Sunday, February 17, 2008

Georgekutty of the Jungle or err.. the market.

I have been thinking about it for some time...or well for like last 20 years ..Because money is very important in our day to day lives…Going by today’s scheme of things money is like the real thing and everything else is like the illusion part of it. My friend's version of mastercard is… ”There are something’s money can’t buy for everything else there is Daddy’s fat wallet”. But seriously am not crazy or maniac about money! Like any image conscious person would say if ever I win a million dollar lottery, I ll give it for charity and fund for healthcare in third world countries....okay…that was just my press statement.

Talking about these days of degenerating values, when gandhian principles are losing its charm, I still admire and have high regards for Gandhi…especially notes with his picture on it...I particularly love those with that number 1000 on it and a smiling Gandhi who seem to say."hey you lucky fella.."…Unfortunately I am not really flamboyant with money matters unlike most of my colleagues, whose happiness quotient fluctuates with the BSE sensex...If I wanna get some work done from Mr. Patel, I just need to login at and check if it says a plus or minus. I seriously don’t understand this share market thing…which reminds me of those days during college when I passionately watched CNBC to watch a particularly hot anchor...It is pretty harmless you see , coz watching CNBC is very platonic and leaves no clue amidst your deep interest in graphs and market capitalizations..Sigh…She might probably be married by now!!

Coming back to the point Georgekutty uncle says, its always better to put your money on cows…sheep...hen or rubber, not necessarily in that order…That one hen laying eggs…100 hen’s next year…and a 1000 again story never failed to captivate me...He told it in simple math and I would just look at him in astonishment and say to myself..”Uncleinte oru buthiyee

Talking of shares I get irritated while going for lunch with guys who have put money in the market. Such people don’t talk anything else be it with friends...relatives...or even God… Having food with such people is a very ‘sensex’ual experience…

As I was preparing to explain about the pleasures of eating cordon bleu chicken the two vegetarian one Nasdaq Patel and another BSE Swamy …

Mr. Patel: “Reliance power 253 points...DSF...125 points...recession…credit crunch…RBI index...oh my god...”
Me clearing my throat: “ahem...”
A very traumatized looking Mr.Swamy:
Really??...How come that happened....Chidambaram said…micro credit flow into market...12.53% hike...and the inflation...”
Me:”The chick...”
Patel interrupts:”yes...yes. Swamy...but the problem with oil flow and the political instability in Bolivia”
Me: “The chicken is...”
Swamy:” kadavulei...It means good news for ONGC…but you know the problem with CRR ratio...”
Me. “chi…chicken…cordon...”
Patel and Swamy: “Oh my god!!…that means we have to buy them before new IPO is out and otherwise the federal fund rates!”

Few seconds later P&S disappears like in a Houdini act and reappears in share market discussion forums. Swamy calls up dad Periaswamy and convinces him to buy shares as well...This dad son combo in share trading is a story for another day in itself. These hardcore investor types you know..keep away from em..

I never believed in shares. I believed in the real thing...the real piece of currency. My love affair with money was a sheer accident which happened when I was in school. It was the times when I discovered that the guy in Shanti bakery would give me a cool drink if I gave him a coin from Appa’s wallet…I later discovered that he will give me a cutlet too if I managed another couple of coins.. Such discoveries made me realize the importance of money and the basics of transactions. But ofcoz I soon learned the importance of knowing better techniques used in movies like “Oceans Eleven” or “Mission Impossible”. But it was too late!!I was caught during a particularly daring act.

As money grew in importance in my life I learned the importance of having a good rapport with people who can give you money. I think I did good enough PR exercises before my holy communion and as expected goodies were showered on me that day. My expression of gratitude was proportional to the bestowments doled out on that day. Names of uncles and aunties who gave Puzzle books and educational gifts were noted down in part of my brain (however useless it was) where I kept “people whom should be taken revenge at list”. People who gifted umbrellas and decorative panels like “God is Love” where given looks like “you-came-just-with-that”. But those people who came with those little white envelopes were given classic “oh you know how happy I am because you came” look...At the end of day I was getting impatient as I badly wanted to count the loot…But few days later in a landmark display of sacrifice I was forcibly made to donate the money to parents for the home we were constructing back then..

Oh btw, I am now confused whether to invest like my uncle says for those ever procreating hen or listen to those intelligent looking people with Armani suits and gold rimmed specks posing on cover pages of books which claims to have sold over a million copies and names like “Shares, Marketing and Investing…A whole new paradigm”.

Do either have a clue?? ;-P

Over the years I have had different perspectives of money…Money isn’t just that coins which bought me candies …Maybe it has grown quantitatively about what I want to buy. The value of a gift is not in its price tag , but the intent..those superficial concepts of grading people by generosity of gifts.. Love or hate it, but money is simply influencing lives.. I have learned one important lesson over the years.

People change much more due to money than money change people’s lives.


hope and love said...

hmmmm.. true...

Priya said...

Money changes everything;)

സ്നേഹതീരം said...

where Man is the master and money the slave, life is like heaven.
When money turns to be the master and Man the slave, there ends all human values and real happiness of life.

Congrats to Mathew, for this nice post.

Dhanya said...

So finally did u get over your confusion and decided to invest in share market?

mathew said...

nice to see you here Doc chechi..but sadly i have seen money playing th boss more often..even with supposedly well educated folks taking of raking a moolah as dowry..


@i cant see name coz of font
that statement is perfect..unfortunately money has always been the master for years and it would be like living in fools paradise if we hoped for all the world to change..but it is upto individuals to take small steps like that..

is it like i give you one rupee and you give me two rupees..then am game for it..;-P
no way..after seeing the frustration folks are goin through..

Still Searching said...

Haha! I loved this post! It's as if it was me speaking! I used to get so irritated having lunch with my colleagues where the Jain sahab would start "Aaj Bhojpuri sugar gir gaya, dekha?!" and the stingy as hell Mehra sahib would exclaim "Haan yaar! Main to lut gaya"!!! From morning to evening their "work" involved refreshing the pages and coffee time discussions on which share is picking up and which to buy... I dont seriously understand the hype about share trading either... I'd rather see my money invested in something little more tangible! Ofcourse, I'm terrible with my finances and dont know how to track any thing for the life of me! Money is not my sole motivation in life, that's for sure!

anN-series said...

"if ever I win a million dollar lottery, I ll give it for charity and fund for healthcare in third world countries"

global warming is the HOT topic today..not healthcare

strange tht someone who is not interested in the market knows abt CRR, fed fund cuts and 'micro credit flow into market'!!! :~O

hv not really thot abt this topic much..but fact of the matter is money is is the rootcause and side effect of most problems..n success today is popularly (but sadly) identified with how much money a person has...

Jaalakam said...

Dear Mathew,
Sorry for commenting from my malayalam blog. :( (To read malayalam, please install, the font AnjaliOldLipi)

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

Errr. In addition to that hota nchoe in CNBC ,I think we know the same people :P. Even I have realized the same fact that "People change much more due to money than money change people’s lives."

VIDYA said...
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VIDYA said...

ur an investment banker's dream HNWI. :-d

mathew said...

@Still searching
hehehe..i hear similar tales here too..i get really fed up after sometime..

those are all info from wiki..and having lunch with such folks means i always get to hear em unknowingly or not..

thank you..

@NC it wasnt just

mm..i told old fashioned investor types!!;-P

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey Mathew .....

what are you gonna buy me ? After all, you are rolling in all that wealth

P.S : A drink at Shanta bakery wont do !

Nanditha Prabhu said...

i don't think its the money that changes everything... it is the value we give it in our does depend on you...there is nothing wrong in being wealthy as long as we can still remain down to earth.

Neer said...

money!! ah the thing that pays my rent...and my rocking vacations!

however, it indeed is surprising... the amount of good that would be done unto you is directly proportional to amount that falls out of your wallet! :p and yet... there are indeed are zillion things which money can't buy!

i loved the piece!

Deepti said...

I have a whole bunch who sit around .. talking only shares n more shares ... Reliance power.. poweres their mood swings too :)
Nice post :D

silverine said...

There are two types of people on this Earth. People who can invest and people who can't. Prime examples of the two would be my Dad and me. So I let him do it for me :p

neermathalam said...

I would like to learn the process of making money for pure academic interest...:p

eljo said...

very true! most of the time when you reach that position when you can afford all those things you dreamed of when you were young, you realise buying those things really doesn't give you the kick which you expected you will receive.

ap said...

Its sad ...But thats the truth..Money does change everything!!!

Unknown said...

when they say the basic necessities is roti kapda aur makaan why cudn't they just say money??

i too discovered money by way of food....same to same hain!

mathew said...

thattiyyum muttiyum ekke jeevichu povunnu.. ;-P

exactly..and that is the hardest part..

hehehe…yeah well spent

hahaha…I have magnetic revulsion to such discussions..thanks for dropping by..

high fives!!!;-P

Lol!!..i know ..i know.. ;-P

really…there aint any kick in that..i fully agree with you…

mm…it has been like that always..

@Zee would have been easier..
btw how come your blog vanished in thin air..i cant access it anymore..:-(