Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Last week I was very busy...Work pressures...status was all getting on me. My other 'busy' friend and I had to fight out till the end. At the end of the day during the crucial status update meeting Joe said ...

hahaha.... I made 2600...I win!!...Now you have to do that online course on 'Effective Time Management' for me...

Now playing "Snake" isn't fun anymore..

Amidst this busy schedule I do browse youtube...Someone had once said that you cannot concentrate on one task for more than 45 minutes at a stretch and a break is always good for better efficiency...And usually after 45 minutes of coffee and chit chat I take the much needed break to browse through youtube...And this resulted in a amazing discovery..THIS...It was a big shock when I understood that this music was blatantly lifted for our famous GUPT GUPT!! jingle... Now I did a search in google for songs plagiarized in bollywood..The results were nonetheless startling..

Listen THIS..and THIS

Listen THIS..and THIS..

Listen THIS(love this one.. ;-P)..dint get a Listen THIS

And many more like this..well disguised in this..our own khambakht ishq and this super hit..

Thanks to youtube I was able to figure out the original and appreciate the talent of real artists..See this link for complete list of copied/inspired songs...Maybe these music directors might have given us an opportunity to hear these awesome originals in a desi version...but why did they never bother to acknowledge the original artists in the credits...Now in a time when the film industry raise a hue and cry about fake CD's..Theater prints..etc..why don't they first cleanse the rot within ...

P.S Sadly i now see many bloggers doing the same..and never bothering to acknowledge it!!


Emmanuel said...
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Emmanuel said...

Gud one!!!

see this link for more inspirations.....

silverine said...

I was surprised to hear some old Hindi numbers, because they were lifted too. I am talking of old Lata numbers. You are so right that the Hindi film industry that has made plagiarism an art cries foul at movie piracy.

I am fed of plagiarism myself. If not blatant lifting of posts, it is re written posts now :(

And usually after 45 minutes of coffee and chit chat I take the much needed break to browse through youtube" LOL!!!

starry said...

Really can they copy someone elses work and say it is their own. I have seen so many Hindi remakes of English movies as well.I don't know if they were given the rights.

Still Searching said...

I knew about almost all of them, but I didn't know about the Krrish and Kaho Na Pyar Hai.. looks like Uncle Roshan can't come up with original stuff at all!

And I knew Kambaqth Ishq was copied, but didn't know it was sooo blatant! I mean, they didn't change anything in the song really!

Unfortunately this has always been the case, which is why I have little respect for Indian music directors.. I know of atleast one tune that even A R Rehman has copied out of an African based song.. so imagine where the other directors stand!

Cuckoo said...

"And usually after 45 minutes of coffee and chit chat I take the much needed break to browse through youtube" Ha Ha... you seem to be very busy person ! ;)

Anonymous said...

2800 on my old nokia 3310!! of course lots of pausing and continuing but then i've already completed the 'effective time management' course :((

btw thanks..Can Atilla's Sultanlar Askina is an awesome song! i feel like marching after listening to that!

Rose said...

~open-mouthed surprised expression~

Zee said...

it's damn funny reading this blog without going to the links...all it says is "listen this and this...listen this and this".......

and do people copy blogs???? hain??

mathew said...

mm..i don’t think it will ever end..:-(

Oh..yeah..there are legendary music directors who have done it as well..but far and few compared to some contemporary ones..talking of blogs I don’t have to tell a serial victim about it.. ;-P

@Starry nights
But surprisingly some of the indianised versions sound better than the originals..

Imagine my surprise when I was all the time under the impression that these were originals..yeah A R rahaman did that.?? Unbelievable.. :-O

@Cuckoo know tough jet flying lifestyle.. ;-P hehehe…

Seriously…that sounds awesome..isnt..i love it too..check others from the same band!

Hey u are not supposed to be roaming in blogworld when your wedlock is round around the corner.. ;-P

Ask the popular bloggers how many of their blogs are in circulation plagiarized by the copycats… thanks..

amna said...

hehe interestng, i shud say..