Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I aint a communist..but just admire this guy..............

T shirt painting done when I was absolutely jobless in mysore..Posted coz i felt sad seeing my blog idle and am absolute running out of ideas ..Going Italy for Christmas..So if anyone needs the Pope's blessing I ll sure say a hello for you!!!


Keshi said...

will u take me with ya on that Italian Chrissy trip?


Rai said...

Reminds me of pasta and Italian men ........ so lucky you!!!!
Hope you don't carry this sinful message to the Pope! Lol:-)

Raghav said...

i like that quote.

did u notice that ur profile says, "the monk who sold his ferrari to kill a mockingbird"
u totally killed that monk's philosophy !!

Jiby said...

me too a che admirer...have u watched motorcylce diaries? he had a cabinet position and great comforts in cuba, yet he gave all that up and went to south america to fight for his cause.

i dont like the new pope...but in any case just say a hi for me.

silverine said...

Same here. Read about him after seeing his face on so many T Shirts. You lucky guy...to be in Italy during Christmas!!! Have fun :)

Cinderella said...

Finally an update !!!!
I'd begun to think you hv forgotten that your blog hs been whining for an update !!

Anyway love that liner...its cool..super ya.
N you painted t-shirts ?? Thats so wonderful..wish I could.

I would love to visit Italy someday..strictly to experience its architecture for real.Love it.
All the best for the trip and get some real good photographs.

Take care.

mathew said...


Sure would like you to join in..Qantas is a tad expensive for me..:-P


Lol..forgive them lord...Am goin for alltogether different reasons..:-)


hehehe...i never noticed it bud..You are reading too much between the lines..!! :-D


Nope..bud badly want to get a hold of the movie..My knowledege about him is only what wiki gave me..

And regarding new Pope, He never comes near John Paul 11 ..not like the universally lovable Pope we had..


Inspired same..He is one of the most recogniseable portray in the world..Italy trip..Christ I never though I would see it other than in map!!:-P


Ah..that is the only T shirt I have ever painted...But love to do it more often..

italy should be fun I hope so..maybe i can pick up a fight with some gladiator in the colosseum!! :-)

priya said...

Mathew: Have a wonderful trip and try different pizza and pastas ther. Say hello to him and get wishes.

Cinderella said...

Nope dont you do that !!
All that the gladiators that the Colloseum houses today is their pained and haunted spirits !!
And that those painful echos still engulf the Colloseum every evening till date.
We want you back here happy and safe.
So no adventures plz..

Cinderella said...

And hey Mebbe you can paint your next one for me someday ??


jac said...

Well, I was palnning to join, but I see that you have company. Go mat, for a cmerry go around in Italy. LOL

Cuckoo said...

Hey, nice quote !! You painted it? Good handwriting as well. :)

Going to Italy? Beautiful place. Where all are you planning to visit? Don't leave Venice and those small islands Burano, Murano near it.

Well, you have run out of ideas? And here I am with my head bursting out of what all I want to write... just that not geting time. :((

Best Luck for your trip & Happy X'mas.

Cuckoo said...

Btw, How does it feel to complete one year of blogging??

Happy Anniversary !!! Keep blogging !

Anonymous said...

That was funny! the t shirt tag!!

hey say hullo to the pope frm me...will need a lot of his blessings...just got done with my exams!
take care!

silverine said...

Hey appy anniversay to your bloggy!!!!

Alex said...

Che has died, but his ideas live.

He was a man! A true human!

Enjoy italy!

VIDYA said...

nice t shirt...

nice blogg


mathew said...


thanx a lot..should be having fun!!


Lol!!sure..I ll start a brand line of t shirts..!!:D


It should be closer for you to join in..game for it??


Thanks a lot...It such a great place..and finding so many good friends and great ideas...am loving it...


:-D..sure..bless you..says he..


Thanx a lot..I must say I owe a lot to your comments which has kept me hooked to blogs..esp your blog which is such a great place to be..


really..from what I read..I just cant stop admiring some of his qualities..


Thanks for dropping by..Hope you drop in ocassionally out here..

alex said...

You are right.

PS Thanks for your comment in my eco blog. :)

Priyankari said...


Reminds me of Merchant of Venice. Seek Pope's blessings and maybe u'll find ur Portia there!LOL!

Have a wonderful journey and please bring some of his blessings for me!!!

Neers said...

and good quote at that!!

Anonymous said...

hey i was kinda hoping the pope says that...bless you!
not you!!! :)

hav a nice day!

jac said...

Still with the Italian Mafiaso ????

Keshi said...

No they arent :)Who r ya flying with?


adi said...

Merry Christmas
Marry Christmas
what a single letter does...
enjoy :)

amu (amrita) said...

hmmmm from che to Italia!!! wat a leap. fly fly. Itality is the country of romance and love, may be you get extra lucky. Have a blast and "Hello is it the pope you're looking for" in Vatican??? lol just wish him merry christmas for me.

mathew said...


I ll prefer to find a portia in India..hehehe!!


cool isnt..


Will meet the corleone family as soon as I reach italy!! :-D


oops u still dont give me a fair way out..eh..:-P

few pals from UK joining me..so kinda gypsie backpackers..


hehehe..Merry X mas..njoy.


Please dont give anymore ideas in my religious journey to attain spiritual cleaning..hehehehe..

How sad they have Vatican in the midst of such beautiful people..

Merry X mas..

MellowDrama said...

Blimey you sure have a good time..is this for work as well? But definitely appropriate getting the pope's blessings on Christmas:) Have a smashing time and btw the link you sent never loaded. Have a fabulous 2007 and take care!

Sreejith Kumar said...

Wishing you a great and joyous new year Matt..... Enjoy.... :-)