Friday, June 05, 2009

Where are you from?

Some days in your life you meet people with whom you have a conversation and leaves you with a thought…”what heck of a person was that!!”

Recently I met this guy who is a colleague of my roomie and was visiting my home….

"Hi..I am Sivaram.. "

"Hi..I am Mathew "
"Where are you from? "

"Well..I am from Bangalore…but my native is in Chennai.. "

"So your tamil? "

"No….You know my father is from Hyderabad..but we are basically settled in Chennai.."

"So you are from Andhra.. "

"Well…my fore fathers come from Tipu Sultan’s family…My mom’s sisters father in laws great grand father fought for Mysore against the British…. "

"aaah...So you are from Karnataka… "

"Not really..if I have mention about my dad whose uncle’s uncle’s uncle worked for british east India company… "

"Aah..I see you are British.. " (time to get sarcastic)

"Hmm….no basically am from Calcutta…. "

"I should have guessed you have a striking resemblance to Tagore.. "

"Haha…my mom says so…but we were not from proper Calcutta….just near the Orissa border we……" (jesus..he doesnt get it!!)

"I see… "

"Btw..where are you from… ?"

*wicked smile….*
*you think I ll give you a monosyllable answer for that*

"Well…I am from kottayam…BUT baaasiccccally…………"

P.S. Sivaram now has gained remarkable knowledge about the Jews from Syria…


Sakshi said...

God you are back with a bang minus maths and philosophy am glad least I can understand you now. Hilarious and yeah have you ever asked where I am from???

silverine said...

This will be trend now with more and more interstate marriages and relocation for jobs. This is very common in Bangalore!

thomman said...

The Tipu Sultan connection of Sivaram reminded me of a guy in college who was notorious for proclaiming his relations with every Dick n Harry of celebrities. Once he said to me that Vishwanathan Anand is his cousin and he played 3 chess matches with him. The 1st game, V.Anand won, 2nd game he won, and 3rd was a draw.

Enthu cheyyanam para. :|

Divs said...

:D :D ahem!btw where are you from? :P

Ashwathy said...

ROFL!!! :D
i'm sure he must have gotten a befitting reply!

and yes, some ppl can be totally dense... sarcasm just bounces off them!

Rajat said...

I am from Delhi. Period. I don't care about my forefathers' geographic allegiances. They were great, but they don't live anymore. So their addresses don't matter. Isn't it?

Seriously man, what heck of a person was that!!

Anyway, great blog! I got here for the first time, got hooked, and subscribed.

scorpiogenius said... last the right answer came out. So what could be this 'basically"? I've used that term myself a few hundred times, only now Im thinking about it.

I say Im from Trivandrum 'basically',because I grew up there, but my tharavadu is in Alappuzha, so are the good chunk of the relatives.. so...??

btw wer r u from sparkie?;)

anN-series said...

when these ppl describe themselves, i feel my pure bred pedigree is soooo boring

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Awesome! Good to see you back with a bang! U got me thinking about one incident where i accidentally asked a friend of mine @ work about his native place. He speaks fluent Bengali, but doesn't look like one. He then went on to explain his ancestral origins with his forefathers having put their footprints all over the country from Pre independence Pakistan to all across Burma and the like. Was fun at beginning. But then he got my nerves like your chap. But i couldn't give him a piece of my mind like you did.

mathew said...

@Sakshi where are you from..;-P

i think its more common abroad to see mixed races...but in India its not mixed races..yet a welcome trend..

"Vishwanathan Anand is his cousin and he played 3 chess matches with him. The 1st game, V.Anand won, 2nd game he won, and 3rd was a draw."

ente ammo!! you should tell him about the golf you plaid with Tiger Woods..


yeah..but he was heights..there were more to this than the few hours i spend with him...i had to salute in the end..

what a attitude..;-D
thanks a lot for visiting..

infact am guilty of using too..but I dont go all they way till my forefathers...same like you..Tvm>>Kottayam..

LOL!! yeah a greeko-romano with a tinge of french traits would be great..;-P

haha..but actually i was the loser here..coz he heard whatever rubbish i was talking quite seriously..;-P

DPhatsez said...

Mandanmaar Germany-il


nimmi said...

You should have continued....we also want to kno abt the jews frm syria :-p

Dhanush Gopinath said...

ഞാ‍ള് ബടേരേനാ...

Nice One :)

Devil Incarnate... said...

Hahaha O minee.....that was totally hilarious...
:( bt this actually a comon thing.. these dayz.. if smeone ask me d same,i gues they can here a smilar thing :o

Dhanya said...

ha ha haven't I heard this before.. Whenever someone starts with "basically I'm from.." we our typical question is "Oh then acidic-ally you are from? "

Sakshi said...

Hey that was really sweet of you to come by my blog and leave your views...I really appreciated that...thanks

Deepti said...

Nice nice .. but please finish the Jews from syria story too ... :D

little by little , bit by bit said...

just the right 'spark' of humour to start my day....
short but humourous.

Praveen said...

i can very well guess the plight of that guy now!

wishes galore said...

:)) i am a first timer here n whoa what a start...:))

btw,where r u from?? i wud like to know aby jews of syria actually ;D;D

Prasoon said...


Awesome one Cherian. Its remarkable that you stopped at Jews in Syria and did not take the story back to Pangea :P

Salil said...

Mathew, that sure was a crazy guy. Striking resemblance to Tagore indeed. Tagore turned in his grave on that.
Keep them coming,

Bindhu Unny said...

Lokame tharavadu!

mathew said...

@DPhatsez meant the other guy right...;-D

@nimmi a long long story..;-P


@Devil Incarnate where are you from?;-P

LOL! such a retort must have driven the person nuts..;-P

@Sakshi mentions...:)

should i start from 1475 or just after the battle of panipat..its interlinked!!

@little by little , bit by bit
thank you..:-)

hehe..well njan anubevichu..

@wishes galore
thank you..ofcoz i was kidding..i cooked up some story to him..;-P
thanks for visiting..

well i wanted to!!!;-P

very likely...poor tagore!!;-D

hahaha..that pretty sums it up very well..;-D

usha said...


that's like a true blue mallu! :D

All Talk and No Action said...

hahaha...Served him right....chalo Jews and Syria ki history bhi pata chal gayi usse :)

Priyankari said...

Amzingly hilarious post! It's better to ask "Where do you stay at present?"...for a short and sweet answer :)

Miria said...

Good one!! :D