Thursday, May 01, 2008

MAYDAY special!!;-D


silverine said...

Methinks you should start spoken English classes as a side business there :p

thomas said...

Just saw the news that pre May day riots broke out in Hamburg; The "Walpurgisnacht" night!! It serves as a warm-up exercise for the
yearly May Day riots, twenty-four hours later. So Mat, brace yourself!!! Sayippinte idi kollaathe rekshapetto, escape!!

Priya said...

I am thinking he sinks in the language of ENG did I miss few words. Never mind coz I thought sink and then flushed it.

alakananda said...

good one mathew, nammude pazhaya 'rapidex english speaking course'- inu onnu vittalo? i hope u rn't too young to remember that ad.

Abhi said...

What a way to CELEBRATE an auspicious occasion like mayday! Sad that i cdn't be part of it, i was among the unlucky one's who'd to goto office on mayday too. Bad effects of being an OFFICER INCHARGE.

Sreejith Panickar said...

Loved it Matts!!

ap said...

I guess this needs to be forwarded to all my colleagues here ..... ;)

They have plenty of these kinda ads rite.....

On an unrelated note,Did your parents apply for the Schengen Visa??

mathew said...


orappu long as we know how to ESCAPE!!;-D


ofcoz i remember wondering what course is still around..used to be a big time fad for gulf going people to have a copy of that..

I express my solidarity with you!!;-D


yeah..they would get it soon..should be here anytime end of next month i suppose..and show them why Deutschland Uber Alles!!

Usha said...

A similar confusion occured at office the other day. A teammie from India seems to have mailed our counterparts in the US that we are having a holiday in IEC and that its a 'MAY DAY'. Folks there were really taken aback before our Indian Manager cleared the air with a mail that May Day = Labour Day in India.
Had a good laugh over it the next day!

Hope you had a happy MayDay too!! :)

Preeti Shenoy said...

uh huh??
What was that he said?
I think I need classes!!

Usha said...

you've been tagged, Sir! :)

Still Searching said...

Oh man! My stomach's aching from laughing so much at this one!!