Thursday, June 19, 2008


This is going to be a photo blog as I am pressed for time to write a blog…My parents are here after going through a big struggle in getting the visa. We were in Paris 2 weeks ago and just back from Rome…Although I have been to both places before, it felt good to be there again as a guide this time...More stories and adventures in later posts…





This snap was take in Autumn last year at the same place(Versailles) and see how it looked back then here..


Sacre Coeur

Touristo Baby

Finally the the intimidating Totti and Piero asked us to leave Italia.. ;-D


Priya said...


Ur pics speak lot of things and what a way u captured buddy. Damn cool;) I loved each and every pic' coz they are different and awesome.

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Liked the pics, seems ur having a gr8 time with ur parents! Loved the Versailles pic. Even though u didn't get time to blog, i liked the last one liner :). Have a gr8 time!

silverine said...

That first pix is awesome! Hope you had a great time with your folks! :)

Mishmash ! said...

ohh...karakkam with ur parents....hmm...can imagine how proud and happy u must be :) in the moment :)

Btw, great shots....5th pic, is it an aerial view?

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!
But my vote for best among them goes to "Touristo Baby" :)

Jac said...

The paris picture rocks !!

usha said...

gawd! awesome pics!

make the most of it now that ur folks are around! :)

VIDYA said...

Amazing places, amazing pics...

now i dream of visiting these places someday. :)

i loved the first one, and the baby the best.

Deepti said...

Hope you had a great time with your parents!!
Great alternative career option!! :)

scorpiogenius said...

ç'est bien, my friend!

Fabulous pics..not just telling for the sake of commenting. Why dont you work on a new blog just 4 pics, apart from 'spark' & 'ámbrosia'?

Not kidding man..Some of your angles and frames are really nice. I've a friend here who developed a passion for photography, and he gave me a few tips when i bought my digicam..but I found out that I wont be shining too much in that field.:))

Buddy, next time just cross over to the Swiss part of the continent..Its spellbinding.As the caption of your blog says, ít will take your breath away'. And welcome to Ireland as well..:)))

Hope you had a great time with ur folks..There is nothing more I enjoy in this world than travelling. Only if I used my imagination while clicking the button.:(


mathew said...

thanks..btw i was just plain lucky that out of hundred of snaps i took atleast a few of them look better off..,-P

thanks dude..

thats my favourite too...infact i ll say probably the best i have taken.. :-)

they are really enjoying the trip..and myself too..feels great myself too.. :-)
and yeaah thats from the Eiffel tower..

@Silence killed
that was taken at my Mom's insistence..;-P

thanks man..

gracias madame..;-P

YOu should sure visit sometime then!! a job as a french reporter perhaps..;-D

Will appreciating food count as an alternative career.. ;-P

thanks a lot for your generous appreciation..but in reality I dont know any fotography tricks..they are a few good ones that came up..I love meddling with picassa a lot after that!!

Btw I have been to swiss..and I would love to visit Ireland and Scotland sometime too..:-)

Neena Padayatty said...

Thanks for that visual treat...waiting to read some fine adventures :)

Dhanya said...

OMG it's really breathtaking.. couldn't stop saying WOW for each n everyone of them.. such an unusual angles.. I too agree with scorpiogenius.. U please start a photoblog asap :)

Hari Shanker said...

Awesome angles! And, how did you manage the widescreen shots? Got a wide angle lens for your DSC-H2 or stitched images together? Must be the lens, no? :D

Awesome pics. Envy you for the DSC-H2. :P

Macadamia The Nut said...

Beautiful pics!! And the fall pic of Versailles was simply stunning!
Fall colors are the best, innit?

Jyothsna said...

Woah! you're having a great time with your parents! Great to "see" you are enjoying being a guide. The fifth picture is fantastic, where did you click that from?

freespirit said...

You are good at this rnt u? Kool pics :)

Zee said...

what was that football like photo???

Priyankari said...

Hey nice pics! and good photography too! Njoy!

Sree said...

Parents must be relieved after the visa hassle n all to come to such a visual treat.

emmanuel said...

Too good pics. :) Enjoy ur time with parents. :)

btw, Sania Mirza again 'breezed' into the Second round and 'crashed' out from there. ;)

Smitha said...

hey i hav the 'winter' version of the Versailles pic..these luk sooooo much better!!!