Saturday, July 12, 2008

Deal ya No Deal? its a TAG!!

While our country is facing dire straits politically, it is time for us to get into serious business like doing tags…

As we see the Left is pursuing a “Karat and Split policy” with the UPA because for them Nuclear is NO CLEAR!!!

I don’t know whether the deal is good for us or not…but you can’t bully the government sitting outside the fence and yet wanting to call all the shots….Well I don’t want to talk much on this and let me get back to this simple tag from Saphire ..Danke schon!!;-D

8 things I am passionate about

  • India (When you are staying abroad you become more conscious and proud of your country)
  • Jews/World War 11
  • Being Honest
  • Fair Play
  • Water (that’s a passion for beaches, river sides..or even beer ;-D)
  • My family
  • Do more and preach less
  • Staying happy

8 things I want to do before I die

  • Travel places (Brazil/ Norway/ Kenya)
  • Help a kid have things which I missed out in my life.
  • Change my job (It aint that easy..i need tonnes of motivation there)
  • Learn a musical instrument (preferably the Piano)
  • Build a house of my dreams
  • Get Budweiser to open outlets in Pattom
  • Have a coffee in Café Nervosa with Dr.Frasier Crane and Dr.Niles Crane
  • Meet Jodie Foster

8 things i say often:

  • Jeez/ Ente karthaavei / Eeshoyee
  • Aahsooo (OK in deutsch)
  • Shytzeeii (another therri which my german colleagues taught me)
  • All Right!
  • were u saying?:-I)
  • Spaari/ayyoo/edei/nanaavilla alle?(lots of em not used these days coz of scarcity of mallus around)
  • Chao/ schuss
  • Yaa....yaaa...

8 books I last read (not reading much of late..)

  • My Name is Red
  • Anne Frank’s Diary
  • Lufthansa In-flight magazine
  • Air France In-flight magazine
  • Any body Out there

8 songs i could listen to over and over again(I like this part though found it tough to list just 8)

8 people i think should do this tag

  • Anju (I have talked to her manager and she has been given a day off for doing this tag)
  • Philip (now take a break between your beers ;-D)
  • Josmy (What say about a jinx break)
  • Neena (The Bower is getting more exquisite there..)
  • Emmanuel (das perfekte social observer with a dash of sarcasm)
  • Ann (A passport-less Indian fugitive on the run)
  • Srijith (The poet and story teller can take a tag too)
  • Jina (The doc says she has to undergo 599 tags before attaining salvation)

P.S. I ll be off travelling again..this time for work… :-( .Hoping to catch a leisure trip in between..Hope I get lucky!! ;-D

See what some bloggers go through..Plagiarism is common place in blog world..some are accidental...some correct it...but some have the least bit of guilt ...


Preetha Nair said...

I went on saying "me too" to most of the lines you a have written..
specially the songs list and the musical instrument part...!!

silverine said...

I have done this tag some time back says my Boss :|

"Hope I get lucky!!"

he he wish you all the best! :p

Philip said...

hehehe..will do the tag. finally got something to do over the weekend :)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Hey nice book list. Esp th in flight magazines. I'd myself nodding when i saw the lie enjoying his life part n th musical instrument thingy, but it's a guitar here. :) I wanna be a rock star screaming @ top of my voice, rather than the more subtle pianist. :)

I'll give anythin to see that Budweiser opens an outlet @ pattom. I thought Jodie Foster was from the runes ages, seems u've not moved on :)

ursjina said...

hehe..:)i think im rite ther..[for salavation] i mean...:)

mathew said...

yeah..i can listen to these songs for ever!!

oh is it..I havent seen this tag in either of your blogs..thanks anyways..


yeah..Guitar was my initial choice..but growing older man..You can play Piano till you are 60!!;-P
Yeah..Jodie Foster is like frozen in memory!!


scorpiogenius said...

Budwiser opening outlets in Pattom??? This is our own Pattom in amchi Trivandrum you are speaking about????

Too tall, Mathew...too tall a hope...:))

With all our fundamentalists, communists and such tradition watchdogs(hail 'em) in situ, I think Sakhavu Keshava Pillai landing in Mars would be a more realistic wish...:)

usha said...

in-flight magazines? teehee.. for me, it's only the newspapers these days. they don't quite qualify as 'reading material', do they? :P

aawaaz do humko - one of my old time favs.. lemme go find it in youtube n listen to it now.

you have a happy trip, mathew! :)

mirage said...

hi mathew,Wish u good luck for all ur wishes.The tag s interesting:))


emmanuel said...

When I saw your comment, I thought you mistakenly commented at wrong place. ;) Thanks for the tag. Will do it.

Btw, I always think whether any prayer has the effect of "ente karthaavey" and "eeshoye". ;))

SilenceKilled said...

"8 things I am passionate about

India (When you are staying abroad you become more conscious and proud of your country)"

Lots of people, you are staying abroad have told me this... Wonder, how come the song "yeh jo desh hain tera, swades hain tera" didn't make to your song list :)

Srijith Unni said...

Mathai, wonderful tag.. Beautiful song selection there.. Thanks for tagging me.. I'm sure a number of things are going to be the same for me too. Shall do it soon.. :)

Have FUn, Take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards,

Jyothsna said...

Interesting tag... did nod my head in agreement to a lot said here. Oh, the songs list should read 18 or 80 not 8....esp when we listen to songs in more than one language!

Neena Padayatty said...

Anticipatory bail for any thing that will repeat itself when i do that tag...:)
Did u mean "Ayiram Kannumai" or all songs in "Nokkettha doorathu.."?
Thanks for tagging me.will take it up soon :)

Praveen said...

nice list of songs and name is red is my fav:D...

pinne...pattom aanalle veedu...njanum avde thannee:d...

ee post entha infyblogsil idaathathu?

VIDYA said...

:) nice tag.

mathew said...


LOL!!..yes..but still hope is always a hope..

yeah i dont even read newspapers days!!

thank you..

"ente karthaavey" and "eeshoye" are not about the effects..its called 'word therapy'!!;-D

I love that song..but avoid it to stay clear of home sickness!!

thanks..looking to your tag..

yeah..i was finding it real tough to choose the songs..i can easily come up with a list of 50!!

yeah i meant 'Ayiram Kannumai" ..but infact like all the songs because it reminds of the late 80's and early 90's...

looking forward to your tag...

I stay in a place near pattom..
And regarding the secong question, coz it was just a filler tag!!;-P

thank you!!

Mishmash ! said...

"Spaari/ayyoo/edei/....? " Spaari.....athu njan edakkokke evide veettil keetittundu......along with kidu, kidilam....:)))

Dont u want one 'Ambalappattu' at ur Germam city? :)

Hope u get to read more in-flight magz during this travel.... :D

Sreejith Kumar said...

Ho back here after sometime and this one caught my eye. Tag time everywhere! Good job mate... I especially liked the songs you have listed... :-) Nokketha doorathu song must be 'aayiram kannumay' alle?

saphire said...

:D gud job! i like water tooo...except i cant swim to save my life(he he..) and beer is well..not exactly something like..

and u stole one song..aawaaz do humko! god !how i loved that song and the picturisation and the lyrics! :)