Sunday, November 04, 2007

Vielen Dank!

Today is special on three counts. . First I saw a crocodile flying in air and it gave me high fives before vanishing in thin air...And secondly I got a bundle of three million Euros in the bus which I used for buying a 30 percent stake in Becks…Thirdly I got secretly married to Vidya Balan...Okay no more kidding… ;-P

Today is special coz I finished 2 years in the blog world and this is my 100th post in blogger(lazy me adding up number from other blog as well.. ;-p)…

These two years has shown me an amazing mix of creative...humorous...sarcastic... beautiful...touching...informative and gratifying posts…It has helped me with a 360-degree perspective of many ideas. Many concepts which I previously saw in one dimension now looks more clear in the three dimensional view…I have had a hearty laugh reading many of them...sympathized with many of them…looked in awe at many of them…felt hungry at many of them…and occasionally got angry with some of them…

Looking back I realize that I never did bother to thank the many people who write these amazing blogs...and many people who have spend at least a few minutes of their lives reading this blog...This post is dedicated to all the special people who have come by this blog at some point of time…I also would like to thank a few special people whose blogs as well as their personalities that I admire…Thank you very much for all the lovely posts and comments…


More than a blogger he is an inspiration. And am sure all fellow bloggers would agree with that. His sense of humour is amazing and his posts are beautifully detailed…And not to mention his naughty surprises like Sixela Noel. Maybe having studied in the same college I feel a deep sense of nostalgia whenever I read his posts... I admire his will power and his strength to face adversity head on...I wished he blogged more often...Once in a while I re-read his old posts and still never get tired... Wishing you good luck for your new book.


Her blog is any day my all time favorite. Someone who writes with amazing consistency and each post of her is a gem. Her humor is free flowing and she can make us laugh even with most trivial of topics... She was one of my first visitors and probably I might not have been blogging now but for her first tag… I often wonder how can the same person write both Poomanam and Think Pad. She is a truly gifted writer…And bud if your blogs are being plagiarized and you get ridiculous comments it is just the indication of how terrific your blog is!!…This is a blog that I don’t miss checking out every day.


I think he is the blogger most alike me…Coz when I read some of his entries, it almost feels like he is reading my mind…There seems to amazing synergy the way he thinks and I can easily identify with it. His writings are honest, clean and laced with a no frills approach making them a terrific read...On a lighter note Jiby is as confused as I am with life!! ;-P


Mash chechi is probably the sister I never had. J Got to read her blogs quite late...In the beginning I used to drop by her blog just to get some recipes .It was almost like a quick sprint from the kitchen...“ohh ookk...2 teaspoon of coriander and then”… ”Grate coconut”…
“Hey Sunil..grate coconut..”
“Oye…Being mallu doesn’t mean you have to say Great coconut...stop glorifying!!””
Over a period of time I took time to enjoy her posts and then realized the narrative was as good as the recipes...Her comments are very morale boosting and I identify a family like attachment with her comments. I wouldn’t recommend this blog to anyone else just coz it will leave you starved with the god awesome dishes on display!!


Ex-college mate...Though never knew her back then coz I was the studious rank holder types and I was always in research at the Sallap labs...oops…Machine Labs!!…;-P
For introducing me to the gems in blog world. Poor lady the blogger block in office has stopped her blogging. I found the first three blogs after blog hopping from her blog...She used to drop by my blog when during the initial blogging days out of 100 hits 99 were mine and one was from her!

Almost identify her as a twin of Mishmash. I usually don’t like reading philosophical stuff, although I like to write fundafying stuff...On a serious note her way of expressing complex thoughts through simple stories makes them a great read! The food for thought is expressed in beautiful stories without making the reader feel like listening to a sermon…

I know it is difficult to thank all here considering there are good number of blogger buddies out here like Kusum..Jac...Keshi...Sreejith...NC…Velu...Neers...Venky…Ruchika…Abhi…zee…Di…Regil...Aravind…Vidya…And many more to whom I want to mention my gratitude…

To all bloggers buds danke..


All anonymous commenters and readers for dropping by.

My friends Vishnu, Vinod and Vinu who drop by occasionally…I know these guys are too lazy to comment…but still thanks idiots!! ;-P

My Mom for instilling my love for the English language although sometimes I feel she is being paid by Oxford to find grammatical mistakes...(.Are all English teachers like this?;-P)

Thanks everyone...cheers…
(P.S. am dead tired after the paris to check out all the blogs i missed for last few days..:-))


silverine said...

awwwww that was so sweet!!

Congratulations on completing 100 amazing posts. Your sense of humor is terrific and your serious posts easy to understand and very thought provoking.( There you have an answer as to how I write TP and Poomanam :p)

Thank you for the kind words and keep writing buddy. Looking forward to a 1000 more!! :)

p.s. Yours and Alexis blog are the only two blogs my second bro likes and has the patience to read :)

Rupinion said...

Congrats to you!
Though the numbers never matter, its amazing to see the quality and the well balanced mix of humor, satire, creativity ,philosophy (??:)) all in its best form maintained for such a long period.
Hope to see the same for even a longer period too...
and yes, the Paris trip travelogue is pending too! :)

Alexis said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. It takes a lot of determination and creativity. I don't know how Anjali is managing two post per week. I am still at 92 posts even after 2.5 years.

Thank you for mentioning me and for the nice words. And for the wishes. The two books have been completed, they are released and are doing well. Currently working on the companion web sites and instructors' manual for them and on another book and a few articles for a couple of magazines, hence the periodic absence from the blogosphere.

I wish you all the very best and expecting many more post from you.

Abhi said...

Really enjoyed reading this amazing thank u note! I thank u for providing readers like me with 100 posts. Even though i've not had the patience to read all the 100, i'm looking forward to more such posts and awesome recipes like the BEEF Malarthiyathu!

I did ask my mom to make it for me, bt then she said i'll have all the time in the world 1se i was alone to try these recipes whenever i wanted!

The collage was really awesome! Vasanthan sir wd be proud of u!

Unknown said...

Congrats, on the milestone!

quills said...

Congrats! :)

And yours and Anjali's blogs are where I go when I need to forget everything else and just laugh out loud.

Keep writin.

Adorable Pancreas said...

I'm in there too. Awww!

Congrats! Century adichallo. Treat venam. :)

Dhanya said...

Hey congrats for the milestone :)
Yours posts are simply awesome.. Keep going..

Jiby said...

congratulations mathew...i have seen you grow into a terrific writer...keep writing...don't let all the muck that life might throw at you affect your writing like it has done to me.

am just beginning to wonder...if we are all still blogging after say 10 years...haha...what kind of stuff will we be writing about???

once again really happy for you...a day worth celebrating more than birthdays or payraise or promotions...cheers!

Cuckoo said...

Congratulations on 100th post and for completing 2 years in blogosphere.

Your blog is no less than other. I wish you all the very best.

"Tum jiyo hazaaron saal, saal ke posts ho pachaas hazaar".

Mishmash ! said...

Even this "Thanks Giving" speech of yours has a Mathew touch :)) Heartfelt congratulations on the 100th post and I really wish to see your articles in print form somewhere, getting due recognition, as you always got that "spark" in your posts. Its not just me who enjoy your posts at home, sometimes, I show those awesome posts to my hubby too who also is appreciative of your writing.

Danke for all those very sweet words, let me just say, feeling is mutual :) pakshe chechi ennokke paranju enne orupadu vayassi aakkalle, veruthe enkilum njan cheruppam aanennu vicharichotte, though i know i can no longer brand those two silver hairs , under the "baala-nara " category :D

DO write MORE and wish you all the very best.


Mishmash ! said...

Forgot to ask, how was your date, I mean with Mona Lisa :)

Anphy said...
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Anphy said...

the collage was good(btw was really surprised to see my name dr)
u seem to be totally jobless to sit and do dt one :P
keep on blogging

Anonymous said...


Confessions of a Born Procrastinator said...

Hey dude...

Thanx fer the mention... Din kno ppl knew dat such a blog existed... :)

Well... congrats on the 100th post... and all the best fer the 101th... supposed to be special fer some reason to us 'Mallus' u kno... :)

Emmanuel said...

that's great...... :))) wish to see more gems from u.... :))))

and the people u have mentioned make blogdom a wonderful place along with u....... :))

Emmanuel said...

ho....congrats parayaan vittu poyi.......Congrats on ur 100th post and completion of two years....:)))

ap said...

Congrats on the 100th post ....

Hope u had a great time in Paris..

neermathalam said...

Wow...100 2 years..of blogging...!!!!

Envy u...

way to go frnd..happy birthday 2 u...
and happy 2 see ma name on the collage...felt so special...;)..

I didnt do any favour..2 u by reading your blog..but infact you wrote all these that made me so happy...Thanks for that...

VIDYA said...

WOw!!~~~!!! congrattssss..... on ur 100th post. :)

looking frwd 2 loadsa more intersting funny posts here, your 3 dimensional view of thngs s amaing. :)

mathew said...

Merci Madame... I am really honoured by that ;-P

Thanks a lot..yeah..I guess it gives me a chance to re-live the trip! ;-P

hahahaha..Even that’s a astonishing fact for me as well…I have come to conclusion that they are twin sisters writing different blogs under the same name. ;-P
thanks a lot!!

thanks a lot dude..obviously I must say u are not supposed share these exotic recipes with others ..they are for exclusive delight or plight of the readers here.. ;-P

thank you..

Thanks a lot..I hope to see u blogging actively again..I loved your old post before you started on a clean slate again!!

hahaha..okies.. please do have a nice lunch at Taj Kovalam..You can say my name when they ask the bill..the kitchen there is quite good actually..!! ;-P

thanks a lot! :-)

mathew said...

Ayyo..I cant imagine myself doin blogs 10 years down the lane..even if I am there then I would be probably blogging on ‘Good baby food for Kids’ ;-P

Thanks a lot cuckooji.. ;-P

hahaha..Probably you should feel lucky that I didn’t address you as aunty..hehehe..That’s what I nor-mally do considering the trauma I have gone through after kids called me ‘uncle’.. ;-P
Btw Mona Lisa date went well but I was more impressed by alive french ladies outside the museum.. ;-P ..

Infact I have tried to put in the name of all people who have come by here..And yeah I had nothing else to do when u are traveling with a laptop with not a single movie in it!! ;-P

Thanks a lot!! Hope to see a blog of your soon.

Thanks a lot …:-)

Thanks a lot..:-)

@AP was nice and tiring as well..Paris..Versallies..and Disneyland in 3 days can take a toll!!
Thanks you.

Vadapoche said...

Congrats dude! Keep them coming.

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

Congratulations Mathew :) , Write More and all the best :-D

jac said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats

...and my wishes for another 900 by the time you get too old to write or she will eat you alive if you keep writing.

Thank you for keeping me in your mind buddy.

Some times with your humourous writing, you tickle my brain cells so much that I just keep on laughing.

Thanks buddy and keep on.

Anonymous said...


And thanks for all the awesome posts...U have an amazing sense of humour :)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

Congrats on your century post!
I am both honored and flattered! Thank you for those kind words!I too would like to write with a touch of humor and satire, like you! but there can only be one mathew ! and i end up sermonizing! thank you for enduring my sermons....
So you have coupled me with mishmash ..."appool njanum oru chechi figure aano?" anyways ! I love her posts , so that was making me feel good again!:)BTW, I amd mishy have lot in common.. we were in collage together for three years and now we live in neighboring states!
your collage looks very nice! you have a great way of making people feel special!Keep up the spark in you! Let it kindle many more sparks!

Anonymous said...

Glückwünsche!! Always loved this space.. i still laugh at the "The Old Monk and the Sea" and Bagpiper jokes :D not to mention listening to Ceddin Dedden everyday! thank you! do know a lot of sreejith's!

starry said...

Congratulations on completing your 100th post and two years of blogging.I love reading your posts because ther is always a sense of humor in them. looking forward to reading more wonderful posts.

Still Searching said...

awww.. thank you!! thats so cool that you're celebrating your 100th post too!! sorry I didn't come by earlier though! Thanks so much for all your awesome posts, and also now for introducing me to some other awesome bloggers through this post! congrats on the century, and hope there are many many more to come! and hope i'm around to read them! lol!

Zee said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww thank u thank u for mentioning my name! i feel like a celebrity!!!

congrats on the 100th post...i have miles and miles before i sleep....

Anonymous said...

Karunajalations :-) Waiting for more from you

Di said... name is there too! :D ur welcome!! ;)Keep writing doood.. :) (thats the kannada version of dude for the uninitiated)

How do we know said...

Congratulations boss! And i love the idea of thanking other blogs on ur 100th post! Super!

Venkatesh A.R. said...

buddy.. congrats on your 100th blog and 2nd year here!!
your blogs are amazing and refreshing to read thru..
and despite being lazy to blog, you were a real source of inspiration for me to start my blog!!
All the best dear, and wish to see more and more of your blogs!

Anonymous said...

Good going. You are evolving really well as writer. Thank you for adding me in the collage. And sorry for being late. Was off the Internet for a while. Anju informed me about your milestone and I had to drop in to wish you

Princess Banter said...

My good... 100th eh? Damn you write a lot :P You better keep it coming for another 100! ;)

mathew said...

Thanks a lot!!

Gracias Madame!! ;-P

@Jolly Roger

Thanks a lot..

Thanks a lot…I hope to be motivated enough to write.. :-)

@Silence Killed
Thank you.

Hahaha..okay..i ll take a couple of years off your age!! ;-P
That is great that you know each other..So you can drop often at her house to savour the food!! ;-P
Btw thanks a lot equally flattered too..

mathew said...

Hahaha..thanks..check out ther other Turkish songs..they are awesome too..
And yeah you are the third Sreejith I know!

@Starry nights
Thanks a lot.

@Still searching
Check out the other blogs I have linked in the post..they are must reads..
Btw thanks a lot.

Hahaha..may be when u actually to get to be a celebrity please send me a autograph please.. ;-P

Thank a lot.

Hahaha..i know Dood..i was in mysore for about a year,, ;-P

@How do we know
I thought I should have thanked them long time back..thank you..

Thanks bud..btw please don’t tell that I inspired you..can u freaking think how our classmates guffaw at me then..hahaha..

Thanks a lot for dropping by..Am honoured that you took time in dropping by here..Btw I just guess your son did finish the boards with flying colours..
Heyya..thanks are a fellow procrastinator like me in blog habits.. ;-P

Anonymous said...

what camera did you use? these are beautiful pictures!

mathew said...

thanks a lot..its a SOny DSC H2...i was lucky enough to see some exotic places..and the snaps would have been nice with any camera..:-)