Sunday, August 19, 2007

life made simpler...

Son: Okay...Now you go to 'Home'.

Mom: trying this thing from home.. I ll do it only if we can do it from here…don’t think of me going anywhere else for this. Uh..

Son:Okay..Okay..You have misunderstood me…. Navigate somewhere towards left and move straight up…

*After 5 minutes*

Mom: Yeah...But I don’t really get the point…I moved left and straight up and I have reached the kitchen...And I can’t see the computer from that far.

Son: Uh…oops…Okay…I ll make it simpler...Navigate using the mouse towards left and then straight up to the Home icon on the screen and click it.

Mom: * Click*…. Mone... Something seems to be wrong here…

Son: Has it hanged?? Or did it crash… :-O

Mom: No.. No..I swear I didn’t doing anything like that..You know I would never do anything like that.

Son:Oh..Mom…it is okay. Try Escape

Mom: No. I think there is no point. I don’t think I can escape from this misery. The screen is blank and lifeless…

*After 1 hour of negotiations*

Son: Well it is quite easy now on…Type the user name in the empty box left
Okay…Okay...And now type the password…

Mom: But I don’t remember the password I wrote it in a paper sometime back...Oh.But I used that paper to wrap the fish …Do we have any other way out….

Son: ROTFL !!!!Leave it...I don’t think you ever gonna get to do this!

Mom: Yeah...Tell me when u are goin to take that exam…

Son: whaaat????????????

Mom: You just mentioned..… Wasn’t that an exam u talked about all the time..

Son: LOL!!!

Mom: You never mentioned that one..

And the battle goes on and on................


no said...

hehhehehe wen u gonna take DAT exam hahahhahahhahah

Nariyal Chutney said...

:) , Hilarious . The battle still goes on everywhere .Last time I had to give my mom some convincing reasons on why the computer "mouse" is called a mouse ? . She thinks it is really silly :)

Jaalakam said...

nice post..
I cannot keep back smiling..
because she represents me..!!!

Dhanya said...

Good one :) I also face similar situations with landloard (whom I try to teach) and also my mom. tho there is no comp at home, she has gone for some comp literacy prog n used to aske me doubts :)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Sweet post man! Can't find a son who'd take so much pain to teach his mom jst so that she can be in touch with him! Hope the battle ends in a Win-Win for both of u!

Alexis said...

Mathew, that was a good one... Still ROTFL

silverine said...

ROFL!!! Your mom must be my moms long lost sister!!! :) Good one!!!

mathew said...

no way!!;-P

that must have been some hard convincing battle! ;-p

yeah..i had lot of fun with this..and thankfully my mom takes it quite sportively.
thanks for dropping by!

@Dhanya my case my Mom is supposed to use computers in school..though in reality she is irritated with it,,

@Abhi man it was for something else..she is pretty happy with my phone calls..but the battle always happen..

mathew said...

thanks! ;-)

well i often feel the same when i read ur home tales!! :-)

Naveen said...

can't help smiling .... it's the story of all our homes ... all the best 4 the exams, anyway...:-)

Still searching said...

Haha! So true! Its the same story in my house too, though I'm very impressed with the progress in past cpl of years!

Cuckoo said...

All the best for all your such future endeavours !! :)

Kiran said...

nammudeyellaavarudeyum avastha ithu thanneyaanalle???... ;) But, my attempts do not go long, as my mom herself gets away from the spot, after testing my patience... ;-P

rebel said...

OMG I know the feeling! I tried my best to teach my dad double-click! No, he would not learn. So I have to reduce the speed for double cick on my comp.. Man, and dont even get me started about the internet and email!

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

ha is the same story ah.....across families....

btw:wat is ROTFL [:P]

ap said...

Story is all too familiar for me also.... :)

Adorable Pancreas said...

Mothers are the same everywhere? I spent years trying to teach my mom to use the computer, and failed. but then she joined a "computer course for dummies' moms" after she retired and is now a whiz at it.

Zee said...

i gave up! i'm still struggling to teach my mum how to sms...

usha said...

:D gud one!
reminded me of those days when I struggled to teach my mom how to add attachments to e-mails..
but the story never ends happily.. now I have to address all her high-end queries on Firefox! n guess wot, ask her, and she can give you 10 reasons why she finds Firefox better than IE!! :D

Nags said...

me too ROFL :D

mathew said...

Thanks for dropping by..and oh yeah am not taking any exam neways..;-P

@Still searching
Yeah..Am quite proud that my parents can now use the messenger..provide things work out as per the best case scenario while starting the PC.any pop-up is invitation to disaster!! ;-p

Thanks buddy!!

Lol!!yeah it happens at home the pretext something is burning in the kitchen..

Lol!! Yeah..and they blame the mouse for reacting too fast!!

Thanks�. ;-P


@Adorable Pancreas
Thanks for dropping by..kidney here by the way!!;-P
Yeah..infact there is so much fun when I go to my native place..there my aunt and her sis fights out on who will come with the dumbest question related to a computer..

Aah..just imagine the state when we grow up into oldies..atleast they have to learn only how to use a handy and PC..we will be outdated more rapidly!!;-P

Attachment in mail.. :-O
Forget about it in my case..i ll tell ur Mom is way ahead!!

Thanks :-)

Keshi said...

awwwwww sweet!

I try to teach my mum to chat...cos she has friends overseas. She moves the mouse n looks at me each time..LOL!


Nanditha Prabhu said...

could relate to this post perfectly...was smiling all the time...

Mishmash ! said...

Mathew, that was AWESOME :)
The exam situation was superb :) I remember writing down the whole thing for my father, when he got the PC and wanted to mail me :)) So u re really trying to make ur mom comp friendly?:)


Venkatesh A.R. said...

reminds me of my mom!! she too was same way some time back.. now she kinda teaches me few things!!! :-)

The Black King said...

Ahh... the joys of the digital divide!! :P Hilarious post as usual.

Srijith Unni said...

Haa ha..! all moms are the same, I guess..! My mother is a pro in MS-Paint however, she believes that it`s the only meaningful thing you can do on a computer..!

Nice fun post.!

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless..!

With Best Regards,

Mayth!! said...

Lol! Cant help empathizing with you boss..Have you tried teaching your mom how to send a mail?
There used to be a time when she'd put 'her' email-id in the 'TO' section and claim that 'I' never replied to her mails.
Lol! THose were good days :D

mathew said...

Lol!!…quite familiar here too..


Oh yeah..she is getting more interested in learning..but if any pop-up comes in be-tween..It spells disaster!! ;-P

No way..tell ur Mom to “burn” a Cd..and lets see what happens!! ;-P

@Black King
thanks.. ;-P

ROTFL!!” she believes that it`s the only meaningful thing you can do on a computer..!

Well atleast she uses that..
“There used to be a time when she'd put 'her' email-id in the 'TO' section and claim that 'I' never replied to her mails.” ROTFL!!!
Oh yeah.I tried .but she forgets in 2 days time..