Wednesday, November 02, 2005

EveninG miSt.

evening mist fell unannounced..
on a somber day ..
even the shrubs decided.
.the showtime couldn’t be now..

was it just a murmur…
or that sweet sound tempting..
may be it was a lullaby ..
it couldn’t be so late…

a hue of blue and black….
With a tinge of orange….
The sun knew it was bed time.
.And the horizon waited affectionately…

Far across the fields…
They knew it couldn’t be any longer.
.And began.swaying…in trance
Joy comes when u never expect …

Minutes before another muffled ray..
So vague..
Showed its glory alone..
Among the millions far behind it…

Soon the clouds covered the curtains…
And the bells rang thunderously..
The little shrub stood in awe..
The raindrops kissed its stretched leaves..
for a long long time…..


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