Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gucci in Kochi and Ramachandran's in Paris!!..a long way to go..

(Words & music by Ettumanoor Epachen)

As the rain falls
On a cold and gray kottayam mornin
A poor little baby child is born
In the slums
And his ammachi cries
cause if theres one thing that she dont need
It’s another hungry mouth to feed
In the slums…………..……………….

Sounds familiar…eh….Poor Elvis might haven’t in his wild thoughts guessed his song could be rephrased like this...but anyways if Elvis could inspire an entire generation of malayalees to sport his trademark hair style why not his songs too…Well if you still havent got it check your daddy’s album when he was the dude in college flashing his bell bottoms and huge broad collared shirts.. Our parents were defintely fashionable than us...The gypsy era inspired many of our uncles to sport ridiculously outlandish haristyles and moustaches..

If yellow trousers and red shirts were fashion statements then, I was wondering how colorful our streets might have been those days…Thank god when I look at the albums of those olden days most of em are black and white.. Else I would have been “color blinded”..

Sadly our generation has to be so careful with what we wear...

If you wear maroon shirts or sport a rainbow colored umbrella you could be stared at because they think you are gay or wearing a red shirt means you are labeled as a commie..
And if you have all your hair cropped to the middle you could be a nazi and more dangerously sporting a long beard means you could be a terrorist..

Ah..My lucky dad!!..He dint have to bother all these things..Times have changed and now what you wear and how you look talks a lot these days..

When I look at old Hindi movies, it reminds me that Dev Anand had a amazing fashion sense...Inspite of his immense dislike to stay “vertical” while standing, he defintely would have walked the ramp today. Those colorful scarf’s or was it hankies and his extreme tilting skills esp. in the songs..

And “Gabbar” Singh in “Sholay” with his kanpur textiles jeans is defintely more rough than akshay kumar in his ruf and tuf…Don’t be sad southies…we were even more stylish!!!..Now how do we show in movies the hero is a super rich and fashionable guy??..Stick as much silver and gold foils on the clothing..And when this hero goes to discos all that bizarre light shines on him and he glows like a star!!Our own MGR...Prem Nazir...etc were specialists of this technique..But since all that glitters is not gold many of our heroes preferred the bare chested horse riding techniques to show masochism..(You know who am talking abt).

I shouldn’t miss out telling abt Helen or Seema chechi (you see it is there in the respect ;-P)
Half the budget for a movie those days might have gone for cartloads of Cuticura powder to make the heroines "fair and lovely"...Getting tanned wasn’t the buzz, I swear Mallika Sherawat would have been a huge flop back then!! My uncles would defintely spoof at bipasha basu prancing with Prem Nazir!!

Fashion has come a long way..

Amma still scold me when I shell out 1000 bucks for a pair of faded jeans.. How can I convince her that faded jeans are stylish and like dudes say ...”the in thing”.. ;-P

Dad sighs wishing that his son wore starched safari pants. .He still thinks that Sarkari Babu Safari suit is hot...
I find it hard to convince that a torn jeans (with those slits near the knees) is more costly than one which is not torn..
I remember when I tried wearing tight T shirts to college to show my amazing well toned fat deposits my mom would scold me for wearing a blouse…

Italians and Malayalees will vouch for oil dripping hair.. C’mon we are a oil rich country and we love to flaunt it…Each malayalee is packed with enough oil to drive your car a few kilometers more in case you run out of fuel..How enterprising people we are..!!

Was just wondering a conversation I ll have with a junior Mathew some years down the lane..

JM: “Dad..u got any of ur 80’s jeans”
M “:cough cough..why son?”
JM: “ah..they say it can fetch a fortune in the Sotheby’s!!”

Now next time u throw away ur old jeans or shirts...Just think of the fortune you could make out of it...

Recently a large influx of American Britney spears look-alike tourists were noted in Kerala. The government set up a commission to study the phenomenon. Interviews suggested a dirty secret...

“Malayala Melodrama” came out with a full length interview as well...

MM global correspondent from cherruplassery:”maydum..What attracted you to the place..Is it the people or the lush green terrains of gods own county?”

Brenda Cathy (all giggly):”yo..Doodle doo…I love Johnny Depp and I found many people similar to him…they all look damn hot and that attracted me to this part of the world”

Global correspondent Shashi Nair:”dank u maydum…could you please enlighten us where u saw the look-alikes”

Brenda Cathy:”well.!!.You can see em everywhere. I saw many just outside the railway station..They all had that sexy rags.. and tanned unshaven faces.. long twined hair.. most of had those sexy flat abs too”

They have an exotic kind of rap music...sounding like “Ammaaaaaaa…Ammaaaaaaaaaaa

Global correspondent finally found that the poor beggars in our towns were considered fashion statements inspired by the pirates’ of Caribbean hero..My dear Brenda Cathy only if you knew that they were a struggling people try to meet ends meet and those flat abs aren’t a result of liposuction or diet control!!!

Fashion has come a long way.. Religious symbol have become style icons..The holy cross has become cool!! T shirt flaunting Ramayana painting and other gods are a rage .. Let see how much can the generation next surprise us with their idea of fashion.. Will it be colorful like the 70’s or will they go for the ultimate fashion statement., “Just like u came here in your birthday suit”

Btw happy fools day for all…I love this day…it reminds me to stay foolish!! ;-P


priya said...

That was soooo much fu to read mat.. Talk about faded jeans and which guy says no to that huh:))

silverine said...

"Malayala Melodrama" LOL apt!!!
I just have to look at the teens in my family to see the trends. A couple of gelusils tabs will help you digest their fashion sense :p I still remember my ungles wearing those large bell bottoms! I thought they were cool! Today I can't believe I thought 'em cool. Nice post!

btw I think erstwhile Malayalam super star Satyan is hot!!!! So does my mom :p

Alexis said...

Mathew you are impossible... still ROFL.

Nice post and nice memories. Bell bottoms and stone washed shirts were very popular those days. And the song by EP rocks :-)

Priya said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog...not an artist. Trying to be a scientist. This piece made an interesting reading today.

mathew said...


hehehe..exactly it leaves no scope for reasoning!! ;-P


ROTFL..sathyan of all the old mighty mallu dudes.!!

yeah..even i thought bell bottoms were cool..but now I just cant believe i thought so!!


No Alexis...why do you still think about singing and shuddering with fear!!

yeah..when I see some of old snaps.i just cant imagine a street with all those Sukumaran style look alikes..


thanks for droppin by..

I really thought those were professional..excellent ones!!

Di said...

he he...btw bell bottoms arent totally out-of-fashion yet..only now they are called boot-cut trousers.. ;)and god!! old mal heroes..they just take my breath a not-so-nice-way.They looked 50 even back then! :O

Nariyal Chutney said...

:D , Half of my older aunties who went to college in 80's think Jayan his red color shirt aqnd white pants were so hot :D. You have missed the J heartthrob in the post :). But I still have a crush on so many heroines of that golden era. It never mattered what they wore :) and think they are sexier than the current crappy gals :) in Mallu and Indian movies.

Mishmash ! said...

Kottaymkaran Mathayikuttee, evidunnu kittee ee narmabodham....?? whether u write a post or comment, I start giggling :))
Well, talking about fashion,sometimes I wonder, looking at the teenage fashion, whether i have gone old fashioned or outdated and now u re saying .."....Let see how much can the generation next surprise us with their idea of fashion.." Makes me feel that i am getting old !!

Wishing u Happy easter...heheh, I am imagining u devouring those "assorted animals" till the last bone :))


Keshi said...

Matty u know they wear ts here that's got Krishna/Shiva pics :)


Umesh said...
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Umesh said...

Brenda Cathy and her love for malayali Johnny (kutty) Depps made me laugh like mad. Good one.

Anonymous said...

"Each malayalee is packed with enough oil to drive your car a few kilometers more in case you run out of fuel"..hahahhah ...hilarious .........