Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ala and Myra

Somewhere in the north sea lived a petite seagull called Ala…Ala was just a year old and enjoying the summer playing with beautiful seashells she had collected carefully. Life was good and every day her Mom used to go out to get food and brings home delicious chunks of arctic salmons. Fish was not aplenty with giant fisherman boats taking most of what was left. Well nothing profound for Ala to be worried about and she was the playful kid as always…

But there was a problem, which perturbed Ala’s Mom. She was worried that Ala was still afraid of the mighty ocean...she feared the water unlike her cousins who could swim with élan...She hadn’t yet learned to fly into the unknown horizon and swoop down the waves to catch her food...Ala was very well aware of her own fears…She knew how badly mom wanted her to be like her cousins...But then she was as always comfortable in the golden sand dunes with her little pebble potpourri...

1000 feet below quite near the same place lived a school of fish...Myra was probably the youngest of em all...energetic and naughty but adored by all... Myra loved hearing stories and often used to nag his Dad for stories about giant monstrous sharks and other adventures of his hey days. Myra always used to look in awe whenever he heard those tales…Sometimes when he gathered with friends they used to talk about the world outside the water…they talked about the sky...the sun…and the flying creatures…There was so much he hadn’t seen. There was so much of fun outside which he craved for...

Few weeks later...

She gathered all her courage and ventured into the sea that morning. As she flew down, her tiny claws emerged out for the first kill she might make in her life...the gentle sea breeze trying to calm her nerves…The waves petrified her for a brief moment. But she knew it was her moment of reckoning...Unaware her mother was watching from a distant perch praying that her little Ala overcome the demons...

A few feet away from surf their eyes met each other in a fleeting glance... Myra all eager to have a glimpse outside the sea…that brilliant streak of light called the sun...and Ala’s eyes trying to prove her worth…but still unsure…that brief moment when their eyes met each other...they knew it was either one of em...

We are often the fish or the seagull...Maybe they are different manifestations of our thoughts or ourselves... Sometimes we fight it out to over come fears…sometimes we take risks to see the unknown…sometimes we do it to prove our mettle...Sometimes we just get plain lucky…There is always an Ala or Myra in each kid who took his first steps in his life…each child who rode a bicycle for the first time...worried about the fall…each adult who is apprehensive about future…about finding a soul mate…It is just perspectives that matter!!

P.S…Random thoughts inspired by the seagulls I see in my every day ferry ride to office…They have a soothing calming effect on me… :-)
P.P.S. I got a hot date finally..But she is pretty expensive..Yeah gonna meet Mona Lisa at Louvre Museum , Paris in 3 weeks time... :-P

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Still Searching said...

So true, its a matter of perspective, but also inherent nature! I was just talking about that with someone couple of days back... interesting way of putting across the thought...

And wait, did you say you take a ferry to office everyday?!! Wow, what a unique thing! I dont know anyone else who has had the chance to do that! And wowoowow, you're going to Parrrrriiisssss!!! Btw, I do NOT really want to scare you off, but I found that the Monalisa was not all that she had been made out to be the first time I saw her - but that was because I was given 3 secs to look at her and then move on in the line! The second time I went to see her however, I got to stand there looking at her for a whole 5 mins, and THATS when I understood why the painting is one of the most famous in the world! So what I want to say is make sure you really get a chance to see the painting for some time, giving you a chance to go beyond just her smile (and the size of the painting!).. Have fun!

Oh and I see you've blogrolled meeee... thank you!

Still Searching said...

But there is a spelling mistake in my name on your blogroll! :((((

silverine said...

It's been along time since I read a story....and I would rate this as one of the best I have read...great build up and climax!! You should seriously think of writing more in this Genre!

Movie Mazaa said...

Hmmm yes... thats a philosophical one for sure. I love the way u have built up the plot with the best of iamgery, and spiced it up all with a God-Awesome picture.

Way to go, Matt.


N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

:). Wonderful Story Mate :). What you said is absolutely right ? It is just perspectives that matter . I have always thought that the road to success is always under construction . The only thing that matters is when you are starting the construction :P by taking risks or fighting to overcome fears :D.

Did you read Shikha's post about her European tour ? Add all those place to your date with Monalisa :)

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

:). Something that echoes the same thoughts in your post .
Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.

It knows that it must outrun the fastest

lion or it will be killed.

Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up.

It knows that it must out run the slowest

gazelle or it will starve.

It does not matter whether you are a lion or gazelle.

When the sun comes up you had better be running.

Abhi said...

That was a wonderful story! Loved the climax! Could very well relate myself to the Fish!

Mishmash ! said...

Mathew, it's not just some random thoughts, this short story of yours has a much more depth and strength. You should take up writing seriously. I forgot to tell u , I happened to have a mail chat with a reader of mine and was told that she feels your writing has a VKN touch and referred your site to her nephews, so thats some real compliment and also a recongnition :)

P.S Btw, Not many get lucky to have a date with Mona Lisa, enjoy :)

jack frost said...

Thankgod u dint end the story... I was worried abt myra.
It was wise, the way you analogized wid our lives.

"every day ferry ride to office" !!!
man... what are u, some kinda navy seal?

Souparna said...

At the end of the day, its the perspective that matters indeed, but isn't always spotting the silver lining taking an step closer to denial :) ?

Was nice that you did not end it, is surprising how we don't realize that we could use some hope in life on and off.. even on the brightest day :)


Confessions of a Born Procrastinator said...

Perspective... Havent seen anyone put it better.. Maybe shud go thru a few more of ur blogs... :) Good work man

Di said...

i want a ferry ride too :((

But nice ones and where on earth did u get the idea for the names from?! i happen to like them :) The story reminded me of some poster i saw went roughly like this
"Every morning in the forests of Africa a gazelle wakes up and realises he has to outrun the lion to b able to live today..
And every morning , the lion realises he has to outrun the gazelle to b able to survive. "

Or something like that....kinda thought provoking

mathew said...

@Still Searching
Hahaha...I know that strange thing about Mona Lisa.. ;-P
Btw what are the chances of lifting the painting from the museum…I am actually looking for-ward to Disneyland…

Thanks a lot… :-)

Thanks buddy..especially to hear from someone who creates magic kaleidoscope..

@NC have put it right across..
did check out the was well described…I can use it as a reference for my trip!!
And btw I liked that story….

Most of the time I relate to the Seagull…. :-)

Your comments are big ego-boosters..thanks a lot :-)
Am so glad to hear that from your friend..please convey my thanks as well..

P.S.I might have got thrashed up by VKN if she had told him!! :-P

@Jack Frost
My office happens to be across a river...So I do have to catch a boat daily..
Thanks for dropping by…

mathew said...

Well I guess that’s a point...It is like most people believe in some things coz they badly want to believe it...It is the urge to believe in something that instigates a person to have belief in it...Its like I believe in God coz I badly want to believe there is God!! Makes any sense..?? ;-P
Thanks for dropping by..

Gracias amigo..welcome..

I got that story from Nariyal chutney’s comment above…nice one..
And Btw the name of them is actually the name of a lady sitting near my desk..Alicja..whom we fondly call…. ‘Ala’
Other one was just random.. ;-P

Anphy said...

the hunter and the hunted- dts what came to mind on readng it first

good work :)

ap said...

Always survival of the fittest I guess!!!!

Seagulls remind me of "seagull thooriyenna thonnunne" :(

ap said...

Btw hope u have a great time in Paris and get to share some stories as well

Unknown said...

Great are absolutely right, we are either trying to prove our mettle or want to taste the unknown...

All the best on the date! ;-)

Anonymous said...

and i thought you were about to make an ala-mirah! though i must say this post is certainly from the top draw of the almirah :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

clap clap.
i've been looking for a bed-time story for my son (when he is born, that is). All the stuff that's out there is too full of stupid happy endings.

PS: spank her!

Usha said...

too gud he, bhai! :)
though i must say, even i had dat 'almirah' thing ringing in my head when i saw d title!

deepanjali said...

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J said...

The grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it? This is your best piece of writing I've read to date, the story, the climax,the depth and the message have been brought out very well.

Enjoy your date, such experiences do not come often in life :)

mathew said...

thanks..yeah.but the gist of the post is actually something else..

Lol!!..I cant ever get tired watching that movie..:-P

thanks .. :-)

It never dawned on me that it will be confusing that way..

@Toothless Wonder
;-P I could expect this from you.. hehehe..

thank you..

Thanks for dropping by ..Your spam comments look same everywhere. Try out with better variety.

thanks a lookin forward to the trip!!

Rupinion said...

Ala and Myra....from the names to the description to the portrait to the thoughts...everything was so perfect...and lovely.
Mathew, you should write more of these kind among the satire posts that you stick to :-)

Perspectives...true...they make all the difference. But unless gifted, setting them right, seems to be a hard task!

Alexis said...

Exceptionally well written and thought provoking story. As all the people who have commented before me, you should do this genre also. Beautiful writing and rare insights.

VIDYA said...

tht was a lowellly post!

:) u go in a ferry 2 office... WOW!

happy travel times!!! :)

mathew said...

Thank you..Thanks for the motivation..I was infact apprehensive about publishing this post!!

Thanks Alexis..

thank you!!

pophabhi said...

Terrific build up, Mathew. Made my day. Great job.

Anonymous said...

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