Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eight!!..Ate what? or you mean hate what..

I was tagged by Thomaaslehaa who is one of the best new blogs i have stumbled across in my blog hopping routine…And it is indeed a honour to get tagged by a fellow disciple bro!! ;-D
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.
4. If you fail to do this within eight hours, you will not reach Third Series or attain your most precious goals for at least two more lifetimes.
And my brain has very little ideas these days that even a "bush" brain might look einstein like! , It is a welcome break to do a simple tag and here it goes..
1) I can sleep almost like dead…My alarm clock was famously decimated by hostelmates once for waking up the entire hostel but me…and famously slept “Raa” shaped to avoid the water when some folks actually poured a bucket on my bed.

2) Generally I am not a serious thinker guy, but at times typical cancerian traits kick in and I get contemplative and emotional...

3)I believe , I have become a better person in the last 2 years...seriously!!

4) I love to cook food for people I like…It feels gratifying.

5) I used to be a hardcore news fanatic trying to catch hold of news from where ever possible..reading as many magazines as possible(remember week-outlook incident),. Somehow lost the passion over time. And same with cricket except for a one off match. nowadays replaced by youtube and blogger I suppose.
6)I cant stand child abusers...there is nothing more criminal than that.

7)I am missing living at home with parents..and hopefully should be bringing them here sometime next is very dreamlike for me considering I never imagined it could materalise...It would be great to feel like coming back home from office.(folks who do that..I envy you) .

8)My Polish wife says “Cześć Panią poznać” to you…and I guess it means “Czech panniyee puzungu”..or as she swears that it means “Hello..Nice to meet you”

Taking a break from the routine, I would pass on this tag to people who are a cancerian or an aquarian!!
P.S. It happened in office yesterday..My friend was spelling 'Funeral' to another colleague over phone...F...U...N...yes yes in FUN!!
P.P.S. There aint any like Madhubala these days!! :-I


Rupinion said...

wow for #3. It would indeed be great to feel so!
And #7.Come back home from office...something I dream of...for so many years now!

Seema said...

Am still LOL at the Rule# 4
"slept “Raa” shaped to avoid the water when some folks actually poured a bucket " - ROFL
On that trait 4 :) Brilliant !
I latch on to You tube even in office these days ;) being behind websense and yet getting it done is the kick!
Child abuse 'criminal' …actually words fall short for that one!
Yes, coming back to folks at home is indeed a great pleasure..Ive learnt it the hard way and enjoy when you have them around next month:)
PS - Parents coming home to a Polish wife ;) LOL…most interesting!

Deepti said...

Child abusers shouldnt be left alive .. seriously :(
And great your parents are coming to your palce.. nothing like seeing their broad smile when you get home right? ( Psst.. have they learnt Polish?" :D)

mathew said...

oh yeah..i think we all in our initial enthu to live independant forgot about the little nice things about living home..

Parents coming for the baptism of my elder son 'Kpnokwezciczyk thankachen'.. :-D

your office probably the only one in the whole world where youtube is still not blocked..!!

The sad part is such crimes are rarely reported as they are simply to scared or too innocent to realise they are harassed..

and yeah they are polishing their polish a bit!!;-P

broca's area said...

nice one!!! u are a kumbakarna???

jj said...

lol Raa shaped...
I am guilty of 'Ga' shaped!
Don't know how many times, my folks have pointed out that what I'm doing is gonna have its longterm effects on me during old-age!
hats off for #4
#8 ROFWL...

Child abusers, they should be hanged to death.

Mishmash ! said...

Halons :) appa & amma varunno ? how cool! Understand how proud and excited u re your sunday evening snack time luxuries will be an everyday luxury once they come..:) I am waiting to read what your amma says to ur polish wife when she listens to her DIL :D

P.S Sleeping Raa shaped...hheheh...:)))

VIDYA said...

:d heheh.eeeee....

hmmmmm Ur wife 'polishes' ur shoes 4 ya ??? :-p

Child abuse doesnt always get reported, whch is prbly why ppl think thr arent much crimes of tht genre in india. The culprits should be killed.

thomas said...

Aah! We are the disciples!! The "czech panniye puzhungu" was too good; I actually used a translator to check what that really meant, but could only find that "Panią" means Mistress. I've been noticing the recurring Polish connection in some of your posts; hope the Polish wife doesn't strike you with a pole for your english to czech translation.

thomas said...

I meant czech to english translation, but applicable vice versa too anyway. :)

P.S. Blogger and youtube is a real time killer for me too!

mathew said...

Hehe…sort of..

Its goin heights…”Ga” shaped..! too much..
I always used to get scolded as a kid for not sleeping face looking at the roof type..

Halons…!! 
I think I ll give them much needed rest here…and serve them nice German beer and wine!! Hehehe…
And yeah Polish wife will definitely learn to make “Avial”

Yes really…it aint bad in the west either..there are enough sickos out here too..

:-O…I have quite a few polish friends here in office..and there ends the polish connection…their attitudes are very Indian like unlike rest of Europe…
Often felt the urge to ask them..”Polandil enthu sambhavichu!!;-P”

thomas said...

lol, that's one of my favorite movies, "sandesham". -- "Polandine kurichu nee onnum parayaruthu, athenikkishtamalla"

Schaan said...

Hey how can one sleep "Raa shaped". I mean I also pride myself for my sleeping habits but dozing through a bucket of water is still a distant dream.
Hail O'mighty Kumbhakaran

Abhi said...

Awesome facts. I remember u telling about a scandinavian wife some posts back. Anyways kollam. I envy you for getting ur parents with you. Wish i had my parents with me too. Hope they agree with u naming ur kid xyz thankachan:). I can't get youtube in my office due to the limited connection speeds. But surely blogger is a timekilling mean:)

Preeti Shenoy said...

I am with you TOTALLY on child abusers..My blood boils at the very thought.Last one was too hilarious.

Sreejith Panickar said...

Mathew! YOu are the king!!!!!!!! Loooooved it!

Anonymous said...

when did u get married?? :O

mathew said...

Hehe…am 99% dead when I sleep!!;-P

Oh..athu divorce aayi..;-P counting days and fixing up plans when they get excited as well as they are.. :-)

mm..I think it is obvious that every one hates such people..but the way we raise our children at least in my times were not sensitive to the possibilities of such crimes..!!

Married…well got four kids too…and elder one is writing her SSLC this year!!
C’mon…hehehe….i was just kidding..;-P

Anonymous said...

Last I heard, Germany-ilum Poland-ilum SSLC illa. So what's your teenage daughter going to do for her studies?

Also, I don't think Mallu mums get along with Polish daughter in laws. Hmmmm. Or do they? Oh yeah, I know a Mallu guy who's married a Polish girl (well, you know Mallu guys. They would marry even from Timbuktu. A couple of decades down, maybe even from Mars).

But anyways, maybe the prospect of a mum-crossed-with-Polish-dil is not so bad after all. Enthu parayunnu? Poland-il enthenkilum sambhavikkaan nammakku try cheyyaam? ;)