Sunday, December 09, 2007

Being un-eeek...

Just when I was hopelessly running out of ideas to blog I got tagged after a really long time by a blogger who can write blogs out of thin air…Abracadabra …just like that!!

The tag sounds simple and should have been a cakewalk for rocket science experts like me. But the ‘unique’ clause in the tag made me ponder a bit… Neways here goes the tag.

5 Unique Things Found in My Room

Since I have changed house thrice over the past one year, I don’t really have a room which is close to my idea of a room…Nevertheless I guess like all single guys who are lazy enough to polish their shoes by nonchalantly brushing on those bristles on the elevators, there is always something special in our rooms…
  • F.C St Pauli scarf...Not a football buff but love the ideas what the club stands for.
  • A Mozart memorabilia miniature violin which I bought during the recent trip to Austria...Got to parcel all the stuff gathered over the last few months else I ll have to check-in at the airport carrying a 60 kg baggage and pretend I never knew that they allowed just 30 after all..
  • Highly confidential documents printed from the office printer about places to visit during Christmas…
  • A trainer cycle which is a unique decorative item in the room. There is always a next day for starting the exercise...right?? ;-P
  • A bottle of ice-tea which is such a good drink when you are watching television.

5 Unique Things Found in My Bag
  • A ‘Saint Nikolas’ chocolate gifted by a colleague in office. It looks so good that I am having trouble to eat it.
  • It sounds so girly, but I carry a Vaseline lip balm because it gets so cold out here. ;-P
  • Any novel which I always carry in case I get bored. right now its “My name is Red by Orhan Pamuk”
  • A small pic of Mother Theresa
  • An airplane model which I got to gift to a family here…

5 Unique Things Found in My Wallet
  • Visiting cards of travel agents who can give me tickets for 0 Euro but with taxes and surcharges of 100 euros…clever eh..
  • A washing machine coin which I need for washing clothes here.
  • It is silly…a bit of paper with bank account numbers...I have never managed to remember all those numbers even till now.
  • Old Indian sim card ...I was supposed to be abroad for three months and I assumed to use the old number once I got back...But it has been a long 16 months and I still don’t feel like throwing it away.
  • A million one of those rich dudes kind…driving Porsche’s…dining at the Ritz…flying private jets…yeah all these after I cash that piece of paper (they have written on the lottery, the first prize is a million Euro)...I was joking...hahaha...I don’t need that money!!...No..No..On second thoughts, I don’t mind… ;-P

I will pass on the tag to new friends in here… abhi..Ann..Regil..Elijo and Zee.. I am sure i can carry on this espionage and submit the reports to Agent Silverine who is doing a psycho-analysis report on bloggers..


Emmanuel said...

yeah....the "unique" word is a hurdle...... :) but...kollaaam....... nicely written....... :)

Emmanuel said...

btw, u have given the hyperlink for Ann wrongly.....or am i mistaken????

mathew said...

thanks..yeah..i had put it wrong...hoping to see your unique take on the tag..:-)

silverine said...

This was a nice coming out of the closet kinda post :p

I too bought miniature Guitars from Bali and my highly confidential printouts are mostly recipes. Good one, more so because of the 'unique' element in it.

anN-series said...
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Cinderella said...

The million euro thing really was unique...and the mother teresa pic was cute !!!!
And btw, I wanna know soemthing about your Agent Silverine, what kinda psycho-analysis she/he does btw....he he!!

Cinderella said...

And yeah....about the girly unique thing....I think more and more guys are getting metrosexual/girly these ?
And if you think its girly then temme what flavour do you have ???

srijithunni said...

cooL.. as usual signature mathai humour..!

I dont even have my own room , or a bag..!:( Hey i too should get one photo of mother theresa..! nad yeah i too love iced tea..!

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless..!

P.S: me bloghopping after long.. i know this sounds lazy, but will get on with your tag soon..!

With Best Regards,

eljo said...

Dank u wel... Shall do the honours of the tag pretty soon. So many girls already tackling you on the vaseline bit. I shall pass this turn... will pull your legs on an other occassion ;-p

J said...

Oh, you carry vaseline, huh?? :) The meme was funny!

anN-series said...

everybody talking abt vaseline..i desperately need to delete my comment!!..i too have my old indian(now dead) SIM card..i was talking to my best friend till the flight door closed and the airhostesses began their 'safety demo dance'..still keep it for the nostalgic value it holds...

amna said...

hehe, good one!

Mishmash ! said...

hey, just wondering if you have some anecdotes to share with us from ur initial days of stay in germany , in terms of language trouble (if u had any)...I dont know if you have already scribbled such stories...its just that i dont remember any ever since i started following ur blog, thats like for almost an year would be a real fun read when you dress it up with ur signature touch :)


Nanditha Prabhu said...

enjoyed reading your"being un-eek" tag!

Still Searching said...

Yup, exercise is always better postponed for another day!

Coin for washing clothes? Now thats unique! :)

Hey, I totally understand how you can't eat a choc coz it looks too good! I also have the same sort of trouble in burning candles which look pretty! lol!

Kusum Rohra said...

Apply glycerin to your lips before sleeping that will help better than the vaselin.

-Expert in all matters of Skin/Beauty/Brain care.

mathew said...

Sorry for the delayed reply to the comments

Thank you..yeah she is more into crime and all…like studying criminal psychology and all..;-P
Hahaha..and I never knew there are flavours…I think its white and the plain one..

Thanks..nice to see you after a long time..

Hehhee..i should have guessed that coming…;-P


Hey safety demo term..but I love it..i try to look all eager to learn the exit routes..;-P


@Mishmash has been a long time..and I guess I have a good share of funny experiences here will the language..will write one soon..:-)


@Still searching
Yeah..but that guilt doesn’t last long know..;-P

Lol!! Thank you Miss ‘fair and lovely’..brain care..ROTFL…

Zee said...

in case u have those million u doing!