Friday, May 16, 2008

gimme five!!

Five people I hate?
Well such a question five years ago would have attracted a venomous spit at more than 5 people…I think most people hate child abusers, racists, incest indulgers etc. That is so obvious isn’t...I mean you wouldn’t find a guy who would write in his facebook profile...’Hi guys, I love people who kill others’. But here I am tagged by a good blogger friend Usha to list out the people I hate…
Although it sounds so unrealistic, in real life I have not yet met any particular person worthy of hate as in say, I hate ‘X’. Even if I try to convince myself to hate one particular person, I am simply not able to do it because I end up feeling guilty before I can really hate that person… …sounds strange…eh...

I think it’s with everyone...maybe as kids we might have hated one particular person…period... for most trivial of reasons.
Although am not much of a Gandhian, I really believe that we don’t have the right to hate someone for something. Because we ourselves are never perfect and once we hate that person we are indirectly not allowing that person to change for good. It is sad that most of us don’t realise that people DO change...from good to bad, which would so easily be believed though…but to believe someone changed from bad to good...tough to believe eh!!

Well however if I have to, say express hate at someone or a group, it might be the Nazis. I was always fascinated with the war and the Jewish angle way before I came to Germany. Probably it is the dose of war movies like ‘schindler’s’, ‘pianist’ and literature like ‘Anne Frank diary’ that attracted me to it. And now ending up in a country where it all started was strange for me considered how much I loved Germany but at the same time sympathised with the Jews. When I say I wish Nazis didn’t exist it would mean any similar gang of people who torture people like they did in Auschwitz or Dachau.I don’t have any qualms in saying that I have cried watching these movies and being at the sites and would love to believe that the people who suffered then are now somewhere happy and peaceful…
Besides that on a daily basis, I must say I get irritated with people who dont respect time and keep people waiting.. people who lie about others...and people full of themselves..

Keeping aside that generic hate, it is easy to list out the people I hate…or maybe hated…

Age 0-2
Doc who gave me that injection for vaccination
Doc who gave me that thwack on bum to make me cry
Doc who gave the bitter syrup for cold
Uncle who threw me up in air and thought I was enjoying in it…man that must have been one scary ride…
The diaper. Why is that always wet btw!!

Age 5-12
Maths teacher
Hindi teacher
All the girls in class
Music teacher for making 40 horrible sounding kids believe they are actually SINGING!!
Manoj Prabhakar

Age 14-18
Dad and Mom…Period
mm…I HATE the whole world!!!!

Age 18-22
People who hate communism
All Malayalam movie directors of that time

Age 45-55
All those kids who trying to spoil my child
All those kids who are not respecting us elders
My children for acting like a 16-year-old kid
Tax department

Age 75
Doc who gave me that insulin injection
Doc who gave me that 15 pills for high blood pressure.
Doc who gave me that awkward bone massage
My children who think I am acting like an old man.

Age80 (if it goes that far ;-P)
Well….gone so far…
Sadly there aint any left. …TO HATE!!!

I don’t feel like tagging anyone in particular…maybe again it feels like I am spreading hate vibes...But if anyone wants to get their steam off anyone please do take it up… ;-)
aah..friday song for all friends here...i love these kind of songs which you can listen lazing on a sofa and just keep you head moving to the rhythm...auf weidersehen!!


priya said...

Thaz one of the funniest tag I have ever seen Mat. Bravo!!!

Confounded-Lady said...

Hehe....loved the way you've done this tag. I would have just stuck with my current 5 dislikes.

Me likes this tag. Me is going to do it..bwahaha! :D

Nanditha Prabhu said...

loved reading this tag mathew!

freespirit said...

:)good fun reading this one. Everyone remotely related to Kerala has to go through a communist phase in life alle? :)

mathew said...

;-P thank you..

@COnfounded Lady
mm..would love to see the take on it..:-)

thank you..

@Free spirit
Yes...i think at that age..everyone is instantly attracted to those revolutionary ideas!!

Sachin said...

Hey, fun reading the post....... :)

Dhanya said...

OMG even this tag you made it so funny :) Hat's off to you..

silverine said...

There is a time lapse between agg 22 and 45. Happens when you are abducted by aliens! :p

Interesting tag! I might be the only mallu who never had any liking for commies! But then I have seen them from close quarters...gotta commie MLA in the family! ;)

Neena Padayatty said...
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Neena Padayatty said...

People would hate to hate u for such humorous take on a bleak tag!...what abt those missing years bet 22-45 and 55-75?...too busy even to hate?:)...have always sympathized with the Jews myself...Rmbr "Life is Beautiful"?...U've done this tag the Guido way!.

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

When i read the first part i thought, Enthoru Thallu, Mathaik vere pani ille? But coming down i really loved the listings. Awesome way to deal with such a bleak tag. Way to go machu.

PS : in 22-45, the person whom u'd hate most, was it that bad to figure out? Wasn't it obvious that it'd be your WIFE, the BETTER half?

Hari said...

I'd love to copy Abhi's words...
Enthoru Thallu daivame...!!

But seriously, you tagged well!

Interstingly, there are quite a lot of similarities between age-groups 0-2 and 75+

Jyothsna said...

Nicely done :)

saphire said...

"Music teacher for making 40 horrible sounding kids believe they are actually SINGING!!"
i knowww!! I went to school the other day on some annual day and heard the kids sing! made me wonder how bad WE actually were.....brrr....

usha said...

awww.. that one was sooo Mathew, i say :) who else could do something like that, to a hate tag! i always knew it would be fun to read ur take on it.

luvd the post!it was more of a 'cute' post that a 'hate' one. :)

Mishmash ! said...

I want to ask the same Q...what happens from 22 to 45 ??? :)) Hope there is no hate at all in that period :)
Btw, thanks for that dev uncle's video....some of his dance moves are classic:))

Mishmash ! said...

Heyy...could u pls remove that word verification thing, if u dont mind? i had to write 4 times :(

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with Capitalism you commie!!

rachana said...

Age 22- 45

1.Hate arranged marriage. How can one get married to someone by just talking for half an hour?

2.Hate all those who dont like my child

-Hate the school which is not child friendly

-Hate the teacher who gives 4 pages home work to my little one

3.Hate those colleagues who dont support me at work

4.Hate the office which does not offer work life balance

5.Hate all the Hindi Movies

6.Hate all in this world who dont understand a single parent ( Applicable only for some)

Macadamia The Nut said...

ROTFL! Neat way to do the tag. So you really love docs eh? Wonder why :D

P.S. Thou hath just been 'awarded' on my blog. And no, I'm not crazy.. I think

Still Searching said...

nice nice!! very nice list! now imagine saying that to a hate list!! lol!

Thomas said...

That's really good!! I wouldn't take up this tag Mathew, coz if i do, you'll accuse me of plagiarism. ;)

mathew said...

Thank you..

I know you are tagged to see that..

I am yet to figure out whom I hate!!;-P
Its true..most mallus are clinically made to empathise with the communist movement at some point of their life…
To make clear it’s some of the communist leaders back home I cant stand…I really admire some of the principles behind communism which I guess is inspired from the Bible partially..;-P

I love that movie..what a gem it was..I love all Roberto benigini movies..
Btw why don’t you take up the tag..

Though I was half serious in the post..;-P
Ahh..I wouldn’t marry if I have to hate my wife in the first

Yes…as someone said life is a circle..there comes the similarities..

Thank you…

@Saphire have no idea when I actually went for the audition for a group song event based on a single English recitation which I did in primary school..I wasn’t aware of the realties of high school…and not to mention my “Pavarotti” voice!!;-D

mathew said...

Thank you…thanks for the was fun and serious at the same time for me..

Yet to figure out that..;-P
Btw I love most of the dev anand songs..His over acting is something which I don’t mind!!;-P

And btw thanks for pointing out..I have removed the verification..had put it to block spam comments..

Really?? I thought it was evil!! :-O


I don’t want to sound preachy here…But seriously however “rightful” we are to hate someone...does it in anyway bring happiness or comfort to us?
I understand the predicaments of a single parent..Its sad that our society is not mature enough to deal with it.

I love docs!! ;-P
Btw thanks for the was a pleasant surprise!! ;-)

@Still Searching

Hey..i would love to see your take on the tag…a raw one with all college flavours!!;-D

Homecooked said...

Thats quite a comprehensive list :)

rachana said...


Ayyyo , dont be so serious about the list I wrote.
Have you heard onething,"If you really like a person , you will find all the reasons in the world to excuse him/her?"

By hating someone or something , nobdoy would achieve any thing. But there could be somethings which one may want to ignore and move on as the journey of life is not so smooth for some .

Caro said...

the post was obviously good..but sumthin that i really cant figure out is how do u manage to get so mant comments:) i guess m just jealous... hee hee...but definitely u have a way wid words..

Mishmash ! said...

hey..thanks :) but still if u re getting lots of spam comments, you can bring that feature back :)

scorpiogenius said...

People who hate communism

mmm...i must keep a look out for you... :)))

PS: you are over 22 years no? Curious, no 22-45 age group preferences.. ;)

mathew said...

thank you..

I agree to what you said..Sorry for misunderstanding you..

thank you..I am glad to have a regular set of ever forgiving readers!!

haha..ofcoz that passion was restricted only for that period..
and btw am way over 22..I ll have to stop calling myself a quarter centurion soon!;-P

Priyankari said...

Hey, great one buddy! Couldn't help a good laugh :)

VIDYA said...


Its a pity u hated that music teacher, i loved her, she was the only soul who cared to listen ;( everyone else felt i should be on radio so they could turn it off.

Manoj prabhakar is that fat guy who hit u on the head rite? :D or if its the cricketer... then cheers!

Aiswarya said...

very well put!!
mom and dad period!!! ha ha!!

BigB said...

ha ha ha! Manoj Prabhakar it seems :D LOL!