Friday, February 20, 2009

Quirk Quirk!! Who is there?

Quirks...hmm...that was the tag from my bloggie friend Usha who as I see is quirky enough as per World Quirk Standards! ;-D

Rules of the tag:

1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been tagged

1) Punctuality hysterics
You would rarely see me running for a meeting or a place coz I am kind of obsessed about not being late…Therefore, I happen to reach the airport or bus stops well before time almost always. I guess this obsession was there always as I remember being adamant reaching a theater well in time for a show or reaching the railway station early enough to get the side seat!! Surprisingly my brother and most of my friends are exactly opposite.

Infact I keep my mobile like 5 minutes fast for that psychological allowance.…Strangely the fact that I don’t sport a watch might be antithesis of this quirk, but I put enough buffer wherever I go that I don’t really need one…One of the rare things that irritate me are the breed of people who don’t care a damn about other’s time…But I guess, I have now accepted that there no point in being fussy abt it. This quirk causes awkward situations like am often the first visitor if someone is hosting a party putting me in a spot if I don’t know the host well enough.

2) foodaholic
I don’t believe in the motto eat to live…;-P
I have huge respect for people who make spectacular food and love to read anything about food…Thankfully I am not gaining weight in proportion to my appreciation of the same!!;-)

I used to be a spicy food buff and was often stared down when I used to comment on really hot food that it was not spicy enough…At home I used to be the official fish curry certifier and often the answer was chilly is less…
But for the past few years it seems like I don’t have the same spice power probably since I am eating much milder continental meals in office …

It is always great to have foodaholic friends too since I remember umpteen restaurant visits with a friend and often we used to sit in a table for four coz the regular table for two was too small for our palette!!;-D

Another food related quirk would be my obsession to have tea or coffee really warm... …Infact I came to know that it was like that since a long time when grandmother told me that they had to give me the feeding bottle wrapped in a towel coz the milk would be too warm for me too hold!

3) I am afraid of adventure rides
Call me for a mountain hike or a fishing expedition I am game…..But I am quite afraid of roller coaster rides, bungee jumping....or any ride that has rapid acceleration. ..I have once had a “forced” roller coaster ride which left me screaming “Karthaavei” to the whole of Hamburg and an even more interesting ride in Salzburg saltmines which actually was more exciting…You actually slide sitting down without any protection for some 30 meters at like 75-80 degrees...

It will be hard to get me on such rides again…Infact 2 years ago when I had been to Disneyland I was like a opera fan attending a rock concert!! Though I loved the Disney Studios!! ;-D

4) Coffee addict
I drink like 3-4 cups of coffee in a day… I prefer to drink it black and without sugar…Coffee fascination runs in over family esp. with relations from Mom’s side…There is always a flask of black coffee on the table for all uncle’s to have their occasional sip… But I have started drinking more coffee since coming to Germany coz my colleagues are even bigger addicts…I have even got a nickname “Default Coffeeman” coz whenever they cook coffee they don’t check if I need as my answer by default is always “YES”!! Talking of coffee though am not fuzzy about food in general, one thing I cannot stand is paada (floating cream??) in tea or coffee…yuck!!

5) Extensive Wiki/Google user
Probably a quirk that developed over last few years…It’s an irritating quest to know more about things I don’t know using wikipedia and read all material which I can get hold off…It would date back to college days when it was newspapers that I used to read religiously…So when I spread knowledge it often lead to comments from friends like “Oh…ravule Hindu vil vannu kaanum!!”

Another quirk courtesy internet is my habit of taking pics from google maps to find route and store them in mobiles if I am visiting some place. Something that has become a habit here since I don’t want to end up lost or end up asking someone for directions…I even store the bus timings in my mobile..

6) Fascination for Jewish History
Something which started after I watched Schindler’s list….
And over the time I watched more movies…read articles and books like “The diary of Anne Frank”…There is a deep feeling of sympathy I have for Jews even though some of their current policies are not justifiable...Its just those first impressions that has stuck with me and being in Germany I have visited few memorials to pay homage….I hope to visit Auschwitz one day too ...Somehow I feel guilty for no fault of mine about the sufferings they had..

That pretty lot of quirks on me…I would like to pass on the tag to anyone who would like to take it up…

P.S. Enjoy this wonderful song as its Carnival time here...;-D
have a nice weekend..


Mishmash ! said...

quirks or not, it was nice to know more about u, especially the punctuality part as I will keep that in mind incase I get lucky to meet u :)

“Oh…ravule Hindu vil vannu kaanum!!” that was cool one :)

And the word "paada" itself makes me puke!!

Priya said...

Wow thaz an amazing tag. Coffee addict hmm and you do get go coffee beans ther all fresh don't u.

thomman said...

It was nice knowing the quirks about you. :) You seem to be a bit like Phileas Fogg - punctuality, maps, directions, hehe. Hey, I too have a fascination for WW2, seen most of the movies about it and read volumes about it from Wiki. :) You needn't have written about your foodaholism; every tom, dick n harry knows about it. :D

silverine said...

Did you have to mention paada! Yuck!!! I hate late comers too. Just shows insensitivity towards others!

@Tom: It is 'every tom, dick and susie' dude! ;)

Dhanya said...

That was a nice list :) I can identify with the first. My watches are always fast and most of the times I'll be the one waiting!! and guess what I have a Quirk opposite to yours(or most others). I used like paada!!! As a child I used to have all paada from milk tho I don't like it now(may be the diff is fresh cow milk at that time vs packet milk now). Guess I'm from some other planet :p

Deepti said...

quirky guy ...I am a kaapi addict and a punctuality freak too ... Sadly most of the time I am left waiting for people to arrive :P

thomman said...

@silverine: Right on buddy! ;)

mathew said...

hehe...I hope to get lucky too!!;)
nammal relatives alle!!;-P

My friend who might be reading this post might be chuckling now abt the "Hindu" comment...

@Priya order to reinforce 5th quirk I must say Hamburg is the place where the world's largest coffee trade happens....and I love the fresh grounded coffee!;-)

hahaha..paavam ayaale veruthei vittaykku.. hehe..yeah i must admit about the food! oops...
pinee its always TD& H..There is no susie..its all propoganda!!;-D

Thank god..that i see so many haters of it...I often meet people who actually love it..

yeah..the only situation where I am not on time is at waking up in the morning..I have to snooze the alarm like 3-4 times until i finally wake up..;-P

Ayyoo..Paada fan!! sacreligious!

yeah..and thats the worst part!:-(

scorpiogenius said...

We seem to be similar only on the first count.. Curiously enough, my brother and friends also seem to be just the opposite!!!

Well, Im not picking up this tag, okkie? I think I'm yet to do the one I got a few "days" back from u... :))

Divs said...

1. Ditto.. :(
3. I love them! By the 2nd or 3rd ride in a roller coaster or something.. My girl friends start getting dizzy and all that. And I've had to team up and enjoy with the rest..

You went to disney land n didn't go on the rides! :O :O :( :( Man.. ... damn..

Someday.. I want to go there and sit on every damn ride atleast twice. Atleast.


4. I love coffee n tea too.. :) n I presume paada is that annoying milk layer.. I hate that!

Cris said...

Uh I am yet to do it. But inchie pinchie on the cofee addiction! You wouldnt mind a snitch-snatch to mine blog?

But hey the punctuality obsession is a good thing to have! Wish I had it!

Rahul S. Nair said...

Jewish history.. great.. :)

Do you have a photo blog or something of the Jewish places you visited?

[I never thought I will love history after learning all that boring stuff at school.. but now history is something i keep on reading.. of course through wiki..]

Nitram said...

Q:What is better than publishing a quirk list of yourselves?
A:Coming to know that you are not the only one with these quirks

-quoted from
" A fellow foodaholic and a wikipedia junkie to boot"

Pooja Nair said...

yes, i too feel the same uneasy feeling thinking about the suffering that jews were put through...there are heart wrenching movies such as "Sunshine", "Life is beautiful" etc..and ofcourse Anne Frank's Diary...

Similarly, I feel miserable thinking about what women underwent/undergo under Taliban rule too...saw a movie called "Kandahar"

After watching "Hotel Rwanda" my heart bled for the people of that country...

And for the people of Tibbet after watching "Kundun"

If this is a quirk i've got it BIG time!!!!

i weep for the suffering inflicted upon people by other people!!!

VMJ said...

chekku next time you shud ask some one from CET write the same about your quirks....original quirks porathu vannolum...oru sample list idaan valare vallya temptation thonnunnu hehe. :)

mathew said...

@scorpiogenius surprised to see many sharing atleast a few quirks of mine..

yeah..i took a few rides..but the less adrenalin rush ones..couldnt bear the site of screaming people in roller coasters..;-D

actually am having a coffee when i am replying to the comments..:-)

nope..actually i didnot take the camera when i went there..and photoblog is a nice idea, i would love to start one when i learn photography!:-P

hehe...nice to knoq quirked personalities...

I have seen sunshine and life is beautiful..yet to catch other movies you have mentioned..add the movie Pianist to the list!!

Daa..Did I mention the exquisite bottle of glenfiddich which I was thinking of buying for you..
An ofcoz someone learned, mature and remarkably intelligent like you would definitely say..let bygones be bygones..:-P

Jyothsna said...

Nice read.... Finding map/routes is not quirky...I feel safe armed with a map.

Life Mysterious said...

If I would requote almost all quirks expect 6 !!!

Quirky Quirky.. And nice to see many people who respect punctuality too!

Anonymous said...

I just cant believe this mathew..We have most of the things in common..
Reg time,yes am a time savvy too and incidentally that helped me lots in profession,getting lots of positive applauses.Till time I have only met one person other than you who is this mucch time concious..My long time friend from College..(most often i had vibes of him seeing you..wonderful we meet almost same people in life)
And cant even imagine the food lover in me.During professional yrs,we used to drive miles at a stretch to taste specials..(most of them comment that i am a man in woman costume..haha)
Oops the adventure rides,my Gosh,the same here..Even a gaint wheel was horrible at an age of 23 !! Just imagine people forcing me to go and me shouting horribly..(onam celebration at tvm)12 times and i often see that onam special for me..for having the feel of 12 suicides..And in Goa,i was forced for a sea God,was screming and blind for the time..After touching shores,i had blood oozing from chin.
Coffee addiction i happd to stop 2 yrs back..i too love mild black coffee..(for some moods,even now its my best companion)
Am a google freq too..but not that much to wiki
And Jewish sympathy..My Lord,even i had that mainly after reading and seeing holocaust movies..After reading Ann Frank,i happd to go to jewish chat room yrs back..But that gave the horrible picture of present Jewish community..As you said,if you are bartering hatred,its of no use..Forgive Ann Frank!!

Maths,Vani viswanath nadan mammooty yude athe favs aanu follow cheyyunnathathre.Orikkal randuperum ulla setil mammooty's wife and kids came..Appo mammotty vaaniye vilichu paranjennu,"dha ninte bhaaryayum makkalum vannirikkunn"ennu.
eppadi ?

maggi said...

Yes, good to know there are so many punctual ppl. On several occasions I have reached decided destination prior to other. So, I have started leaving late... :(. Good or bad i dunno, but better than w8ing for others :). I love adventure rides and m not fond of tea/coffee.

ursjina said...

jewish history..thats quite interesting...
Why dont u write a post on that..Im damn sure its gonna b great
and blessing for unpad gawars like me

Rahul S. Nair said...

Check this out
. Thought u might like it..

Bindhu Unny said...

I share the scare for adventure rides. Trek/hike/rock climbing/rappelling - I love to do. But not roller-coaster rides or bungee jumping. :-)

Radhika Ganesan said...

1. Even i don't like being late or not being planned !

2. I love spicy food ... that's the reason why i don't like richer foods as they have cream or raisins or cheese that makes the food less spicy!

3. I Love roller coasters ! I Love coffee...well that's kind of default in south Indians!

4. This might seem too much now - i keep looking out of something in wiki as well ! i like reading stories,history etc. etc.

mathew said...

yeah true..for me its just the fun factor of reaching a place reading maps that makes it interesting..

@Life Mysterious said am in additional pressure to be punctual for ever after reading the comments..:-D

LOL!! it was lot of fun reading your comment...esp..the last part...pinee I am not surprised about the food part considering the wonderful blog you have out there..I have friends who are ready to drive kilometers and kilometers to get to the place where you get the right food!!:-D

yeah..thats why most people come late for parties..everyone thinks the other is coming late..:-P

well..i think it would be just a replica of content in the net..and I dont think I can ever write a post on such a myriad group of people..

thanks for that link..lot of info in there..

hehe...nice to see there are people like me..

Spicy food...yes..since you mentioned this after a bland lunch I had sometime ago..I am missing it even more..

and yeah..nice to see fellow wiki addicts..:-D

usha said...

hiya! :)
dankes for taking up the tag, Mathew! :)

#1: oye, me too tries to trick myself by skewing my watch+mobile+laptop time 5 minutes fast, but guess I'm way too intelligent for that trick (:P),'coz I always make up for it by getting 5 minutes late wrt that.. but anyways, that'll make me show up in time, so I still stick to it. :)

#2: feeding bottle wrapped in towel?!! :o what you? no wonder! :D

#3: uyyo!! same pinch. me sees no sense in roller coaster rides either.. they're all silly peopleses way of having cheap thrills,i say!
btw, you're better off than me. I scream "Mummeeeeee!!!". Imagine a 30 yr old woman screaming like that in the chottu-est giant wheel ever. :| not at all funny.

#4: yeah, paada is yuck! btw, me's converted from coffee to green tea now.. after i got some of those tell tale stains on my teeth.. beware! :D

#5: google uncle's really a good old man, no? :) me's a fan too!

#6: it is a really worrisome state about the jews.. u did do a post on it sometime back,ryt?

Varsha Vipins said... only discovered this space of was laughing hard imagining u yelling Karthavee on the ride..:D
pinne,even I am also so addicted to google that a point has reached,when I may search "where is my tooth brush" in google.. :D
Altogether great quirks there buddy..!!:)

mathew said...

thanks for the tag..was fun doin it..

athe athe..seems like am goin that way as well..;-D