Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ctrl C+ Ctrl V

I have been hearing this so often from blog friends…I think , I should let other know as well..

Some people make food exactly like others know they use exactly the same cutlery and exactly same table cloth..havent you heard of those tales of those psychic waves and stuff where people exactly think the same thing at the same time..maybe it is that..See the snapshot from a nice foodie blog showing the recipe which she has beautifully penned down..

originally posted in isouthpotpourri

Now see this…blistering barnacles…the official website of eastern masala!! Eastern or western but you definitely could have done better..Like you could have changed the pink color to green using photoshop..or like instead of copying the same sentence like “Chatti pathiri may perhaps be called the malbar style layered cake” you could like have added few smileys in

But there are still smart fellas here who don’t care either..Can you imagine bloggers who do it they work for Xerox or something..copying it so perfectly without leaving a trace. If someone has problems accessing Poomanam then thats the place to go, you wont miss anything!!..

See the same blogger spilling her hindi beans just like flaash in summer of 2005..’surprisingly’ she has exactly the same friends as Naveen if you go by the blog..

I don’t want to write much on it..It is for you to judge them.. These copycats have some serious attitude problems..It is one thing that you get inspired by other bloggers and write inadvertently the same thoughts which could actually happen if you are reading lot of blogs..

But in the above two cases we are seeing cases of blatant plagiarism..I have seen many folks coming up with statement like “Imitation is the best form of flattery”..But imitation and plagiarism doesn’t really mean the same…

Please folks why do you make yourself look like getting caught pants down!!


anN-series said...

so we have annu-malik-bloggers too. CCP is the only useful thing i learnt in college in india. for a country where everything is plagarised blindly- books, music, advertisments it will take a long time for people to take serious note of copyright infringment issues in cyberworld ..sadly even companies are choosing to evade the law.

silverine said...

I can't believe that Eastern or its ad agency is also doing it!! Unbelievable!!

Reg this Dork gal, I have no words. She is perhaps the smartest plagiarist I have seen! Someone who has elevated plagiarism to the status of a fine art :p She steals ideas, rewrites Ann said, our very own Anu Malik of blogosphere! Works for MT, my friend is her colleague. I guess I will have to take legal action next time. No other go!

And thanks for highlighting this! I sincerely hope you or anyone else doesn't have to go through this.

indianadoc said...

Mathew, thanks a lot for voicing out my anguish over the crass plagiarism that Eastern masala has done...For quite some time I was out of touch with the blogger world and I did not much know abt the yahoo plagiarism etc... Recently I happened to trip over the eatern'masala'in their so called web site...and was penning down my disgust in one of the recipe post, and then another,..and then to my utter surprise found that there are more than 15 recipes from my blog copied there!!It is a shame for such big brands...I have been trying to contact their corporate chaps...but they have been evading so far...Blogs have become easy stuff for all these 'smart'copiers!

flaashgordon said...

I get a sweet sense of accomplishment, i've actually inspired someone ...finally !!

well, its that or there is some deep mental telepathic connection between me and our friend Dork-Talk. We might as well be twins separated at kumbh mela coz it seems her recent "Subliminal Thoughts" somehow turns out to be ditto as my own thoughts a couple of yrs ago.

Else how do you explain this??

My "Potboiler" (plus liberal doses of silverine's post) gets reborn as" Screech in the dark". An old bachelor days post of mine " Suitable bride BPO" gets a sex-change operation and becomes" where r the casanovas?" and last but not the least, my post on mallu names " Mon Amie" gets reborn as "What's in a name, asks a Mallu ! "

well, cant blame her..its possible that she didnt find any activity on my blog for a long time and thought , "well- its just a wasted blog lying there, none seems to be using it..finders keepers, tra lala !! "

silverine said...

@Flaash: LOL!!!

@mishmash: 15 recipes???? I am so shocked that I want to call them up and scream!! My colleagues mom found some worms in an Eastern masala packet. She wrote to them and they immediately sent over some people with a gift hamper to placate her. So please don't let them get away, and if you are organizing a protest like the one raised against Yahoo, let me know and I will link it in my blog!

And three cheers to Mathew for digging the dork out!! :p

silverine said...

oops the comment is addressed to Indiana doc and not mishmash :p

Mishmash ! said...

You know, Eastern guys did the same thing a couple of months back too and did not even bother to respond to a blogger friend of mine, but she was quite persistent and got them remove all her pictures and recipes...and for another blogger,I guess, they simply deleted the request she placed on their site, asking them to remove the pix....they re arrogant and shameless! Now,they re doing it again!

eljo said...

Its quite shocking that CCP is becoming quite common in the Blogworld as well. Reminds me of the time when all the food bloggers had joined hands against Yahoo for blatantly copying their recipes. Quite shameful that people have to resort to such cheap tricks to gain publicity.

Cuckoo said...

Thanks for voicing it.

Well, it happened with me as well. My famous Hindi poems were being lifted by someone on regular basis and when I wrote about it on my blog here & here, a lot of tamasha was made.

His friends also condemned the act and my readers left comment on his blog and before I could take any actions, he deleted all the posts from his blog and apologized in public (on my blog).

But you must read his reasons of how the poems got copied on his blog. Simply hilarious !!

I think the trend is growing. But I don't know how much we can really do to stop this.

Dhanush said...

I think its high time we should start some kinda of legal action against people lifting off. Recently I found one of my best shots being picked up by an old friend of mine from the orkut album and pasted in his own album. And the worst thing was he subtitled it "Is it copied?" as if thinking that it was not a photo taken by me, and was copied by me from somewhere else. When asked about he said a blant sorry. It was a mistake that I did because I put them without any water mark. In Photos case those watermarks helps. But when its words, you just cant watermark every where.

mathew said...

i agree it is a very indian trend..infact each one of might have done it inadvertently in many other trivial ways..

@chronic victim ;-P
now that you dont have to do that..

I know very well that you would have gladly obliged if they asked your permission..i still remember like 2 years ago you allowed me to use snaps from ur blog..

@Chronic victim 2
your comment in that blog was itself class humour material..more posts dude..

what do you think!!! all those cookery shows..all mine!! all mine!;-P

i remember that...i think all food bloggers rallied around big time then..

am more amused if someone tried to copy somethin from my food blog..heard of death by plaigarism!!;-P it will be one of a kind..

i remember very well was so ridiculous..

yeah..i make sure that if I use snaps from elsewhere to mention the credits..i think we ought to respect that..

Alexis said...

It is unbelievable, but it is true. It is really sad that these things happen. I don't why they can't ask permission or write their own. Most of the people would give the permission for free as long as the source is cited. But these people won't even do that. Sad...