Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Join the Room!

One day when all the world leaders were tired of the wars…economic crisis…summits...and shortage of scandals they decided to enter the yahoo chat room for some fun…It all started when the new prez elect installed yahoo messenger in his new HP laptop (window vista and change inside!)

Barack Obama joined the US chat room

Obama: Hi fellas.
Hillary: Hi mate…long time no see.
Obama: Yeah...and hopefully not for another 4 years.
Mc Cain: Good luck buddy...btw is Joe the Biden online?
Obama: nope...he is chatting with Sonila.
Mc Cain: Why do you have an Indian in your team…?
Obama: Dude she is VHP…I need her.
Mc Cain: VHP?
Obama: Very Helpful for President.
Mc Cain: Cool…Btw where do you plan for you first state visit?
Palin: Mr. Prez you should probably visit Alaska…a country of strategic importance for us.
Obama: John...thanks for all your support in the election…You know I mean it!!
Obama: I am actually visiting India…a place called Kerala.

Bush enters the chat room.

Bush: Hi …you guys in there?
Obama: Damn him again…what do we do?
Mc Cain: No worries...just tell him we are not here.
Obama: No one here…myself and Mc Cain are in invisible mode…Can’t you see that...
Bush: oops…am sorry!

Bush leaves the chat room


Achumaaman joined the Kerala chat room

Achumaaman: Comrades the new American prez is visiting our state.
Achumaaman: Since he is a socialist we need to give him a wonderful welcome.
Politburomember: Yes, Sakhaavu …I have taken care of it…I have even put banners throughout the state…
Politburomember: though there is a slight mistake with the spelling...we have a ‘B’ missing and a couple of A’s missing and mixed up.
Achumaaman: WTF?
Politburomember: it says ARRACK TODDY…anyways in his fast entourage he would read it as BARACK TODAY!!
Achumaaman: What happened to the ‘B’?
Politburomember: Sakhaavu...all of em were used in the recent Bandh.
Achumaaman: Oh never mind…chill.
Achumaaman: Guys did you see the new movie twenty-twenty
Politburomember: Nope...we boycotted it...Mammootty is no more ‘left’…The posters shows him in the middle.
Achumaaman: Damn…Let’s suspend him…

As usual folks in US chat room got bored and they joined the International politics chat room

Obama: hey Zardari please clean up the mess in Pakistan asap
Zardari: How can I do…Don’t you understand that we have troubles with the Indians as well
Obama: Don’t worry dude...I have got MS word on it…
Zardari: I agree you guys are good with computers…and got MS word…but we have had three bloody wars!!
Obama: I mean Manmohan Singh’s word on it…He won’t trouble you…
Zardari: High fives Obama!!
Zardari: Hi...Sarah…

*Sarah clicks Report Abuse.*

Sarah Palin has left the room.

Zardari has left the room.
Gadaffi has left the room.
Sarkozy has left the room.
Akhito has left the room.
Nazarbayev has left the room.

Brown: Where are all the folks going?

Sarah enters Alaska chat room.
Zardari enters Alaska chat room
Gadaffi enters Alaska chat room
Sarkozy enters Alaska chat room.
Nazarbayev enters Alaska chat room
Akhito enters Alaska chat room

Brown: aaah...OK...I get it.

Putin enters Alaska chat room

Sarah has left the room.

Zardari has left the room.
Gadaffi has left the room.
Sarkozy has left the room.
Akhito has left the room.
Nazarbayev has left the room.

Putin: Hello any one there?

Meanwhile similar things were happening in another room.

Raj joined the Mumbai chat room

Venkataraman has left the room
Colonel Nair has left the room
Balbir Singh has left the room
Mohan Yadav has left the room

Yahoo Alert: No one is still left in the room. Do you want to stay?

Raj has left the room.
Raj joins Indian Politics chat room.

Indian Politics administrator declines access.

*Inside Indian Politics chat room.*

Karunanidhi is sharing the song “Tamizha Tamizha”
Rajapaksha declines the file.

Thapar: Isn’t it amazing the Americans have finally voted a Brown leader to power.
Laloo: arey but we have been electing brown leaders for last 60 years!!
Gordon: And it has happened in UK as well for the first time 2 years ago!;-P
Laloo: LOL!! Gordon bhaiyya too good...Do visit Patna sometime.

Meanwhile Bush was alone in the US chat room.

Al Queda: Hi…asl?
Bush: asl….what does it mean.
Al Queda: Ammunition shotguns and launchers.
Bush: You see...am currently de-facto president. I ll check with the new Prez elect...btw what was your name...Could you spell it?
Al Queda: Al as in Al Gore…Q as in Kuwait…U as in urgent...W as in war…A as in America…D as in destroy…and A as in asap!
Bush: Thanks dude…I ll let him know…Cool name you have btw…would love to meet you.
Al Queda: me too.

Suddenly a virus attacks all chat windows. The virus was spreading like wildfire….A stranger started visiting all chat windows.

God: Your appraisal is coming soon. Due to economic crisis in heaven we would have to send few of you to hell. Please be prepared for the lay offs. Your role change would be communicated shortly after reviewing appraisal presentations.

It echoed somewhere in a voice chat that was still open…


P.S. Please take part in this for a cause..its fun too..


നിലാവ് said...

OMG ! That was supreb.
High fives Mathew!

It's too creative!

ancientmariner said...


Rockus said...

That was awesome bro!

Whats in a name? said...

A creatively hilarious post! Good One!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wow! Thats something different!

VIDYA said...

Arrack toddy!LOL! this one was HILARIOUS!!

Mishmash ! said...

Njan namichu!!!

Totally hilarious, right from the start to end.....Thanks for this post :)

Praveen said...

"Very Helpful for President."- smart!

nice jab at bush:D...hehee..the invisible trick

mammootty's centre pose..

MS word..

brown president of UK..

hehehe...wat kalipp ideas anna!!!!

anudivya said...

That was funny! But somewhere down the post, I got a little lost... :)

SH said...

You have a good sense of humour. Feels great that you can write about so many things that can cause stomach ache due to laughter to an army of people.

As of now, ++fan_count;(hopefully it is within the maximum allowed for this datatype) . A complete Stranger to you. So will sign as Anon.

cris said...

LOL that was educative!

...nIShAntH... said...

LMAO!.... :D..

kalakki mashe..

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

keep them coming.. :)

usha said...

-"Achumaaman: What happened to the ‘B’?
Politburomember: Sakhaavu...all of em were used in the recent Bandh."

dude, you rock!! all the time!

n yeah, hope all the CEOs and co-founders of heaven aren't putting down their papers!

mathew said...



thank you..

@Whats in a name?

@Rakesh Vanamali

thanks dudette.

@Mishmash !
hahaha..to hear it from the land of bush..;-P

thanks dude..

i was myself by the end of the post...

thanks for visiting..and yeah most of commenters here are blogger friends like you..


thank you..

nice to know u enjoyed it..


ursjina said...

ur in element...hilarious stuff..and who knows this might be even happening..;)

Sridevi r said...

Interesting...but a bit tooooo long.

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Hey gr8 creativity. It was awesome. I'd a great laugh early morning reading it.

PS: I'm reading the post in a bus now. Long train rides have finally stopped :)

Zo-Ya said...

Sooper post!!

Anonymous said...

Missing P.V (Paavam Valleyttan) and Mukundan in Achu’s chat
Lol on palin and Zardaari..(Palin may be scared of zardari's webcam ..chances of virtual shake hands and hugs..)
CHANGE would have compelled Obama to move on to Kerala..
Enjoyed ‘dude’,MS Word and VHP and Sarkozy’s silence

Inside Indian Politics chat room.*

Karunanidhi is sharing the song “Tamizha Tamizha”
Rajapaksha declines the file.(Rajapakse may not decline..accept and then start abusing,but only after the discussions with military)

LOl on Asl

On God’s note,sending some to hell ? Omg God may be discussing with diplomats and cultural leaders on how to rename hell.

made me laugh early mng..thanks for the healthy breakfast.

starry nights said...

You are so good, ou should be writing for a newspaper.

Deepti said...

Rocking one dude ... spot on !!

anN-series said...

2 days i am away for a meeting and political satire masterpiece happens!...

VMJ said...
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mathew said...

that would be scary...:-P

yeah...chat windows are always long..;-P

haha..thanks..so u got tired of trains now..wh..

thank you..:-)

oops..am not aware of PV and mukundan..maybe new characters..eh

thanks a lot!:-)

@starry nights
wow..thats a generous compliment..thanks..


we are never short of political characters...well a one last shot at Bush was too tempting..;-D

Abraham Menacherry said...

Man this was brilliant!!!!

Very Helpful for President.

Nope...we boycotted it...Mammootty is no more ‘left’…The posters shows him in the middle.

MS word

phew! so much creativity on a single post, you could apply for the guiness or something...:D

Philip said...

Good one, mathew. :)

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha Ha Mathew...
I just can't help but to link it at Blogbharti.


P.S.- Sorry, I have reduced my visits here (busy I am :)) but I am reading each post of yours. :)

High fives Mathew!

Nikita..... said...

zimply zuperrrrbbbbb :)

Journey to Home.... said...

new 2 ur post..... that was an awesome totally hilarious post...

Praada said...

Brown: aaah...OK...I get it.

Priya said...

I wonder where on earth you pour these ideas. so much humor.

Pooja said...

Oh my goodness. what do I tell you. Beware of late night Tv they may steal ur bushisms

Hari said...

Awesome read, as always, sire. :)

Would've been better if you'd written more mallu stuff with Achumaman and all. :D

Rahul S. Nair said...

hey great imaginative work!!

mathew said...

@Abraham Menacherry
thanks dude..

aah..guiness ..depends on which..;-D


thanks a lot..and glad that you enjoyed..and for visiting here for a long time..:-)

thank you.. :-)

@Journey to Home
thanks..and for visting this blog..cheers..

thanks..and are you related to a russian newspaper..;-P

:-) gracias..

hahaha..you guys simply voted that paavam out..

thanks..haha..i think we have enough of em in televison already..;-P

thank you..

Pooja said...

Yeah right . The world would not be same without him as President. Hope I dont get a visit from Homeland security in name of patriot Act for posting this comment.

confucius said...

ROFTL ....

" Zardari: Hi...Sarah…

*Sarah clicks Report Abuse.*"

Too good man....too good

The Seeker said...

First timer here!!! Hilarious post!! ROTFL....

hammy said...


Absolutely hilarious, dude. Excellent.

Mamooty is no longer left. He is in the middle. Outrageously funny!

velapokam said...

Hilarious! Loved the Achumaaman part!

mathew said...


thank you..

@The Seeker
thanks for visiting this space..

;-D I need to catch that movie..

thank you..and thanks for visiting..

Ramesh Srivats said...

"Sakhaavu...all of em were used in the recent Bandh."

Haha. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

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