Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The tag of Four!

It has been ages since I have done a tag….and this tag from Nona has come has a welcome change from the routine…thanks a lot Nona.. :D

Four places you have lived

  1. Trivandrum: This is the city where I lived as a kid…The place gives me mixed emotions…sometimes fiercely proud and sometimes disgruntled …Over the last 2 decades the city has changed a lot…and evolved from a quiet town to a growing city.

  2. Pune: This place gives fond memories coz this was the city where I started working…For a guy who was used to the laid back lifestyle of Trivandrum, this was truly a happening place… a place which I found more vibrant than Bangalore…I like Bangalore for entirely different reasons…

  3. Mysore: 2 years is what I spend in this town which I would argue as the place with the best weather in south India…I have a fondness for the town which predates to the time I watched the movie Nammakku Parkkan munthirithoppukkal (which was shot there)…I cant give justice to the place in a few lines...maybe a post later..

  4. Hamburg: a school boy or as a college kid if someone told would end up 3 years in Hamburg...i would have called him crazy….but then that’s how it works out in life…go places you never expected…meet people you never would have otherwise!! I am simply in love with this beautiful green city which was recently rated as the 14th best place to live in the world…muhuhuaah….

Four TV shows you love(d) to watch

  1. Frasier: Without a doubt Frasier would be my all time favourite show…inspite of watching the same seasons several times the plots never cease to amaze me…The humour in this show is what I would ideally call classic humour...I think occasionally I am influenced on a subconscious level to imitate the style of this show when I write certain posts …Believe me F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans, this is far better…!! :-D

  2. Seinfeld: I retain this from Nona’s tag coz this is a favourite show of mine too…I like Seinfeld’s stand up routines as well…

  3. Omanthinkkal pakshi: I love the serial for the sheer range of emotions it evokes…the storyline and the drama is something I never miss…even the Nirapara arri ads seems to blend with the plot….usually I try to catch up on the repeat telecast at 3 in the morning to further grasp the essence of the characters. I am the secretary of ‘Omanthinkkal fans association’ in Germany.

  4. M.A.S.H I discovered a online treasure of this classic around 2 years ago…and immediately got hooked to the show…not the kind of humour which would make sense in current times and infact this is more like a show with everything …drama, action and humour...I am a fan of Hawkeye, Radar and other amazing characters woven in this soap set in the backdrop of the Korean War.

Four places you have been on vacation

  1. Granada: This town was part of a 10 day vacation I took in 2007 December at Spain….hard to pick which place was the best but this place stood out for the magic of Alhambra.(guys…it’s a place!) Close to the African coast and extensive Arab influence makes it complete un-european…Must do tip: Sip Turkish tea at one of the café’s overlook the Alhambra at twilight.

  2. Salzburg: Another beautiful and charming place which I visited after being captivated by scenes from the movie.. Sound of Music.. Unless you take the special tour for it the place is all Mozart!!

  3. Rome: Rome was not built in a day...You cant see it in a day either!!…I have spend 7 days in Rome in two trips and I think I have not seen even half of the historic places which makes it one of the most impressive cities in Europe… Must do tip: Throw a coin at Trevi and visit Rome again like I did!:-P

  4. Pyrenees: This was not really a vacation trip...I had been to Toulouse on work and over the weekend visited Lourdes which is at the foothills of the Pyrenees…But I got a chance to see why Pyrenees are one of the most beautiful hills in the world.. .it is no Swiss but the beauty is equally breath taking.

Four of your favourite food

  1. Chakkakuru maanga curry: I really found it excruciating to write this since I love this curry and miss it so much…the tangy taste of raw mango blend easily with Chakkakuru giving it a flavour unmatchable…I am sure in heaven they serve it daily!

  2. Konchu ulathiyathu: I like this dish the way Amma makes at home with lot of coconut bits, onions and kokum…The aroma from kitchen can magnetically attract me from anywhere in the vicinity…I guess this must be dish I have eaten the most by sneaking into the kitchen when no one was around…With Rice and Chakkakuru maanga curry it’s a combo to die for…

  3. Lasagne: usually its very difficult to convince me into loving western like all blue blooded malayalees I any day prefer naadan food…But there are certain dishes like Lasagne which has occupied a special place in my food crush list…

  4. Paalappam with beef stew: Do I need to explain why people in Kerala are happy inspite of communists! :-P

sad…that you can list only 4… :(

Four places you would rather be

  1. Norway: I have been procrastinating on a vacation to this beautiful country for a long time…I want to see the fjords some day.

  2. Agra: I have not seen the Taj….a place I want to see whenever I get back to India for good..

  3. Zihuatanejo: rings a bell somewhere ?..remember the last scene from Shawshank Redemption….That shot in the movie made me like the place and probably the movie has played a part in it too..

  4. Botswana/Kenya: Africa has charmed me ever since I saw the movie ‘Lost in Africa’ as a 8 year old kid…and later ‘Gods must be crazy’ and countless documentaries in Discovery channel.

Four things you hope to do before you die

  1. Get married and have a family: hehe…there is no surprise in there isn’t it...

  2. Build a home: I don’t know whether I can ever get time to do it…but there is something about building your own home that gives such a adrenalin rush…In these days of outsourcing no one does it really...but some how there is a charm in building one on your own…maybe yet to grow out of the fascination for building homes with the Lego bricks…It just got bigger!!

  3. Make a chapatti which is circular: day I will!! I swear!

  4. Visit four place listed above: I don’t know how realistic it is but it would have been great if I managed to visit the four places mentioned above.

Four novels you wish you were reading for the first time

  1. Diary of Anne Frank: I cannot think of another book in which I desperately wished for the person to be alive.

  2. Shantaram: I am not really much of a voracious reader…this book was big but was really exciting that it got be back into the habit of reading…

  3. To kill a mocking bird : This classic needs no description.

  4. The curious incident of a dog in the night time: The narration of the book is funny and sad at the same time…I wouldn’t mind reading it again.

Four movies you can see over and over

  1. Shawshank Redemption: Each line in the movie is worth quoting and along with flawless acting makes it a highly inspirational movie too…no wonder why it’s the highest rated movie of all time.

  2. Scent of a Woman: another movie with a soul and stupendous acting. Most people like Al Pacino for Godfather, I like him for this movie.

  3. Dasaratham: It was hard to pick a malayalam movie as there are so many of em…I would have struggled even if I was asked to choose one Padmarajan movie…Nevertheless this movie in which Mohanlal delivers a performance that could put to shame many top rated actors makes the cut…a class act.

  4. In harihar nagar: you know the kind of movie you would play when you are hanging out with your college buddies …laugh over the jokes heard 100 times over….People still like the movie coz it takes them to carefree days in college.

I think there is enough of information of little importance to anyone else…but it was nice to do this tag…:-)

Well I would like to break routine and pass it to ………


devil incarnate


Prasoon said...

Envy you for the trips abroad! The Europe n what not you wrote about that is...

Nona said...

Good that I tagged you. I get to know you better!

Bangalore and Pune "were" called pensioner's paradise!

Dasharatham was a very good movie touching on a very bold subject. But it was not a great hit like the other Sibi-Lohi movies! Now that Lohi is no more, there is no hope left to rekindle the same magic!

Deepti said...

In complete agreement with amny things .. especially the food areas :D... which also reminds me I have an old tag pending from u ... will do will do :(

scorpiogenius said...

I cant believe I saw Omanathngal Pakshi there! Im still shocked...You a fan of these tear-jerkers? Whats all this Mathew?? ;)

Good ones man...

Ashwadhy said...

Mathaikutty.... 1st -Am all ready to pounce on food, hungry for amma's food. But then will go get some 'meen' and make up for that. 2nd - Thanks dude. But that also means, I have to rattle my brains a bit:)

Hey great read and nice knowing you. And 'amen' to all your dreams!

Karthik said...

Dasaratham was anawesome film. Especially the climax scenes :-)

mathew said...

i have not travelled much for the past few months...used to do quite extensively until a year ago..

yeah..i like the old Bangalore..whereas the Pune I saw was already a bubbling metro..

yeah..that movie was quite bold..and i wonder whether it was a commercial hit..

yeah..there wont be many who disagree with me on food..:-D

LOL!! its funny to watch it.:-P

hehe...i think i have some meen for lunch too..dipped in egg batter though..:-P

true...i know a movie buff like you would definitely be a fan of that movie..they dont make movies like that these days!:-(

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

building a home - an incurable maiayalee :-) dont worry, that's been my dream too. you can outsource and yet do it yourself. a house that you build is an extension of your personality.

thanks for the tag. shall take it.

btw, is the pic posted in ur profile you?

Dhanya said...

Make a chapatti which is circular -> get a round choottupathram n shape it.. that was my way when I first started making it :P

Ann said...

Mathew,if ever you visit Taj,just find bit more time for Agra fort.If you are interested in history and life as such,agra fort speaks and weeps..My humble experience.

ഹാഫ് കള്ളന്‍ said...

Diary of Anne Frank ... i read 2 weeks back .. just too good !

ഹാഫ് കള്ളന്‍ said...

And I started following ur blog also 2 weeks back :-) .. its also too good... he he .. best wishes !

Biju said...

Now that you tagged me :-) I have to break my head to list out my fours. Thanks Mathew. I was anyway wondering about my next topic and now I have one.

You will see the tag of four very soon.

TIA said...

Funnily I only remember sthree and sthree janmam.. and the priest who used to fight ghosts or something..
I think I'd love to go to Tuscany and Provence (Known for its wines?)
I have never eaten Chakkakuru maanga curry and Konchu Ulathayathe.. is it a part of the sadya?

Biju said...

The tag is fulfilled :-)

How do we know said...

too cool! A lot of it was a surprise.. but not the perfect chapati thing.. only a person in love with cooking knows the importance of a round chapati that is not burnt!

Devil Incarnate... said...

Hahaha... lol
that was a gr8 tag... got to knw lot abt u...
:) i wil take it up..

Divs said...

rome!!! sigh.

round chapathis.. i first need to graduate from sri lankan maps to something else.. :$

wanderlust said...

"Chakkakkuru maanga", "konchu ulathiyathu", "paalappam beef curry" - vaayil oru kappal odikkaam.

You've been tagged again, by the way :-)

Bindhu Unny said...

"Omanthinkkal fans association" - hi hi hi.
I too love chakkakuru-manga curry. Got some chakkakuru when I went to kerala last week. Need to get some raw mango.
Enjoyed reading the post.

mathew said...

@kochuthresiamma chechi is probably a malayalee obsession..:-)
oh yeah..its 5 years ago..when i was very handsome and charming!!

haha..i am not sure if i can do it even with that..;-P

thanks..yeah..ofcoz i would visit the fort too..though the taj is so mangnetically attractive!! :-)

thanks for doing the tag..

thank you....:)

haha..i havent seen it either..but hear such names when i call folks back home..i dont have the patience even to see their promos!
hmm..i want to see the country side of France one day too..have been sticking to cities all the time..

chakkakkuru maanga curry and Konchu Ulathayathe is not part of Sadya....its something very central kerala dish!! i guess..

@How do we know
I dont burn chappattis..i just make them vapourise!!;-P

@Devil Incarnate
looking forward to it..

moi Brazil specialist...and some times i make a decent australia too...

@ wanderlust
hehe...yeah..will take up the tag sometime..

uh...pattumenkil oru parcel aayikottei!!;P

Prasoon said...

You need chapati classes da. i volunteer. Divs invited too :P
Mine come either perfect rounds or near rounds :D

Devil Incarnate... said...

:) I finally finished..... guess after a long time i used my brains..

Sreejith Kumar said...

Waah...! So, you are amongst the oldies that cement themselves in front of their tv sets during prime time!! Never expected that!!!!!! Quite a surprise..

Malayalee taste! Typical of any Mallu!!! I for one, would love to have quintals of cheemachakka thoran and chakkakkuru mezhukkupuratti!!!!!

You can do it... believe me you can make circular chapatis. It is easy. Make round dough balls, press the ball (with your fingers) slightly and make it a little spread, apply some oil on one side (again fingers), put the oily side in some flour, place the disc (not a ball anymore) on the chappathi stand again with oil-flour side facing down. Then pray to all gods, and roll it out back and forth then side to side........ Do let me know the results please...

divya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saphire said...

sheesh! I STILL haven't read one reads in office :'( which translates to lesser borrowing capacity..

and my my! U've made me terribly envious of the places u've been to :)

Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Sakshi said...

My fave food list would go exactly like urs minus the beef all hungry after reading the words Chakkakuru manga curry..sigh! U watch serials..wah..wah..think ur wife would be one happy person.

And yeah you are the one who made me a Shantaram fan as i picked the book after reading ur post on it and ever since I can give lectures to people the moment they utter the word Shantaram, Mumbai, NRI's, Gregory..lolz

mathew said...

hehe..i ll have to come all the way till mexico to learn it..and u are gone teach me how to make tortillas!!;-P

@Devil Incarnate

LOL!! it was supposed to me taken sarcastically..pakshe now every one thinks i seriously love it..;-P

hmm..pinee thanks for the tip..pakshe i dont think i could do it ever in my lifetime..;-D

hey..should definitely read the sure u wouldnt regret..;-)

thanks for just visiting..;-D

ente eeshoyee..i dont watch them...i would be the last person ever to spend time watching it..!!:-D

aavo..i remember u having mentioned it once..and glad to know that someone got inspired to read it based on my comment..:-)

ZiLliOnBiG said...

you selection sounds ditto me. Esp the food. :)

Rahul S. Nair said...

Once a mallu, always a mallu. :)