Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Leonarda dei chekku's works opened to the public

One of the most recognized figures in 2oth century, he is best known as Leonarda dei chekku..This artist wishes to display some of his work for public appreciation.These works are already auctioned at the Sotheby's.

The Diana portrait was drawn out of the artist's fetish for the princess..The artist has rejected a cool six million pound offer from Maharajah Charles..

The artist in his younger days thought shah rukh khan was cool.and sketched this one.

This artist admired netaji and drew it to express his admiration for the great fighter.


swathi said...

im here too! :P
like i told u before u are awesome!! i can easily see how u won d certificate!!!
of course you're taking it from someone who doesn know how to draw a circle properly wid a compass...but still :D
good luck wid it!!

kavi said...

ur sketches r wonderful! keep it up!
guess who am of ur orkut frnds !

mathew said...

Thanx a lot for the heavy praise showered on me!!! :)