Friday, August 07, 2009

Queen Mary 2

This is just a quick post coz I couldn’t resist share few pics…

While I was on my way home from office as usual I was sitting at the upper deck of the ferry….You get great wind and ofcoz the tiny sprinkles of water from the boats bow sort of cools your face…I have to cross this river and I cycle my way home along the promenade…And today at a distance I saw this…

Hamburg being the second biggest port in Europe is often host to giant ships…And I often see them on the way home…It takes truly someone special to make our necks turn…And from the distance it was unmistakable who she was…

Hamburg is a port of call for the marvelous Queen Mary 2 and I usually never miss a chance to see it whenever it comes down… Somehow I had completely forgotten its latest visit…People in Hamburg welcome and see off this ship with much aplomb…In the evening there are fire works…lot of food…beer…and it’s always a festive time when the ship is in town…

So on a Friday after working late in office (6 pm is late here. ;-P)...I was lucky to have a close look at the beauty…I have seen the Freedom of the Sea (supposed to have a higher tonnage)..But it nowhere can match the charm of QM2…As our boat moved close the ship most of us just looked amazed at the size and aesthetics which goes into the shop…Inspite of having seen it several times before, it comes naturally for us pull out our mobiles to take that just one more snap..…Usually you have to pay a good amount in private ferries to get up so close…Today I was lucky to leave office just in the nick of time..;-D

Happy weekend friends… ;-)

P.S. Apologies for the poor quality of snaps…taken using mobile camera..


scorpiogenius said...


Nice shots, and Kudos to Sparkie! :)

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Compared to the other ships, The Queen looks massive! What you guys call beauty, I'm tempted to call Monstrosity! :D

But yea, she looks like a million bucks, alright! :)

Ashwathy said...

nice pics!!! * me whistles * she's a stunner! :D

sujata sengupta said...

I envy your ferrying and cycling to office everyday. I really do. The pics are great, wish I could see the interiors too..

Anonymous said...

Mathewnte saadhrana kanarulla aa oru aesthetics ee pics il missing..guess this has been taken from mobile..what a delightful trip you daily have !!

thomas said...

@ann: Mathaiyude aesthetics inte kozhappamalla athe, camera mooshamaayathinu mathai enthu pizhachu. Oru DSLR ondaarunnenkil kaanamaarunnu, mathaide super duper photography. Mathaide aesthetics il thottu kalichaal athu mathaikke ishtamalla. ;)

Alle Mathai?

potpourri4mysoul said...

Hey, nice snaps! Reminded me of the trip to my mother's place! We usually go by boat.

mathew said...

hehe..well athinte oru ticket kittayirunenkil...3000 euros..;-P

millions are not enough for this one..;-D
I would still call it the beauty rather...

LOL!! ;-P

infact i regret not having started the cycling early enough...just read ur post about your cycling days..;-)

yup..taken using the mobile..and i was taking the pic from a moving ferry...and was more immersed in watching the ship than trying to get the right shot..;-P

LOL!! athrey olludaa...angane thomachan agrees to give me a DSLR...alle..? ;-D

thank you...:-)
yeah...travelling in a ferry to a place has its own charm..kind of rejevunates the body..!

Mishmash ! said...

hard to believe that these re mobile cam shots.....!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

up and down from office in a ferry? wow ! I do envy you these rides...
nice shots taken in a moving ferry

Abhi said...

Nice snaps Macha! Lucky that you get to see such wonders in reality, that we get to see only in e-mails!

Venkatesh A.R. said...

hey Chekku, it's nice to know that you commute via ferries to office everyday. And a great sight the majestic QM2!

scorpiogenius said...

3000 Euros!!!!?? Really? For a cruise? WOW, marannekkam.. :P

Sakshi said...

Super jealous hearing you get a ferry ride and cycling to Office. Some people have all the fun!!Wow the QM2 is majestic indeed.

CK said...

I missed seeing this by a day when I was in Holland... It was in Rotterdam. I used to stay in Amstelveen (next to Amsterdam). :) Thanks for sharing this picture... Many of my Dutch friends used to show us this with pride.... :)

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

whooooosh..... 3000 euros?????
bt yeh the ship looks massive..
ur pics were gud, tat couldnt blive it was take through a mobile cam..

Happy Kitten said...

Beautiful shots...

going to the office in a ferry and then cycling....lucky u!

nd when r u travelling in one of those big beauties?

mathew said...

:-) well i should thank my handy then.;-P

thank you..:-)

hey..this has come all the way till our kochi..:-)

well i think in US you are not short of such giants.. ;-P

LOL!! after all its owned by the brits..;-D


@The Traveller
Damn the dutch are so ship crazy!! Nice to know you were in amstelveen...we could have been pretty much neighbours..;-D

@Devil Incarnate
aah..yeah..well afterall some big things do come at a big price..;-D

@Happy Kitten
ahem ahem..not that i dont mind it.. hmm..well maybe sometime..its actually a new one in the things to do later in life..;-D

Unknown said...

The third pic is really good! :)

Indian Madder said...

Great pics!!

Wish I had a daily commute that was half as exciting.... apart from the 'excitement' of dodging suicidal Mumbai rickshawallahs and bus drivers..and everybody else!!

Sreejith Panickar said...

Hmm... I was about to comment on the images. Good note in the end. :-P

She looks massive!

B said...

nice. i gotta look out my window in Hudson river for queen mary

mathew said...

thank you..and thanks for visiting..

i would like to take such a ride in mumbai!:-)


hey i think it comes there often..:-)
thanks for dropping by..