Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank grey hair yet!!;-D

It is one of those days the idea of which changes drastically as we grow up…In the beginning I never knew what was all the fuss about…As they told later I would be crying or shitting around and rest of the people will have the cake and chit chatting around…Later on , I got the whiff of things and looked forward to the cake and sharing of candies with friends…And those teenage years I cared less about the celebrations and more about any cash that would come in…Then I found the whole things pretty boring as during college I hardly cared about it and it was just another reason to hang out with friends…And then work made the day more “corporate” with the messenger wishes and official greetings from colleagues….

Now this day coincides with the one of the happiest times of life or infact one of the proudest as I have my parents here. As much as it is an experience for them, it is a fulfillment of a dream for me…Although getting them here doesn’t in anyway suffice the hardships they have gone through and sacrifices they have made in bringing me up, I am more than happy to give something back …

As another year passes by of growing older and in my case not necessarily wiser (You know I have already reached those “wiseness” limits..;-D) I thank my parents for making me what I am…it sounds so clichéd to say that, but I guess you never can stop saying that because there is never an “enough of that” for it… I thank God for giving me so many good things in life inspite of the fact that I have done enough things in life to make you scratch your head in “godly frustrations’...Inspite of having had a very selfish relation with God where I sought his ‘consultancy’ only during those crisis times and ignored him conveniently otherwise, I must say I have got more than a fair deal from him…I thank those people who have given me reasons to smile and laugh intentionally or otherwise (there are many bloggers out here who do that to me)…It could be just anyone who can do that to us isn’t ? Maybe a little kid or a dog playing merrily in the water…I thank those who have inspired me to do something good some way or the other…There are so many people out there to whom I should express my gratitude. But I rather end this post with a few lines I first heard in ‘Frasier’. These lines from a Tennyson poem are sure an inspiration to move forward as we grow older especially when it happened to me today by an year!!

It may be that the gulfs will wash us down
It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,
And see the great Achilles, whom we knew.
Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho’
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield

P.S Apologies for not responding to comments in time…I hope to get back to regular blogging next week as I ll be undergoing the transition back to the old routine of getting back to office and doing no work!! ;-D
On a positive side I have plenty of blogs to catch up which I missed over the past three weeks and I count that itself as a nice gift!!;-D


Mishmash ! said...

Having your parents with you on your special day(theirs too) itself is a real nice gift....our special wishes to the b'day boy(man?) :)

Philip said...

Happy birthday! May the Spark continue to ignite many thoughts for a long long time to come.

silverine said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Finally I get the right date :p Get off the PC/Lappie, take your folks out and have a blast!!!! And looking forward to the sparks flying here again! :)

silverine said...

No grey hair yet??? Dont tell lies. We all know you use dye :|

Hari said...


Hearty Birthday greetings to my favourite blogger!

Never mind the grey hair; just keep the grey cells in your brain intact. That would do! :-)

Neena Padayatty said...

Happy birthday Ulysses!....well,all those photos and posts u have here match the description the experienced traveler..Wish u many more sparkling years
"To follow knowledge like a sinking star
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought."

Beautiful post...have a great time! :)

jj said...
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scorpiogenius said...

Although getting them here doesn’t in anyway suffice the hardships they have gone through and sacrifices they have made in bringing me up, I am more than happy to give something back …

Wonderful Mathew!

Great thought..Appreciate it. Hope ur parents are enjoying the deutche

jj said...

Happy Birthday!
Have a blast...
Beautiful Post.
I'm sure Ma'm n Sir having a great time there.

J said...

Happy Bday, Mathew! It is wonderful that you have your parents around to celebrate the day. And be glad you haven't turned grey yet :)

Zee said...

when i saw the title of your post i thought it's a take on mine!!!!

Sreejith Panickar said...

Oh great... happy birthday to you!!!!!! I especially liked the corporate wishes and official greetings mention. :-)

Anonymous said...

no grey hair!!! I have a couple myself but they do a bad job at trying to make me look older/wiser...hrmpf! so i suffer the grey hair without the perks :-/

Happppppy Birthday!!!!!!

Seema said...

Mathai kuttikku janma dina ashamsakal. May God Bless you with many more birthdays without grey hair(s). You got the most valuable present of having your parents with you What else can you ask for? Enjoy and feel blessed!

Dhanya said...

A very Happy Birthday to a very wonderful person. Enjoy the time with your parents and come back here soon :)

Priya said...

Happy Birthday Mat:)

scorpiogenius said...

and many many happy returns too!!:))

Macadamia The Nut said...

Oooooooooh!! Cancerian???? Same pinch!!!!!

Happy (belated :( ?) B'day friend!!!!!

mathew said...

thank you very much..

thanks you...

danke schon once again..;-P
and DYE!!grr!!;-D

thank you..and am honoured..

thank you very much..I havent read Ulysses..just love those lines.;-)


thank you..and yes they had a great time here..just flew back today..

thanks a lot..

ha..not yet

thank you..

hahhaha..well i dont think that would make a difference for me either..

thank you very much..

thanks..and yes I did have a great time.. ;-)

thank you..

thank you...and yeah cancerians are a majority in blog world..we have statistically seen it!!;-D

Life Mysterious said...

Hmm, I hope am not too late to wish you a belated bday!Hope u have a gr8 year ahead, and yes, nice post.

Anonymous said...

Belated bday wishes mathew :)

Emmanuel said...

Belated wishes. :)

have a wonderful year ahead. :)

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday...
Now, I know, it's late to say, enjoy ur day..
But, I guess, u must have enjoyed a lot, as u wrote, your parents are there with you :)

Deepti said...

Belated Happy Birthday Mathew... and dont lie about grey hair :P

srijithunni said...

Nice One, mathew.. Isn`t it funny, how as more and more birthdays pass, they keep losing significance. Anyway you are looking at life in retrospect.. and that`s nice..

I could feel your sense of pride, with a tinge of envy too, honestly speaking, on seeing the snaps in orkut. :)

P.S: Oh and yeah I forgot, Happy Birthday..! :)

Have Fun, take Care and God Bless!

With best Regards,

Mampi said...

Happy Birthday, I am a recent visitor to your blog, but it being your birthday, I thought I should come out from the shadows and wish you best.
Its a nice blog, Liked it, the grey hair thing reminded me of a post i had done a couple of months ago. You might like it

Abhi said...

Santosha janmadinam kuttiku, Santosha janmadinam kuttiku!
Belated wishes mathew bhai. Hope u had a blast n ur parents enjoyed the way their son celebrated his bday:).

PS : I'm a firm believer that grew hair is a sign of wisdom:). Think ur dad will agree with u on that:)

Usha said...

oops! seems like im late to wish..
i'm sure u'd have had a happie happie budday, mathew!!
God bless! :)

VIDYA said...

Hey looks like am the last one to wish u this yr, ve been trying to comment on this blog for a while now, but my connection wasnt k... hope u had an AMAAAZZZZING BIRTHDYAYY!!! abt te grey hair, have u checked prply??? :D :D

hey and yea!! u r taggggedd!!

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

Belated Happy Birthday Man.

Anonymous said...

Hullo! Been to your Ambrosia blog before, after reaching their from many other blogs. Commenting here since I see you share my birthday! Belated happy birthday to you and to me, for I dont think I wished myself that day!

Anonymous said...

I meant 'there', not 'their'. And I am using another comment box to say that! Sheesh!