Saturday, February 10, 2007

trinity tag.......

The lord of small fundas tagged me with this filler tag. A trinity tag of sorts!!

Three things that scare me
Some of the scary things look less scary by the day... Like when I see myself in the mirror everyday…otherwise those consistently scaring me are..

1. Friday 6 o clock call from manager
2. Ballaya movies
3. All insects bigger than an inch long

Three people who make me laugh
Tough one, But those that are near the tip of my tongue..

1. Few bloggers with their sense of humour
2. Jon Stewart
3. Jagathy Sreekumar

Three things I love
So many of em..If I can detail things out it would get really I love masala dosas served in arya nivas…but generally..

1. Fridays.. I could not change this one
2. Sleeping in a boat after a sumptuous lunch.
3. Roaming aimlessly in the parambu at my native place.

Three things I hate

1. Cleaning up the kitchen
2. To show fake camaraderie to people I hardly know
3. Excessive hatred to anything

Three things I don't understand
1. What woman wants...but then that is a universal puzzle
2. Why I am doing a job I really don’t like.
3. Why our politicians still get elected every other election!!

Three things on my desk
1. One airplane model
2. A laptop (my company owns it sadly)
3. A basket of cello tapes.. Scissors. And other office accessories

Three things I am doing right now
1. Checking mails
2. Talking to the Polish lady nearby
3. Watching the snowfall outside

Three things I want to do before I die

1. Buy the best suit for my funeral!!
2. Show parents Europe
3. A dozen kids may be… :-P

Three things I can do

1. I can fly a sukhoi
2. I can go for a date with VIDYA BALAN
3. I can attend a meeting without listening anything

Three things you should listen to

1. Your conscience
2. Chitra’s Voice
3. Osho rhetoric’s

Three things you should never listen to

1. Hugging and swaying swamis
2. Himesh Reshamiyya
3. Indian politicians..esp those in my home state

Three things I'd like to learn

1. How to forgive
2. How to say 'NO'..a art it is...
3. How to ask a girl for a day out

Three favourite books
I am finding it tough to answer these questions..Neways..
1. Shantaram
2. The kite runner
3. The Idiot

Three favourite food

You devil..I hate choice sometimes…still
1. Kappa with fish curry
2. Appam mutton stew
3. Chicken biriyani

Three beverages I drink regularly

1. Coffee - Tea *4-5 times a day
2. Apple, guava or pineapple juice
3. Vanilla flavoured milk

Three TV shows/books I watched/read when I was kid

1. Street Hawk
2. Tinkle digest
3. Giant Robot

Three people I like to tag.

anyone bored
anyone overworked
anyone who had idli for breakfast today.. :-P


Cinderella said...

I stopped taking braekfast 4m my PG 2 days back cz she had been Idlis everyday for 3 days in a row...!!
Now you're telling me this ??!!!!
How are ya btw ?

Priya said...

Mathew: All 3 things about you is just beautiful.

We all love fridays, wonder we elect the same ppl' over and over again, What women wants ( now a days only few other women knew it), a dozen kid- hehee good for the tax thou', thank god didn't ahve my idli for breakfast.

alakananda said...

tee hee . jagathy, giant robot, and tinkle. same pinch. :)

VIDYA said...

'2. I can go for a date with VIDYA BALAN'



jac said...

Matt, I think you are a very clever guy. LOL
You have already done it now right here.
Somebody will come up now saying
"Matthew chetta, gnan undello ivide, pitnnenthina vere date" ?

Enjoy the bliz !

silverine said...

Ask a girl out for a day? First ask her out for the evening :p And plisss dont mention about the dozen kids...or you will scare potential missuses away :p

Nice one..has inspired me to take it up.

mathew said...


I miss idlis these days..thats why i put up that..neways doing good..btw why dont u take up the tag..

@Priya a dozen a few short!! :-P




hehehe..i never noticed that..ah next time i come to chennai..cya.. :-)


oops..only if i had the guts..hehehe..kochu gallan!!


yeah..would love to see your version..yeah i was wondering whether a dozen was way less!!!!

Alex said...

Jagaty-Oh yes.... :))))

Airplane model..hmm...which plane??

Sukhoi?? really?? WOW

starry said...

Loved this tag..interesting.Love Fridays too.

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

Kappa with Fish Curry , I have started missing it deraly after reading ur tag :)

Keshi said...

Very interesting answers Matty :)

**What woman wants...but then that is a universal puzzle

hehe. Cos women r deep and emotional creatures. Complex stuff :).

U hate cleaning the kitchen? LOL!

btw r ya scared of roaches? I LOATHE em. I'd die if I see one.


Mishmash ! said...

"......2. Sleeping in a boat after a sumptuous lunch..." Thats heavenly!! Reminds me of our house boat day out at the aleppey backwaters , relishing a yummy "Oonu" with karimeen fry..and being caressed by a "kaayal-kaatu"!


b v n said...

"Sleeping in a boat after a sumptuous lunch." and parking the boat by some shaap in the evening and sleeping completely OUT in the boat...oh you are a romantic :))

Anonymous said...

Buy the best suit for your funeral????

I knew u were crazy!!!! But u dnt have to prove it EVERYTIME !!!!!



Lidia said...

hahaha- hilarious!

"All insects bigger than an inch long"
This reminds me so much of my dad. He's a prison officer and is strong and fit and occasionally scary but he jumps at even the smallest bugs! It never ceases to amaze me!
And the "what women want"...i don't even think women know what they want!

How do we know said...

Mathew: Stop reminding me of idlis and dosas in this land of punju food!! Esp. when I m dying for it!

Neer said...

cool tag! coolly done!!

mathew said...

thats sadist..u make me feel go back home!! :-(

Lol!! good imagination!!..

nice to see u back...need more blog entries from u!!!

@tohou lidia

Prison officer!! i dont have to feel sad about admitting it!!

@how do we know

moi aint in a better position either!!...atleast u get punj food!!


how did you celebrate ur birthday..can I have a piece of the cake!! :-D

Sreejith Panickar said...

The universal thing about 'what a woman wants' was great! It is a perplexing thing, surely! :P

Of late, bit of cooking and recipes too.... hahhaha

Studying or working in some hotel in Germany? ;)

Neihal said...

Street Hawk I watched, it was about this super bike and a guy whose face I dont remember seeing,his helmet I remember :D,
I was barely 4 or 5 then, and only watched it coz all my cousins would watch it and we had to enact scenes in the evening. :)

Neer said...

hey friend! thank you for the b'day wishes!

Mellowdrama said...

hehe..I followed you advice and updated my blog. Btw I still read tinkle,when I hop across to the library - Man i love supandi. Ah I liked the kite runner too..tho the ending was rather cut and dried didn't you think? And what the heck are Ballaya movies?!!!!

Alex said...

Which plane?? [Again]

Alex said...


Dude. No issues. We all skip things. :)

And it is the first time i am talking to a pilot. The feeing one gets when he/she is flying it. WOW

Which of Van Gogh's did you see?

So, you have toured pretty much a lot of places. That is great too.

mathew said...

Lol!!---moi not a pilot! :-P
I dont have guts to fly a aircraft..hehehe..

I just happen to be in the Airbus plant in Hamburg..

I dont remember the name of the Van Gogh I saw..I was already saturated with brilliant pieces by rapheal and bernini!!

Alex said...



I happen to be assuming a lot today or wishing rather.

mathew said...

@starry nights

I think there is no one who doesnt love fridays..maybe the business guy who has to ponder over lost revenues...


you have no much i miss them as well!!


i expected this from you!! :-P

mathew said...


sadly working at times..pondering a career shift to hotel industry!! ;-P


yeah..enacting giant robot are fresh in my memory as well!!


where is the cake!! :-P


A exotic actor who makes u believe realism is nonsense!!nice to see u back!!

Natasha said...

Himesh Reshamiya....thats a good one, and I concur :)