Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ichak dana beechak dana..

As we all know today is a very important day in our lives…a very important day in the lifes of Archie's sales managers and florists far and wide...

A day of fond memories…and err..a day of profound tragedies…

For all beloved cupid stuck fellas..
I dedicate this song for all laila and majnu’s..
And this song for all Prem Nazir’s and Sheela’s…

For everyone else, don’t worry baba…we have ;-P

The best song out is for you…high fives!!:-)


silverine said...

In short Happy Valentines Day to all of, hitched, married, not so married, divorced...what the heck, just celebrate it. Wish it was a holiday though :(

Now I am going to office to see the tragedies err I mean attempts from the poor guys to please their Valentines and do some firefighting like "Ooooh that mottai pink candles is soooooo sweeet. I think you are a very lucky girl!!!"



Still Searching said...

Lol! Haha! Lovely post! Hope you have/had a great day! :))

Nanditha Prabhu said...

so do you belong to this category?..
BTW, did you ever research on why this lovers day was named after saint valentine?
hope you had a great day!

anN-series said...

wat abt bachelor gerls??? part of v-day celebrations i got myself a profile made in jeevansathi!!! :~D

Sreejith Panickar said...

A good post, without a direct mention of the subject... :)

mathew said...

oh yeah..i would have loved if it was a holiday!!btw would love to read such office stories then..

@Still searching
thanks.. ;-)

hehe.not really sure..i might use as well..

good good..i ll make a copy of orkut profile..;-P

thank you..

VIDYA said...

hehe... belated happy 'whatthehellentines' day!

*wicked smile* so tht blind date went well huh? :-d