Saturday, November 05, 2005


Hey lets have a dash today and have a party!! C'mon we will have a trip to Bangalore and just hangout at the great places...stroll the brigade road...Go to movie with popcorn in hand and sway with the music...Play pool for hours... Watch F1 on T.V...Play computer games...Message funny jokes to each other ..Have great food at some upmarket restaurant.. Engage in hot debates on why we lost the match ?..or on Who is the better actor -Shahrukh or Salman..?
.I believe these describe what we are today! Its the world we love to see everyday!! Only difference is that the pattern changes with age.

Let's see the flip side.. The other side what we see and yet comfortably choose to ignore.. The little girl asking for alms in the train. .The beggar who disturbs us by looking infectiously while having pepsi in some roadside cafe...the kid who is serving you tea at the hotel.. the girl who is selling nuts at the beach.. the skinny guy lying in hospital with no one attending to him...the lame man asking alms in bus stops...

We bother to know how Beckham lived his childhood.?..What Sachin has for breakfast..?.What Aiswayra Rai is going to wear at the awards. .But we including me never bother to ask the past of those mentioned before.. Maybe thats not our responsibilty ...Maybe our parents didn’t show the other world.. or Maybe we think its better to turn a blind eye on such things...or even Maybe we believe that we wont be able to make a difference..

I doubt whether I have become so indifferent to the realities.. Sometime I think it another way- God taught us to do no as long as u dont sin the ten commandments u are ok.. He didn't make it compulsory for us to do something good. .So I am living the way I am supposed to be.. We visit holy place to hear what is good and what's wrong. but these are things which each of us know. .only we need to ask our conscience!!

I sometimes feel really ashamed when I feel that I cant respond to situations which demands compassion and sacrifice...not because I am not capable of it…only because I choose to see the other way!!. We go to church and temples but choose to ignore the stark realities when we face it...What’s the purpose in living such a life where the ultimate aim is our own well being!! I feel like a sinner in every way when I choose to ignore each beggar...when I knowingly choose to ignore the ill person in the hospital...Then there is no point in feeling pity unless I help him out.. That’s what I wish to do and wish everyone did..- TO ACT !!

If u visit any hospital we will see the truth we are searching for.. We pray to reach heaven after death. But the truth is that both hell and heaven happens to be here...but we choose to see only the heaven. but the one in the hell knows how painful it is to be a reject in the society, to be all alone!!..We are actually living in a bed of roses and enjoy the beautiful world as it is. But the thorn pricks those in the hell..-those who have long forgotten how nice it is to be alive. We should at least provide them a cloth to quench their sweat..

We try hard to be someone in society, earn money and status. .thats pretty a dream we all share. I dont say there is anything wrong in it. But along with these aspirations why cant we be advocates of the downtrodden and the hapless.? Why cant we lend a helping hand in whatever way we can...why cant we buy the little boy in the hotel a shirt with the money we spend to go for a movie with friends..? Still we think someone else might do it. But deep in my heart someone asks men why cant I do it?..I do feel without answers many a time. We should enjoy the nice things in life but at the same time help someone to share our joy!!

Friends we are living in a small well. We must see the ocean to believe its hugeness...we are in a nutshell of pleasure and happiness whose value we will know only if we come out of it .The satisfaction we feel in helping someone is something bigger ..the returns are bigger than what we ever expect to be. It is something we must experience to know!!

Although many may think that some fool is giving a sermon...what I got to say is that its is only something which even a fool can do. Just pray for those people if we cant help them......


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silverine said...

hey Matts, loved this post!! So so true!!

p.s why dont you delete the spam comments?

mathew said...

Oh.thanks a lot for frequenting the older pages..I had just logged into blogger then and never bothered to remove them..

take care..:-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post.