Thursday, April 19, 2007


I usually find writing tags quite a cakewalk. .But this one is a bit difficult coz I ve been asked about my dreams and when you talk about dreams I must admit that I rarely get to see the climax in most of em. .I sleep off before it..

I was tagged by a blogger who is some kinda cuckoo who flew over a nest.. ;-P

Name the person who tagged you
Describe what you are asked to do, in this case describe your three dreams / desires nightmares or a combination of them .. whatever you want to tell.
Tag three or five people

Sistah dream..

Odd it might sound I always dreamed I had a sister..or rather I wished I had one. Just like any dream I don’t find any logic for such a dream. I guess I craved for a sister coz at home we lived like in a Men’s hostel with little or zilch stress on things like decorating the house or gardening and bare minimal niceties. Although I hate all those colours like ‘Pink’ or ‘Yellow’ and words like ‘cute’ and ‘chweet’, I like when I see, How Sisters are protective of their brothers.. How sisters make sure that birthdays and other special events are memorable.. At my home we did things more functional without any spice or without being overtly expressive.. I find that at homes where there is a bro and a sis there is so much mutual affection in spite of the bickerings and never ending fights ..I know it is hard to believe that someone can have such a weird dream like having a sister that never existed!!

“I was there finally” dream

Another dream which is purely selfish and which recently was fulfilled. I always dreamt of visiting Switzerland someday.. Never thought that dreams could come true until this visit happened.. This dream was sparked by the heavenly chocolates that I got from a phoren returned relative.. I just wanted to be in a place where I could have chocolates for breakfast ..chocolates for lunch..and chocolates for dinner.. Dream was modified recently after I discovered that Swiss wine is equally good!!

*Default dream* for Men

And like every sane man I dreamt a lot of getting beautiful damsels like Vidya Balan, Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore and some err a bit costly machines like Porsches and Lamborghini’s…Well I can sing ballads in praise of these beautiful creations by God…And well some of my dreams are purely based on revenge.. While I was in school I dreamed that I would one day get to throw my maths teacher down in a well…It was sheer delight to visualise that!! Neways I have forgiven em all ever since I discovered calculators..

I would like to pass this tag on to people who rarely get time to dreams.. Dreams should just happen by..There are times when we have pre-processed dreams just to make us feel good..Keep dreaming...

Just anyone who feels like sharing the dreams can take up this tag!!


Princess Banter said...

I have a list of dreams too -- the most popular of which is to be able to travel to as many countries as I can all over the world. Or if I wanted a more realistic one, at lesat visit all the continents (except antartica) before I'm 30. Are dreams called dreams for a reason though? I'm still hoping that at least some of them would come true...

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

And like every sane man I dreamt a lot of getting beautiful damsels like... cool list :-)

May your dream come ture !!!

Cuckoo said...

Heyy Thanks for doing the tag. Got to know more of you.

While you can still fulfill other dreams, I am sorry you couldn't throw your maths teacher in that well. :P

Alexis said...

Nicely written... And changing from chocolates to wine was a good one. Damsels, Porsches, Lamborghinis,those are the real dreams :-)

perspective inc said...

Lol@ default dream for men!

silverine said...

I sleep so deeply that I rarely dream! And I understand that craving for a sis for I always wanted one too and my cousins who dont have a sis have sort of adopted me as one ( mainly to see that there is someone to arrange for their get togethers etc :p )

The deafult dream for women is sponsored by M&B! Period. :p

A dream that I used to get quite regularly was sitting at the exam hall unprepared! Drove me nuts!!

Good one, bought back some hitherto buried memories :)

Srijith Unni said...

*Default dream for men* -- Lol!

Switzerland also sounds dreamy enough..! Nice tag, mathew..!

Keep dreaming..!

With Best Regards,

Neihal said...

I dont have a sister anf for some reason I never missed having one. Had too much fun with my brothers. :D

And now I want to officially adopt your "I was finally there" dream. ;)

mathew said...

@Princess Banter

yeah..pretty much possible..Although my scale of expectation was a bit lower..Europe was adrenalin enough for me..Neways now that you said I am tempted to see many other countries as well..

Lol!!..yeah it is tough though!!

Well my bro liked the idea..but my Parents would definitely have thrown me up in the air..thanks for taggin me !!

Hehehe..athe..when I see Porsches they make me marvel at em..
Pinee oru Lamborghini medichu CETyil onnu odikanam!! ;-p

mathew said...

@Prespective inc
yeah..there are things which are common for all in the world!! ;-P

Lol!!..lovable cousins you have..
Btw I too have lot of sis cousins. but I don’t think someone can get as close as a real sis!!
Ah well..those exam dreams never occurred coz that was almost reality for me most of the time!! ;-P

mm..yeah…but dreams are worthy only if they stay as dreams.. isn’t it..!!

@Neihal was more like I wanted a sister..rather than I missed a sister..”I was finally there” dreams keeps on changing..Now I want to visit Brazil!!! :)

crumbs said...

oh boy!i could write a book on the weird dreams that i have had!
top of the list is one where i'm sitting with Rahul Gandhi and debating, no arguing with him about something god-forbidden crap!
so well!scary stuff!!;D

VIDYA said...

:-) nicely written.

i ve always dreamt i had a brother.... lol ... who was real tall ...

but nothin like being an only kid.

priya said...

That was "cute" and "sweet" shud I say those words Mat.

Nice post buddy and where r the pics of Switz'. Will be hopping too...

Drew Barry more hmm good dream thou'...

Biby Cletus said...

Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, keep up the good work, will be back.

Warm Regards

Biby Cletus - Blog

abhishek said...

Great...a fellow Meg Ryan and Vidya Balan fan!

Priyankari said...

Grt post Matthew!

Talking about a complete dreamer...irrespective of what time it is in the day:)

I can very well imagine ur dream of a sounds very funny to others that I always dream of an elder brother,not by just a few years but quite elder, though I have a younger one...Now thankfully u wont say it weird...:)