Thursday, November 06, 2008

A future with memories of past and moments of present!

I have been tagged by evergreen lady of blogosphere...Silverine…

The Tag

Two questions from the past, present and future. Answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.


Your oldest memories...

I was probably 3 or 4 years old…and Mom was feeding myself and bro, rice and paavyakka (bitter gourd) thoran each urula(dumpling of rice, curry and sabji made into balls) at a time in turn to both of us…Those are the faintest of memories I have of me as a kid. I am not sure what was the curry but am sure there was paavyakka…We must have looked like hungry dogs trying to grab each Urula!! ;-)

What were you doing ten years ago?

I was at my XIIth grade at school and concentrating in my studies. Hours of preparing myself in anticipation for the class next day with a list of doubts to clarify with my teachers. Filling ink in my three pens (black, blue and spare blue) and sharpening pencils for the geometry class... At the labs I did all experiments thrice to verify the results and checked in library for the latest trends in the world of science. Used to hurry from home after skipping breakfast so that I could sit in the front bench at class...

Oh!! Damn my classmate is a blogger too!! (Pooja you are tagged and please say this is all true.;-P!!)


In office time had fun chatting with german colleagues while they were finding delirious pleasure blasting French colleagues.. much they hate each other ;-P
Called home...Marked the day off from Calendar lying near my desk in anticipation of the trip home...And today the countdown meter says just 30 days more… :-)
There is an underlying excitement which I guess all people staying away from home would understand.


Should try again to cut the chicken which was not possible today because it was frozen too hard…Damn these german chicken's work out it seems!!

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Obviously I ll be having approx 14 kids and I ll be diversifying my investment…A couple of Mathew Jr’s. would be trained to have domain knowledge in engineering…another couple would be motivated to become doctors…a couple would made to do accounting in home...and rest would be asked to paint...swim or blog….Juniors who don’t do good at appraisals would be send to church camp and given a warning about lay offs from the family.

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

I think such a time capsule would preserve memories of childhood and my collection of photographs and old drawings…Besides I ll have a can of Budweiser and all videos from YouTube downloaded in a hard disk..

I tag,

How do we know


scorpiogenius said...

mathew, just amazing! thoroughly enjoyable!!

God bless the girl who is going to be your wife...14 in as many yrs???!!! I think you must marry late...and marry someone who is a bit more older than you..:) guess you got what i meant..;)

and you are going to Trivandrum in a month!!?? GREAT...I'm sure you're looking forward to it.

Oh, I'll confess b4 you remind me, your tag is still safe in my hand..;) hope u r not cross.


confucius said...
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confucius said...

You are going to India..?? I envy you mean I am really happy for you ..:)

14 kids ?? You should start working now are racing against time unless you manage to churn our twins , triplets etc. FYI...I am planning to stop with 12 kids..I mean I am going to stop counting.:)

Chekku's Classmates said...

"please say this is all true"

Chekku dont be so modest!!!

@ALL:This is all true friends. He went on to win the Nobel prize for Physics for the discovery of the mechanism of spontaneous broken symmetry in subatomic physics and another Nobel for the discovery of the origin of the broken symmetry which predicts the existence of at least three families of quarks in nature.

We are all so proud of him! :| Mathew, when you come to Tvm we have arranged a special boat to take you home. Unfortunately the elephants and chenda people are refusing to swim in front of the water. So we will have recorded chenda melam throughout the route err canal. Hope you dont mind too much!


Your loving and proud classmates!

silverine said...

Thanks for taking up the tag! :) 14 kids! :-O Ente karthave!! How many Mrs Mathews will that take I wonder? :S I suggest you inform your folks of this requirement when they start the Suitable Bride BPO! :p

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Hey mat 14 kids, man start preparing from now. Have a dry run before the marathon begins :). Or better go take up scorpiogenius' advice :d. I can very well imagine your kids starting a union to kick you out of the house for your atrocities.

Hey congrats on being home for christmas. Have a gr8 time. Do tell how many changes you find in tvm, esp in the school. Thy'd love to get back their scholar to give tips to the budding scientists. :p

How do we know said...

totally cool!! I used to love those rice curry balls too.. now i try rather unsuccessfully to feed my son using that strategy, but so far it hasnt worked too well :-)

How do we know said...

oh, and that 14 kids idea? Super!! many wives?

mathew said...

I agree I was a bit unrealsitic when I said 14 kids..I have revised the target to more sensible figures of 18 to 22.

@scorpiogenius just looking forward to it..already so much hopes after reading blogs about the changes happening there..

pinee I takr your advice..;-P
And ofcoz I wait for your tag!:-)

LOL!! I guess you are bad at Math...Use all fingers and toes you can learn to count till twenty!;-P

@Chekku's Classmates
Oh please...C'mon...Why say all this here..I know I know!! Regarding the welcoming committee I prefer a humble benz car or something for the trip from airport home...;-D

btw how the hell did you make that sentence!!:-D

and kickass comment at scorpio's post.

Hey C'mon...I want a football team with three extras!! I talked over phone about it and suddenly it seems someone collapsed over the other side...:-{

thanks for the tag..was nice writing it.

"I can very well imagine your kids starting a union to kick you out of the house for your atrocities."

LOL..damn u scare me..

And yeah I guess I ll visit my school..

@How do we know
Its done best combined with story telling...thats how kids are fed in Kerala...else we go straight to the beer,;-P

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...
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POOJA NAIR said...

ok i will say "all this is true".
It will cost a small sum of money thats all...:)

You know the "truth" doesn't come for free these days..(evil laughter) :D

jokes apart, guys... a lot of it is true though!

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Since we are all adults here might I get away with this:

Q) What will your North Indian friends have to say when they see you with your wife and 14 kids?


cris said...

14 years and 14 kids?? Hmm I am guessing its 7 twins. Thanks for the tag :-) I might use your ten-years-ago!

usha said...

family entrepreneurship, eh?

mathew said...

hehe..give me ur swiss account number!!;-D
thanks for doing the tag so fast...

Malayalees say..
"avante kaaryam pokaa!!";-D

yeah actually that a nice idea..twins would be great...:-)
looking forward to your tag..

anganeyum parayaam ;-P

Annie said...

When u give 'urula ' to 14 of yours together how u ll manage?

Mishmash ! said...

Looking at your ambitious plan, I guess you should go ahead and register your company now itself:

Mathayi & Kids Software Systems (P) Ltd, India.


Divs said...

:) you remember what you ate on some day when you were 3/4?? cool! amazing memory!

and 14 years from now.. n 14 kids? ahem.. :P like an achievement award each year? :P and.. one wife mathew? :P

and doesn't the striking off and counting days make you feel soooo happy :)

have a great vacation! :)

Dhanya said...

Only 14 kids? No comments :)
n yeh heard that German chickens do work out :P
btw have a nice vacation in advance :)

Philip said...

You'll need to buy a bus for transporting your family...and you'll need to book the full movie theatre to watch a movie :)

I'm hoping to be in tvm too for Christmas...fingers crossed.

Sal said...

Hi Matt (compensating for calling you Mathayi in an earlier blog:-)),
Good one. Wonder why paavaykka features a lot in discussions/mention about food, in spite of being so bitter!
14 children is a good idea, particularly 13 being an unlucky number.
Interesting to note that a few other people too think accouting as a profession.
Keep them coming (blogs, I mean, not children),

Praveen said...

14 in 14 years...good going man considering the fact that u r still single:P

trip home...hmm..I understand..although I visit every month..

and german chicken's workout...hehhee:D..have they got 6 packs?

Anonymous said...