Friday, July 13, 2007

New 7 blunders of the world!!

These days I see lot of fuss about the new Seven Wonders of the World...People are going crazy over it. But I do vehemently oppose the list they have come up with…Taj Mahal doesn’t look better than my College building for sure. And they named some 'Wall' as a wonder.. Do you believe that?!!! There is a wall near my home with a poster of Panniyan Ravindran plastered on it…Why can’t it be a wonder too! And what is that so special about pyramids??.. They are actually an irritant in the beautiful Sahara landscape.. Colosseum something slightly bigger than the dilapidated well you find everywhere in Kottayam.. And what is Machu Picchu..Some kind of fish?!! In protest I am bringing with my own list which is way far better than the official one..

This is one of the most ancient wonders probably as old as the dinosaurs…People from all over the world especially from Kerala have looked in awe at the most stunning grin on a human face.. The old warhorse of the hand party and his handpicked son is a treat to watch for their politicking jugglery skills...This dude is admired for his love of furniture’s especially “chairs” that generally occupy a particular room in the Kerala state assembly..

An outstanding example of niche idiotic statements and blunders. The shining jewel of American politics is unfortunately the only qualifier from Texas.. In-depth knowledge of Mesopotamian civilization is his strong point which is fairly obvious by now.. Whaddya buddy, lets have some Persian carpets for your white house too..We gonna miss you from next year..You gave us so many laughs in your press conferences!!!

Probably the only person who got richer going to prison and for sure something no one else could have pulled off with more panache…She might be Paris..But her name strikes a chord all over from Los Angeles to Kesavasdasapuram..Most likely to topple Eiffel tower as the most popular symbol of Paris..

CBSE has announced that the biology text books have to be republished after they discovered existence of the new largest mammal on land mass apparently dislodging the elephant which we all learned all these years.. Hey you can’t escape without paying your due’s to Kerala’s own Marylyn Monroe…

P.S: Apologies for not publishing full snap. The Microsoft windows cannot handle large pictures

A actor who has redefined acting and instilled emotional upheavals among the public .Posters read.. The Lawyer in as Rajni!!..The Doctor in as Rajni!!..The anti-social in as Rajni!!….I fall on your feet my BOSS!!

A sound which could attract extra terrestrial species…Last reported that NASA might be employing him soon to contact with aliens using specific frequency sound waves which even the most sophisticated sound machines are not able to generate. Although several state of the art Bose speakers were damaged when his neo-nasal frequency waves were broadcasted...Experts fear that the sound waves might bring back even the dead alive..

The average malayalee is definitely the new age wonder..This unique breed of people is a paradox..Communist at heart but his brain thinks capitalist. I have always wondered at the wanderlust malayalee whom you can find from a hospital in Scandinavia to a tea shop in Argentina. I wait for the day when all the fuel in the world is exhausted and some brilliant malayalee will come up with a fuel made from coconut oil….We zimbly rock!!

P.S.please take the post lightly..No offences meant..Cmon who blames Paris Hilton!! ;-P

P.S..I find it funny the way media writes about sporting events these days

Day 1:Sania cruises into second round of the French Open :-)
Day 2:Sania breezes into the third round of French Open :-D
Day3: Sania crashes out of third round :-(

The breeze that cruised and!!


Nanditha Prabhu said...

7 blunders of the world " tharthittundu".nalla adi poli post..
enjoyed reading it !
selecting the 7 wonders of the world has turned more into a reality show..
njaan blogroll cheitootee?

Di said...

After Shivaji..i humbly bow to him tooo..Hail Shivaji! :P

Alexis said...

Mathew you are impossible!!!

The first paragraph was an excellent one. And I completely agree with your selection.

Apologies for not publishing full snap. The Microsoft windows cannot handle large pictures ROFL

BTW the is done...

Alexis said...

Oops...what I meant was BTW the tag is done. Sorry

Venkatesh A.R. said...

Chekku, u r simply amazing in thoughts and words!! kudos dude!!
karunakaran n bush were awesome..
- Venki.

mathew said...

thanks..always a pleasure to be blogrolled!!

Hehehe..yeah.but I liked Dalapathi..

Yeah..and that building Colosseum is not yet fully constructed..atleast it should be in good shape!! ;-P

Nice surprise to see u here..thanks dude...

P said...

Lol!! Funny as always!

silverine said...

This was an exceptional post! Besides being a funny compilation it is quite telling of our times. The last person on the list, should also figure in the World Unsolved Mysteries. Kudos!!

(Right now my heart is on the verge of collapsing due to a name I see on the list. If you guys dont see me anymore it means I have succumbed to sorrow. Good bye cruel world ) *sob*


silverine said...

p.s that observation on the media is spot on and I have wondered why these guys rub their nose in the mud everytime.

Dhanya said...

A real funny post. All the selections are simply superb, but the most ancient wonder tops it all ;)

Anonymous said...

Very funny Mat. Enjoyed reading it...

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

Too good man..too good.. Ancient wonder of the world, hilton, .. U rocked :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

The first one there is a runaway hit! quite a prehistoric wonder he is.
And Shakeela probably would have sure won the polls if they took a text poll on that.


Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha... can't stop laughing. You are too good at it. How do you do that ?

even the Sania Mirza was a hit !

flaashgordon said...

Perfect 7 man !! absolutely perfect 7 ...And the number 7 was especially an awesome choice...heheh

Mishmash ! said...

Mathew,After reading the post, if one of your readers share this post with another one saying it's a fun read, then I guess probably thats one of the best compliments a writer can get...I did that after reading ur post...asked CJJ (my hubby:D)to read it and he was laughing while reading, especially with 1,2, 4 :))

srijithunni said...

Cool!, that`s truly a fun post..! You`re really good at this, math..!

With Best Regards,

Rebelzz said...

Oh thankfully you did not publish a full pic of KErala's very own Marilyn Monroe!

Anonymous said...

that was an awesomely ( lack of more normal adjectives) funny post. 7 blunders, so true. each of them

How do we know said...

Mathew: how DID you manage this HUGE upgrade on ur sense of humour? This one is Hilarious!!

Princess Banter said...

Hilarious! Love the list -- but I think you ought to bump Paris Hilton to the first spot. She doesn't fail to make a fool out of herself. I almost pity her cuz I really think she doesn't have a clue...

mathew said...

@Perspective Inc
Thanks… J

Thanks bud...
That was a nice one...Unsolved mystery for sure!!
I think the list won’t change much in the years…maybe the names change but we will always have caricatures like this!!

Media is losing its teeth with the kind off ‘story creation’ tendencies that are so prele-vant!!

I don’t have much to say about that wonder…speechless!!!

thanks bud!!..btw cant access your blog via the comment link!! L

thanks dude...But I oppose if you say anythin abt Hilton!! ;-P

@Toothless wonder
Lol!!She could have become the first woman president of India when she was at the peak of her popularity!!

mathew said...

thanks buddy..btw I wish Sania won a grand slam!!

Number 7..I knew I could count on good ground support!!!Hope thattukadas are run-ning in Japan too!!!

Thanks a lot…I was afraid it was a bit too sarcastic. Glad that Mr.CJJ enjoyed it too!!…

thanks dude!!!

Lol!!..yeah it would have become a scandal..But u sure are a loser since your missed out on Sivaji!! ;-P

thanks a lot..Btw Appooppan sugam aano!! ;-P..couldn’t help askin it..hehehe..

@How do we know
Thanks…well it is sad that these guys dint come in the original list..They came up with half-complete buildings like Colosseum!!!

@Princess Banter have put it spot on..when someone doesn’t have a clue abt oneself!!!well good entertainment isn’t it!! ;-P

Keshi said...

Serously FUNNY! :)

** Apologies for not publishing full snap. The Microsoft windows cannot handle large pictures


I agree...Rajini is a living God ha!! He can do anything...even make sounds as he whisks his hands duhhh!


N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

Mathew :) , Nice post everything from ageing war horse Karunakaran to Himesh bhai :P. But Average malayali is not a new age wonder , he is an evergreen wonder since thes etraits were being shown from the time of our forefathers :).

Karu bhai's grins are missing tehse days because of the political under currents in the malluland :) and Himesh's sound bytes may not bring back the dead alive because they wont come back to earth ever to hear him and they are already start runnning away from graves when he startssinging :)

The Black King said...

Hahahhaa... that almost rivals the original in its brilliance! Too bad we didn't get to vote ;)

Keshi said...

ty Matty for dropping by!


wanderlust said...

haven't stopped laghing.

Anonymous said...
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B said...

:)) very funny post. lovely. :D:D i need to know the name of mallu marilyn monroe :))

Anonymous said...


I think Mathai is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Mishmash ! said...

Mathew, just saw ur message...I was kidding :)) But still I think you can taste that (if not a teetotaler:P ) if u re yet to give it a try,it's Kirschwasser or Kirsch, a brandy distilled from sweet or sour cherries...though I wanted that for making black forest cake, for which kirsch is used, you may try that for a local flavour...from what i read, i got an impression that it's a local drink like our 'kallu' . sometimes it's served as apertif and sometime s as dessert wine......I have no idea how it tastes like !! :)
Btw, enjoy as much as Black forest as u can,while at Deutschland , as they 'belong' there!


Beena said...

ADIPOLI yalle mathews inte writing..
i enjoyed this post..

gasmutai said...

Chekks... me puttin u up for the new 7 wonders due NEXT WEEK (?) :-D

ne coding nirthi ithu thudangunnathaa nallathu :-D

Neer said...

*wolf whistle* you cheeky, you!

crumbs said...

"CBSE has announced that the biology text books have to be republished after they discovered existence of the new largest mammal on land mass "


i second ur "make mallu the 8th wonder" motion!;)

Jiby said...

superb selection man, too funny and awesome timing...a perfect post in all ways!!!

loved The Lost People post too... you dont get to read stuff like this in newspapers, and that is why blogs rock...the observations you made really touched me...cheers to the lion-hearted nuns!

Mind Curry said...

awesome dude :) was laughing so much..

jac said...

Hello !

Meesa !!!! How dare you mock at my leader ???

You made me laugh at you doorstep itself, matt!

You know something meesa ? In Victoria Island area, in the city of Lagos Nigeria, I met a malayalam working in a cheap fast food joint.

I was taking pics and asked him in my accented tongue where he is from actually. He acted strange to Malayalam and replied to me in stuttering 'Eebu' language, which is one the for popular langs in Nigeria.

When I answered in pure unadultered 'Eebu'...he was flattered speechless in two seconds and showed me the most famous Mohanlal smile to switch to pure Malayalam.

What do you say to this malayali ??

Kusum Rohra said...

Apologies for not publishing full snap. The Microsoft windows cannot handle large pictures


Great compilation. This one goes straight into my next year's loony mela collection :)

Zee said...

very cool blog u have here! and cool 7 blunders....

though u must visit the taj mahal to actually feel the aura around it...

quills said...

Man...this is one of the funniest posts I have come across in a loonnnnnng while. Can't stop laughing...thanks so much coz I was having such a lousy day so far.:)

Abhi said...

Vann post! Enichu ishtapettu! Ennalum KK Topping the list is a sure pleasure to read! He's gonna be there for years to come! Pinne loved ur comment abt the Largest Mammal on the face of earth! Was surprised that Paris Hilton also found place in ur list! Rest is too good! Esp the icing in the cake-the Avg Mallu!

Still Searching said...

Haha! Very cool list! I think the Paris Hilton and Himesh Reshammiya ones take the cake! :)) Good one! Am blogrolling you so I dont miss any new posts!

Anphy said...

Namichu :D
Real good sense of humor

mathew said...

Ofcoz…Legends can do anything!! ;-P
The sound is actually created because the wind energy generated by the movements of hands are converted to Sound energy!!

@Nariyal chutney
athe athe…evergreen wonder…Karu bhai is not even heard about in the media these days..Has he finally lost all hope…cant be!! ;-P

@The Black King
Thanks..yeah you have a chance to vote amongst seven I have nominated!! ;-P


@Red Soul
No way..That name will cause unnecessary hits to my blog..I already know of few bloggers who have had the same mistake… ;-P


Well I have already started investigating if I can get that..Black forest pastries I have had enough of it by now!!..way different from what we get back home…

mathew said...

Thanks for dropping by!! J

mm..I think it has been long since u blogged..when is the next one!!!


Thanks…Btw I had taken up your tag…I was dumb enough that I forgot to tell you that!!

Thanks man…athe I just cant stop praising those nuns…Our existence is non consequential com-pared to what they do!!!

@Mind Curry
Thanks a lot!! J

mathew said...

Welcome back boss!!
ROTFL!! I have had this trouble..A mallu from UK.comes to Germany..meets this mallu..and we talk in Hindi..Can you believe that!!! ;-P

Wohooh!!Kusumji finally clears her exam!! J
Thanks a lot..fellow loony!!!

Thanks for dropping by..
Btw I always wanted to go Taj..which I think might be a good idea after marriage..Just fake her into believing that I will build one like that for her too!!! ;-P

Thanks a lot..Hey would like to see u blogging actively again..Miss reading your blogs!!!

Thanks a lot..KK was an obvious choice..let see how far he can entertain us!!

@Still searching
Have you tried google!!;-P kidding!!
Thanks a is always pleasure to be blog rolled!!

Lol!! Well I hear lot of people saying that to me..hehehe!!
Thanks for dropping by..

jac said...

With my globe trotting, I could beleive anything, buddy... LMAO

Hey matt ! I have a surprise in my blog for you. Check it out.

cm chap said...

Awesome Dude!!

Arunima said...

hahaha...awesome going to read you regularly from now on..hahaha...thats it cant write as am still laughing


Anonymous said...

humph! ithiyaanum (apoopan) njanum ippo separated aa. anger shariyaavillenne! ;)

Durga Nandan said...
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Durga Nandan said...

great man!! real great.. :) wonderful humor. :) -DN

Unknown said... was too good chekks...amazing imagination !!really great..

My Dreams said...

yesturday i saw yr blog...great..each each topic different and superb..this one is really good

Natasha said...

Simply the post while in office..too bad i couldn't laugh out loud.