Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its Showtime Baby!!!!!

As the year 2009 rolled in with greetings from boss to your dog, most of you might have already broken those new year resolutions made under much aplomb. My resolution to work-out and spend time more effectively ended effectively after watching three Rambo movies in succession on day one…6-packs and you end up with an horrible profession in Vietnam fighting Russians...that’s not the way!!
And these days with words like recession, cost-cutting getting more popular and words like growth being used only sparingly in places like your beard… life is ofcoz getting tough buddy !. As a matter of fact, the only one who is making any dough these days is the neighbourhood baker...

Being a victim of cost cutting measures myself, I understand the anguish we all have to go through in these troubled times…Last week to my utter dismay the help desk denied me a humble request for a wide screen monitor, a surround sound system and a popcorn holder inspite of convincingly narrating the need for a wholesome work environment in office.

Anyways the last year did leave us with a sprinkling of watchable movies... and some so bad that the reels should be treated like nuclear waste stacked away from mankind .Though I managed to catch only a few of them, the movies as usual with the plotlines...the saga...the destiny.. the size zero and the six packs… kept most of us entertained. Presenting before you four must see movies of the year 2008!

1) Slumdog Millionaire

This movie is about the rags to riches story of a boy called Raju who lived in outskirts of Hyderabad…The struggle of a boy as he go on to achieve his dream of being a millionaire and beyond . The story tells you how several incidents in his life were linked to each million in his kitty, like once buying a cat called Sify…staying in an a 2 BHK Maytas Apartment …standing outside the neighborhood World Bank during one rainy night…each twists and turns that shaped his future...But there was one final question in the game…and someone was watching.!! Will he make it!!

Rush to your nearest theater and watch Slumdog Millionaire to know it all!! Titillating music by Maestro Vadlamani esp. “Jail Ho” which has topped the charts and once in a jail time performance by the lead role would keep the viewers engrossed.

Our rating * * * * *
Now running at Dalal Street Cinema Ghar

2) Politics Ne Bana Di Jodi

The moving story of two parties coming together for the greater good...This movie is a sequel of the blockbuster movie “Singh is King”…A nice blend of romance followed by hatred and finally ending in a divorce dominates till the interval…As the beleaguered hero Manmohan hailing from the Congress khaandan struggles to come in terms with the bitter separation with Karat there enters someone to save him.. It was love at first sight when he spotted Mulayam sitting coyly under the nuclear tree. Scintillating songs shot at scenic locales in 10 Janapath takes the romance forward with climax considered one of the most expensive in the industry...545 actors acted out in the final scene at the Lok Sabha Haveli...This is a tale of two unassuming partners coming together...But, would the villain Thakur Karat let them live!!

Good: edge of the seat climax
Bad: Forgettable villain

3) Kismat Konnection

Tale of two people….two races…and one aim….
They fight...they shout…they provoke….a bitter relation threatening to break...and after beating around the “bush” for sometime they become one...The moving story of how two people Obama and Hillary are connected by their kismat ...Drawing parallels to an Hollywood movie “The Unfaithful” this movie is worth its weight in clintons and at times Hillaryous..…When the relation was threatened by an Alaskan storm from north and a destructive hurriCain from the west, the love blossomed like karma for a greater good. This is a musical you can’t miss!

Good: a welcome ‘change’ from regular musicals
Bad: did not do much bushness at box office.

4) Dasavatharam

A Magnus opus ….This movie stands out for the sheer brilliance of the actor who manages to enact 10 different roles in a single movie…each one distinctly superb hardly giving a clue to the common Joe of the same actor’s histrionic skills. He plays the role of a honest man in his first avatar. As the story moves forwards each character emerges suavely…the aam aadmi …the tactician….the exploiter of religious sentiments….the man of promises….silent assassin… its very hard to believe that an actor can play such a wide spectrum of roles.. yeah…sure he can...coz the actor is our humble politican!!!

5) To watch out in 2009

With quite a good deal of movies expected this year, some are already generating quite a hype...

Lucknow Chowk to Nayi Dilli: The BSP…err USP of this movie is upcoming star and vivacious bubbly actress Mayaji and the new star in tinsel town is already making waves throughout the country. Not surprising if you remember how she came into limelight with her hit song ‘No stopping me…coz mein hoon uptown girl...UP se aaya uptown girl ’

Billu barber: It revolves around the story of an humble barber who took upon the challenge of a 6 month long massive deforestation program conceived under the five year plans on Ishant Sharma , finally paying off…Inspite of connections with celebrities he doesn’t get paid often as the movie tells you about Aamir Khan who forgot to pay him after a haircut coz he suffered from anterograde amnesia…a tragic story indeed!! Carry loads of tissues…

Anyways signing off with the best song of last year Lets shake our legs to it…oh yeah!!!!!!! ;-D


www.Clipped.in said...

But the real stuff to watch out for in 2009 would be Clipped.in. That is where the best Indian blogs are aggregated.

silverine said...

LOL!!! Super analogical reviews!! This is a masterpiece.

And the song was icing on the cake!!! :p Horrible!! I am scarred forever!! :(

I am watching 'Slumdog Millionaire' everyday. It is like a never ending soap opera! And 'Politics Ne Bana Di Jodi' is a very touching love story let me tell you. You connect so strongly with the protagonists. I wanted to punch the villains in their face! The nail biting climax and 'happily ever after" ending was the stuff block busters are made up of! And Dasavatharam and Kismat Konnection were masterpieces in scripting, dialog and screenplay and should win an Oscar this year! :| Good one!

Praveen said...

I was expecting another yawning movie review(which I often do myself) wen i saw the movie titles..
but this was a refreshing blend of movies and politics..gr8 work:D

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Good stuff.

Life Mysterious said...

The best song in the end did the trick I say...! This is not a post for the weak hearted :P!

Srijith Unni said...

I seriously thought i was in for a few movie review, but this is really cool stuff and true as well!

You could also add "Operation Taj-Nariman", which was quickly pulled out of theatres when Slumdog Millionaire became a success!

Me loitering around after a long time. Wish you a happy new year mathai, and thanks for the birthday wishes!

With Best Regards,

Nitram said...

Howlarious, i must say!!!
May i suggest a few additions to the list such as:
Dasvidaniya - The touching story of a certain Bush who has to say goodbye to his office!
Ghajini(Psychological thriller) - Of a neighboring country that lose all recollections of its citizens,15 minutes after they cross the border and commit violent acts. Watch this for: some Heavy duty pleading of innocence, Denial of Facts and most importantly, a lot of foot in the mouth moments!

Rahul S. Nair said...

That pretty much sums up the must watch list.. :)

When I saw the post I thought when did you start writing movie reviews.. :)
The whole post was refreshing indeeed...

Rahul S. Nair said...

And I liked that Jail Ho song...
super.. hehe

mathew said...

thanks bud..
how dare you say about that song..its a gem...i just cant stop listening to it!!!;-D

yeah..actually am feeling lucky to be spare of that movie...atleast i have a choice not to..

I am actually horrible at real Movie reviews..;-P
thank you..

thanks a lot..

@Life mysterious
LOL!! true..i should have out that warning as well..;-P

@Srijith Unni
yeah..it would be heartless of me to make it into a movie...well for the media it always gets the fodder..

thanks..and for visiting this space..
well..i guess we can have millions of movies if you consider that dont ever fall short of characters..

thanks a lot..and glad that you enjoyed it..

Dhanya said...

First I thought movie review and not for me and was about to skip it.. But now I'm glad that I didn't miss this :)

Mishmash ! said...

I was half asleep last night when I started reading ur post....initially it dint make any sense, though it looked like a movie review..so pushed it for this morning and aah....now I see that spark touch :) As Silverine wrote, this one is a super funny analogy...:))

and just loved your best song selection....:D that singer should get some awards too ;)

Superficial Gibbering prater said...


Radhika Ganesan said...

lol...nice reviews !

The Traveller said...

oh bloody hell!!!!! I can't believe that you are so talented... :P

My God!!!!!! This is zimbly too too much......

Well..... Way to go!!!! I can't say which one was my fav piece....The whole of post is hilarious....

The Traveller said...

and hey btw, just hide that link to the pretty song....

what if Hrithik Roshan and Ranvir Kapoor and all other 'dude' see that guy dancing. :) Be reasonable, Mathew!

Jithesh said...

Wow! wonderful imagination! really enjoyed reading the post.Politics ne bana di jodi was the icing.

thomman said...

Mathai is working out for six packs?? Now that's news. Why, coz pennu kaanals in imminent eh? See, only I among the readers read between the lines. :D

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

LOL! Awesome analogies. Loved the Lucknow to Nayidilli! Awesome writing man! Machu ni kidilam thanne :D

Jyothsna said...

Enjoyed reading this! At this rate, you can start to script some movies, what say? :)

mathew said...

thanks for reading through it..i would be horrible at real movie reviews...;-D

Thanks a lot..I guess you have seen both versions of Slumdog Millionaire by now..;-P

@Superficial Gibbering prater
thanks dude..

@Radhika Ganesan
thank you..

@The Traveller
gracias..someone said a first to me..LOL!!
oh yeah..Hrithik and Ranbir would just be envious here..

Thanks for visiting..and enjoying the post.

@#%$#@%$#@$%..Central Bureau of Thomman Investigation!!
Dont ever read between lines!!;-D

:-D Thanks bud..

Thats a good idea..I can do a producers bank balance vanishing act!! :-P

maggi said...

Lolz!!! This one's outstanding!

scorpiogenius said...

Hi Mathew, back to ur blog after a short gap...i was deprived of the internet at home by the all-efficient telecom dept of this so-called first world country.

Imagine, back home I got internet at my in-laws' house in 3 days time.. Here in Ireland I had to wait for full 40 days for the same!!


Now thats a point for the slumdog!

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