Thursday, June 21, 2007

The old easy tag!! ;-P

A tag that I hope gets me off the block.. I was tagged by this lady who never crumbles under pressure and hence logically named her blog CRUMBS!!

The inconsequential rules are:-
* Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* People who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

So here it is:

1.Adrenalin rush and I don’t get along with each other.. I prefer a quite coffee in a balcony over-looking the Alps to the roller coaster in Disney land

2.I love cocktails especially Pina Colada..!! I wish that taps back home supplied Pina colada instead of the deceptive chlorinated water.. Caribbean’s are really the most lucky people in the world.. Pina Colada and pristine beaches.. Shangri La!!

3.I have a celebrity crush almost every month. All started some time in the 90’s.. After I saw ‘1942 a love story’ Manisha Koirala was the best thing in the world! Well then I figured it out that 1942 was a long time ago and she must be an old nanny by now. Nowadays I like this girl in the song... minnalazhakey!!

4.I used to believe wouldn’t seriously affect my daily life.. But seriously I have gone numb after I saw “Sivaji”.. The movie is a real trendsetter. It breaks all rules of common sense and established limits of exaggeration. Man how could you come up with such a stupid movie!!! Docs say it is a case of irreversible psychic shock-induced cognitive impairment!!

5.I have an irresistible appetite in the mornings. . Back in Mysore, I used to pay extra bucks for my morning breakfast in the mess feeling ashamed that I was cutting deep into their profits!!

6.I love cooking.!!. But it really pisses me off when folks exploit under the pretext that I like cooking. I sincerely believe that a meal with the wrong amount of salt and spices cooked with love is much better than a meal with all the right ingredients but cooked with grudge and sadness. Guess folks who did shared accommodation knows what am talking about…

7.I play it absolutely cool during air travel when those severe turbulences happen. I give this...”Eh...It happens all the time...You know I have seen this before ;-P” look to the startled fellow passenger.. Honestly I guess I might have been the only tensed freaked up guy in the whole aircraft (Those nice perfumed tissues covers up all the sweating that is happening)!!

8.I love boat rides. And especially relish the ferry ride to office. It is like the boat caresses you before the hard grind in office. There is something melancholic about the sway of a boat.. It reminds me of idle times…

And the tag goes too..
1. Alexis who is getting a wee bit lazy like me..
2. Anjali coz she tagged me with the most difficult tag evah and I need to figure out how to take that tag..
3. Red Soul who apparently bought a new cam and clicking snaps to glory
4. Anyone who saw Oceans 13
5. Mishmaash..I know you are a foodie blogger..But in case you get time for something different…
6. Anand..Where the hell is he now!!!
7. Nariyal Chutney..Well only if you served Fish Mappas as well!!
8. Any Frasier fan!!


Cuckoo said...

I am glad my name is not in the list. Anyways, I would have ignored it had you tagged me. Already done with it. :P

Your cooking looks very interesting just like you shared your famous recipes sometime back incld. that glass of water. :)

srijithunni said...

Hey mathayi.., I`m just gonna share your crush..(not the tag :P) she`s really cute..!

Thanks..! Cool tag..!

With Best Regards,

Neihal said...

another Sivaji victim. :P

silverine said...

Nice...liked it because this is way I would have written it. Am gonna enjoy this tag. So many similarities :)

p.s tsk tsk get on with the first *muah* tag gentleman!!! See how hard Alexis is trying!!! lol :p

Rebelzz said...

I have an irresistible appetite in the mornings

I know the feeling! I am ravenous in the morning and the first thing I think of is food! Thats why I have a stocked refrigirator at home..

Anonymous said...

Can understand point 1 and 6...
Sitting with a cup of coffee and watching the sky, post rains sounds more fascinating than going for a trek to me...
And the cooking thing..I heard somewhere, its not only ingredient, that makes up the taste of the food, its even the feeling of person cooking it...Seems true to me, as whatever ma cooks, taste so good

silverine said...

"irreversible psychic shock-induced cognitive impairment!!" rofl!!! I can see the effect of Sivaji!!!! :))

Mishmash ! said...

"irreversible psychic shock-induced cognitive impairment!!" hehehhe ..:) I was trying to share this with my husband after reading ur post y'day, but messed up as I couldnt remember the whole thing :D I said NO to Sivaji movie last week and i still remember the Shocked look on our tamilian friend's face:)))

Thanks for tagging me but I just wrote the same thing two weeks back...remember the orange cups and ? :) Another 8 more facts will reveal my darkest /deepest secrets :P


mathew said...

mm..well my cookin aint all that bad!!;-P

Lol!!yeah but she June Monsoon special month I ll have to find a new one!!

sadly!! :-(

I need to get tips from Alexis. ;-P
And like u mentioned COchin girls are staying indoors ever since!!!
lookin forward to your tag...

glad I found somoeone who has the same friends think it is weird to feel hungry in the morning's!!! ;-P

mathew said...

@silence killed
Really..but drinking coffee like that in the happens only in dreams...

guess u should take this tag as well!! :-)

well..I recovered after taking life revoery therapy sessions..still cant fathom how there are still folks goin gaga after him!!

well blame on a troubled mind after the movie. ;-P

thanks for the tag neways..

Alexis said...

Why me...why again... I am already having trouble in writing the first kiss tag. One day I will have my revenge.. when I tag you all with the first night tag Bohahahahah...

Nicely written, Will do it soon. As you must have guessed rightly, right now I am hunting for a person to kiss so that I can finish Anjali's tag. She not only tags you, but also make it difficult for you by spreading the news. So ladies and even small girls are saying 'No' even before I can ask them "Can I kiss you" :-(

Anonymous said...

The girl in the vdo is Roma, the classmates girl.

Anonymous said...

Grr the "Notebook" girl. Got confused by the new campus genre mallu movies. hehe

Anonymous said...

liked that. was real interesting.

Kusum Rohra said...

Heh heh Manisha Koirala?? :P :P

Breakfast is the best part of my meal too, and I love experimenting with eggs :)