Saturday, January 16, 2010

A vacation gone by..

Sometime in December in a very immaculately planned mission otherwise called a vacation this soul took the avatar of a human being in search of a precious vital element for the survival of mankind. The avatar was accepted by the ayyo paavam malayalee tribe and they sympathized with desperate search of his resulting in a pact enabling the avatar access to copious quantities of naadan food which was consumed at a alarming rate which later lead to chaos in that part of the world…Vaiko threatened with blockade of livestock and poultry supply to the state, LPG tanks were blown up in protests against depreciating stock of food and a propaganda movie was released in malayalam sympathizing with farmers….Facing hostile conditions the avatar retreated back to Hamburg where he was welcomed by a crowd waving sausages and baguettes… The avatar now looks back with fond memories of those 25 days when he was transported to a wonderland where he swam with neymeens and karimeens and flew with quails and ducks….well ducks can’t fly but hey it was a wonderland!!

Sometime early December I took the flight to Trivandrum to begin my short escapade from realities of life…Considering that I had a hectic two weeks just before the India trip as I had to travel for work in Toulouse, I slept off during most of the flight…So as I landed in tvm next day morning I was hardly tired and whisked home by Dad, Mom and Bro from the airport…After a few days in tvm I started off with the detailed trip I had chalked out..

Visiting the maxim city was a dream come true….Though I spend less than 24 hrs in the city, it was awesome to jaunt around the city with 2 college buddies who gave me a quick tour of the metropolis and I was left wanting for more…Landmarks like Leopold cafĂ©, the Taj Hotel, Gateway of India, the sea link all covered in a single evening with visits to two pubs to drink tea…err… ;-D .. A friend who fondly address his place of residence as ‘Candy Valley’ instead of Kandivili and another resident Navi Mumbai resident harboring dreams of a villa at Malabar hill never missed an opportunity to sing halleluiahs about their beloved city…It’s undoubtedly a city of contrasts which gives you the impression that there is something for everyone…taxi drivers and rickshawswallas who could teach a few lessons to their counterparts in other cities like Bangalore…witnessing a traffic jam at 1 am in the morning…finding a eat out serving fried rice and chicken at 2 in the morning….it was absolutely impressive to see a city that never sleeps…the day I left the city it only left me with a longing to visit the city again and hopefully for a much longer time…I missed meeting a good blogger friend of mine in the city too and I have to make up for it sometime!!

Arriving in Bangalore the next day…the city I know the best outside Kerala…I was happy to be greeted by more welcoming weather than Mumbai…Met up with a German friend of mine after almost a year and it was a short meet up...But very glad to meet up with her whose juggling act of doing a MBA and at the same time working a hotel left me impressed…sheer German ideals of self-independence!! I am yet to hear a Ph.D holder from India who would do that…I travelled to Mysore the same day to meet up with another old buddy….The next day morning I went to our office, the place from where I left almost 3.5 years ago…and it was a very nostalgic experience for me…the office had grown sprawling huge and the sight of the new buildings were jaw dropping…just like old times relished a breakfast at the office canteen…though there were hardly any recognizable faces insides the office anymore….I took the bus back to Bangalore to visit my grandma and other relatives…and Amma had arrived in the mean time from Trivandrum…At my uncle’s place is Bangalore I feel perfectly at home and there is no dearth of topics when family meet...Unfortunately time was short and we had to fly to naadu the next day..

Note: The new Bangalore airport is awesome…great ambience and feel and easily international!!

Meanwhile bro picks us up at Cochin and we drive down to kottayam…and we cousins did what we did best…get into nerves of the elders at home ! Ever since cousins got older, many getting married, having kids….its rare to get everyone in place for a full family get together…But thankfully except for 3 who missed out we had a wonderful family get together at a hotel in town…Like old times we cousins got to play dumb charades and pull each others legs…One of the best parts of the trip was meeting my peppy and cute adorable nieces who just were an absolute delight to be with…And my aunt had a lipsmacking kappa with yellu which I gorged in vivacious enthusiasm…Above all it was the company of loved ones that made the whole time I spend there memorable!

Being a very hectic vacation I couldn’t really relax at home...We did have a great time around with Dad's birthday, his retirement party and ofcoz christmas with family!! And ofcoz I did not miss visiting my favourite hangouts in Trivandrum….the beach, museum, the burgers in Ambrosia …A pleasant surprise this time was meeting up with school friends some almost after 10 years and one among them being a blogger!! We drove down to Kovalam beach and enjoyed a cup of coffee at dusk…And I also managed to meet mother in law of a very famous food blogger friend of mine!! :-)Being the foodie I am, I checked out my favourite eat outs there including new ones…
Note:Loved the buffet spread at the Keys hotel and the sandwiches at all spice !

Apparently this is now bro’s adopted city…and he invited me over to his place.. As they say in Thrissur, it is one city where it is okay to go round in circles! I guess Thrissurians get that one! ;-) Got to see the famous Vadakumnathan temple…whatay fabulous piece of architecture…and ofcoz other famous landmarks like Thiruvambady and Puthenpalli…Loved the local cuisine there as well…which was actually quite different from Kottayam / Trivandrum...

Though I met a fair share of hostile people in between like the rickshaw driver who was asking for 500 bucks for a ride from pattom to the railway station on a strike day to drivers along the city roads who would honk and take pleasure in breaking the rules, they were minor irritants…Travelling by bus or train in Kerala would normally not be exciting on a regular day few year back…But this around I relished the sights and the experience as much I would love going to a new place…

Well…I think it wouldn’t suffice to write how much I enjoyed the trip in a single post….Sorry to all my friends here for being lax at updating the blog and replying to comments…I have to catch up with a lot of blogs!! I was apparently not feeling positive to post anything here, the reason for which I ll explain in a later post…Wishing you all a lovely weekend!!


How do we know said...

Happy New Year , and glad that u had such an awesome holiday!!

scorpiogenius said...

Yo! The personal travelogue, and 3 of my most favourite cities in India...Trivandrum, Bangalore and Mumbai, you must've written about Cochin as well :-)

Nice to hear you had a good time back home, awiting to read the shadowy part. and 500 bucks from Pattom to TVC, thats scandalous! Our autowallahs have really learned to make merry when the sun is down ;)

Curious to know who are the bloggers you met while in Tvm, someone I know?? :)

wanderlust said...

That was a real hectic and nostalgic trip!
You were in Bangalore and I didn't know about it, ha?
Tea from pub, hmmmmm....

Shikha said...

Shouldn't this post be titled 'Around India in 5 days' or some such thing? :) you seemed to hv been running around for sure!

Anyways, gosh u made me feel like taking off for a vacation and going around tvm's beaches, and trissurs vadakkumnathan! *wistful*. And aren't family thats serving you great food and talking non-stop, such good fun? ;-). I'm just wondering though if they didn't pester you to give them all a reason to celebrate with kozhi biriyani... And the chance to pose, smiles and all, with you, decked up and grinning ? ;). Well if you did escape those questions And run away safely back to hamburg, consider yourself spared!!

Oh, visiting blore and meeting up with a German friend is cruel. What about the deprived mallus and fellow bloggers (and a combination of both like some ppl u know ;-)) who were denied ur pleasurable company??

silverine said...

Quite a travelogue! You led an exciting life! A vacation well spent is something a lot of people cannot boast of! So count yourself amongst the lucky few who have a lot of happy memories to carry them through to the next vacation! :)

And Happy New Year!!!

Nona said...

Welcome back! Happy New Year!

Ashwathy said...

Looks like u had an awesome time :-)

U've visited some of MY favourite places... and i agree with a lot of observations of urs...

Canny Ville :D :D :D LOL!!

jj said...

"Thrissur, it is one city where it is okay to go round in circles"
hehe... The famous round after all.
Nice travel round up. Simple and Sweet :)

Happy Kitten said...

Welcome back Mathew.. glad to have u back in the blogosphere after u left us all longing for a vacation!

great pictures.. nd great to read ur positive write up on India...

Ann said...

Brief meaningful one Mathew.But..t..Sighs...
Had lots of karimeen ? and duck ? horrible to cruel.By the way Vaiko and you ? haha..and whatabout the bandh that day ? hope the group the called for the same is not your category ! lol.
you been to kalavara,sagara etc ? lucky soul..

mathew said...

@How do we know
thanks a lot..wishing you a wonderful year ahead!:-)

@scorpiogenius cochin trip was restricted only to the airport..;-P
And ofcoz home is trivandrum! ;-D

yeah..the autowallahs were just being plain sarcastic..

the blogger i met was Pooja who was my school mate..and Vinu in bombay who was my collegemate...

oops...such a short time in blore..:( I would have loved to meet many in blore including the two commenters below!:)

lol!! yeah..u guessed it right...i travelled a lot this time around..

ofcoz for you , taking a vacation to these places is just a weekend it!!:)

pinee the biriyani pressures were quite high this time around..i just managed to escape! hehe

The friend i met in blore is a indo-german friend...and I knew her here...considering that am taking this as a invite..i would visit you folks next time and please promise me a grand meal..hehe..

thank was quite memorable..and hence harder to get back to the routines here..:( wishing you a beautiful year ahead!!!:)

merci..merci...wishing a nice year ahead!:)

hahaha..they are famous for twisting words!;-P

thank you...yeah..i loved trichur..its quite a charming town!

@Happy Kitten
haha..cmon i get to have it only once a year! :)

the highlight was having the karimeen polichathu at! ;-D

potpourri4mysoul said...

Wow!!! Looks like you had one awesome vacation!

Avatar, LOL! :D

Neena Padayatty said...

That is so true about Thrissur,where one goes around in circles...reading your post made me miss dear old Trivandrum...what a vacation!:)

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

nice read!

the bombay bug-once you get bitten, u always remain bitten. I too love that city!

Small Talk said...

Welcome back !!!!

nimmi said...

Oh wow!!! u visited so many places ....mumbai also :))wow

anN-series said...

i hope i am that blogger friend!!! else i will live with that misconception :~|

i am so jealous of ur vacation....i have one coming up (hopefully) end of this month!

Dhanya said...

wow u really had a wonderful time.. enjoy n have a great year ahead :)

Heera said...

so this time u visit thrissur also.....:)

hope u enjoyed ur vacation.

Thrissur, it is one city where it is okay to go round in circles"

hihih i just loved above comment... and as a typical thrissur girl... i agree totally :) :)