It was 3 generations goin to meet the senior most of all..

My great grandma was meeting my Grandma after a long gap and I simply couldnt help but admire her humour sense when this happened..

*Grandma getting inside house slowly with the help of a cousin.*

*Great Grandma comes out to the living room in a jiffy..*

After having a look at the visitors at home..GG smiles and tells mom..

"Pennamma(Grandma) looks very old..isnt it..Naatukaar parayum Pennamma ente ammaya ennu!!(The public will say am her daughter!!)"

Someone pulling of such a lovely joke at that age.. simply superb Ammachi..


mystic rose said...

cute! :) and she does look quite sprightly and sweet. amazing.

silverine said...

That was a classic!!!

When my mother saw her grandma grinding masala on the grinding stone she offered to take over. My great grandma brushed aside her favorite grand daughters offer with a "you will not be able handle this heavy grinding stone"! :)) And yes, she was also slim like your GG.

How I miss that generation. Enjoy her presense while you can :)

namrata said...
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Di said...

hey my granny is around that age too.. :)and shes wonderful! maybe r grannies are classmates!!:D ;D

david santos said...

Pretty fhoto, congratulations. Have a good weekend

Alex said...


Athu kalakki! :)

fling said...

hey thats so awesome. ur gg seems to be fun. didnt she say nything about u??

the word 'ammachi' reminds me of God of Small Things. :)

VIDYA said...

:-)))))) cuuuuuutteeee!!!!!!!

The Black King said...

:) Yeah... it is difficult for us children to perceive our elders as someone's daughter or son either. Nice post

VIDYA said...

ohh i got hyper!!

Movie Mazaa said...

And tht pic makes me miss my gmom!

Neha said...

U back to India..thats nice :)

Jiby said...

after reading this i badly miss my ammachis...gotto ring them up. hey i think i have seen ur grandmom somewhere...dont remember where though...maybe its just another ammachi who looks like her.

Anonymous said...

Ur ammomma reminds me of my ammachi ......I bet all ammachis look da same ..:)

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

:D . This was really funny :)

srijithunni said...

Nice One there..! Mat.! Hats off to your ammachi, to keep that humour sparkling and youthful!

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards,

mathew said...

@mystic rose
ofcoz she still young at heart!! ;-P

Lol!! Guess ageing is not that bad…like old wine some times it gets better!!

@comment deleted aka namrata
and .... that is what my grandmother says to my mother all the time and also what Siverine said. I love their spirit. There is just so much to learn from them. :)

I got to read your comment mail notification :-)..don’t understand who is deleting messages for me!! :-(
I find this incident more funny coz it was a 98 year old lady talking to someone in the late 70’s…

Btw thanks for dropping by!!

yeah..I think they did their MBA together!! ;-P


mathew said...

well she was more eager to talk to her daughter that time..and she told me not to shout at her..i was told to speak really loud coz her hearing was bad!!and I did a bit too hard!!


@Black King
Thanks for dropping by here..well she was really cracking up a nice joke..never serious..
well I count myself lucky at that!! :-)

Jeez..i thought u had retired..
Me still away..was on a vacation recently..

I guess all grandmoms look the same…or maybe you might have really seen her somewhere.. ;-P

exactly…after Jiby told even I was thinking the same..

@Nariyal chutney
Thanks. ,-P

thanks...I like my grandma a lot..!!! :-)

Mishmash ! said...

Mathew, did the blogger eat up my comment?!
Just wanted to tell you that me and my husband had nice laugh on saturday morning after reading granny-in-law is always in high spirits and fun loving and every now and then she keeps teasing my MIL for being very passive...:)


P said...

Aww!! Thats so sweet!!

Alexis said...

Nice one Mats. sweet and cute...

InTeGeR said...

It was reading this post... *Smiles*
Nice snap too...

Rebelzz said...

OMG! Your great grandma is simply amazing! Zest for life at 98! I should say she s awesome...

Neer said...

sexy dame!! really! :D

Princess Banter said...

Damn -- your grandma is one helluva lady! You enjoy your holiday back home? Stuffed yourself with good food? ;)

crumbs said...

tee hee...
great granma's can have that effect on u should have seen 93 she used to walk about the house with so much energy that used to put us lazyheads to shame

wonder if it was the air that time that made that generation hate the idea of sitting...they are just always on the move :)

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha... That was a great one !!

Have you inherited the genes ?

Nanditha Prabhu said...

nanaayittundu keetoo!ammachi looks soo cute!

Keshi said...

wut a cute post n a very cute pic!


P said...